8 Ways to Dress Like David Gandy

by Jamie Wilson
David Gandy Style

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

As one of Essex’s finest exports, David Gandy has proven the pull off dressing like a modern day gent. Find out how to achieve his dapper look in this style guide, and see how to look like a supermodel by visiting proper tailors.

When David Gandy began his career many of the designers at that time were favouring skinny and androgynous models, but thanks to the Italian design duo Dolce & Gabbana, the 6′ 2″ tall, muscled Gandy was given his first big break as the face of their 2007 fragrance campaign for Light Blue.

David Gandy Style
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It’s no wonder why British GQ hailed him as one of the most stylish men of the 2000s, an accolade that landed him his first cover for the publication in 2015. Gandy has been a fixture on the street style scene, particularly during men’s fashion week. In London, he’s the go-to man for style inspiration, and he often outshines the try-hard fashion guys looking to peacock attention from the street photographers.

Interchangeable Three-Piece Suit

As a stalwart supporter of the classic three-piece suit, Gandy is an expert in choosing when and where to change this archetypal menswear silhouette up. He often chooses jackets that are sharply cut, giving a snug fit at the waist with one-button closure. So, do you want to look like a model of the year? Are you a fan of comfy fabrics + you have to get ready for your next big important Red Carpet event? Here is how to look like the best dressed man!

Choose suits that are made in the same material, be it tweed or cotton, but vary the colour palette with a shirt or tie to mix up the look. Now we’re not telling you to dust off that all-white tuxedo just yet (unless the occasion calls for it) but in Gandy’s case it’s about purposely mismatching to achieve an individual style. If you are considering a bolder colour, balance it out with neutral shades of grey or beige, and pay attention to where exactly that colour is incorporated – a waistcoat or shirt is probably best.

David Gandy Style
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If you do get an opportunity to don a tuxedo for a special occasion then Gandy’s style should be your foundation. Mastering the art of red carpet dressing, and by that, we mean a fancy dinner, wedding, or event outfit, means being a little braver with your choices. A black velvet suit with satin trim is one of Gandy’s go-to tuxedo combinations. Perhaps you could dabble in alternating shades of blue and black (always complimentary) or even try a plaid jacket.

What Colour Suits go with Brown Shoes

David Gandy certainly knows how to pull off a suit, but one of the most common questions that mens seem to ask is “what colour suits go with brown shoes”. Most men would normally team a suit with black shoes, and they’re not wrong to do so, but adding a pair of brown shoes instead works wonders to heighten any formal look.

David Gandy Style
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A Gentleman’s Leather Jacket

Despite the connotation of the leather jacket being a throw on for a gig or an outfit accompaniment to head out for drinks (which by the way it is) it’s also an ideal alternative to the formal nature of a blazer. The leather jacket has been a fixture in Gandy’s off-duty wardrobe, which he’ll often pair with smart tailored trousers, or even a cotton waistcoat and neck scarf.

David Gandy Leather Jacket
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“Leather jackets are a wardrobe staple, like wearing a shirt every day. When you’re designing leather jackets for men you can enjoy a playful approach in an easy, relatable way and take some chances and risks” says Andreas Melbostad, the creative director of Diesel Black Gold.

This is where colour can come into play. Explore a multitude of shades from tan to chocolate brown, navy, grey to the classic black leather jacket. As for the style it’s up to you and your body shape. A biker jacket is cut short at the waist and features hardware detailing, but you can also consider a bomber jacket that will inject some street into your style.

Channeling English elegance is the ultimate end goal whenever you’re trying to achieve a David Gandy look. While he may not carry around an umbrella at every given opportunity (granted the British weather isn’t always reliable) he is often seen sporting a hat atop his well-groomed head. The traditional British flat cap or felt trilby are two versatile options, and they come in a variety of materials and colours to coordinate with whatever outfit you’ve chosen.

Brown Brogues

Some of Gandy’s best street style looks are when he dons a classic pair of brown leather brogues or Derbies. They’re versatile enough to compliment pretty much any outfit, and are often crafted with traditional bespoke techniques; so an investment now means a lifetime of wear.

Their Classic Steed 3 Eye shoe is an ideal alternative to the brogue.

David Gandy Brown Brogues
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According to luxury Italian designer Luciano Barbera, shoes are “very important.” He continues, “a good pair of shoes don’t need to be fancy, they need to be made in good leather, in a good way. Shoes are an item that I call the detail of dressing.

The shade of brown for example is of the utmost importance. Gandy often favours a more refined dark tan colour that compliments a variety of navy and grey suits. To maintain a pair of leather brogues it’s best to use a combination of both polish and wax to ensure the leather stays supple. Get yourself a small buffing brush and work on the product, shining as you go to achieve a sleek finish.

T-shirt Alternative

Whether the warmer weather hits, or if you’re just tired of buttoning up a shirt, then the best solution is to coordinate a casual t-shirt into your look. Gandy does it via tailored blazers and smart chinos or jeans, and most importantly, he tucks it in.

David Gandy T-shirt Alternative
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But beware, this trick is only for those sporting washboard abs like Gandy or at least a flat stomach, otherwise, that stylish silhouette might morph into retired pensioner terrain pretty fast. Gandy keeps it simple with t-shirts in basic white, black, navy, and grey cotton, and they’re often in a crew neck style although he does veer towards the V-neck when appropriate. It’s all about achieving that crisp, clean, unfussy look.

Smart Sunglasses

There’s no beating the classic Wayfarer when choosing a frame to shield your eyes from the sun. Gandy is partial to this particular style, and he’s often seen out and about in tortoiseshell and acetate versions.

Smart Sunglasses
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The Wayfarer is a great all-rounder and suits most face shapes, but if you’re more partial to a sleek pair of aviators then go for it, sunglasses shouldn’t be restrictive.

As summer is fast approaching it’s best to invest in a decent pair now. A name synonymous with sunglasses is of course Ray-Ban, who created the original Wayfarer design in 1952.

Comfy Cable Knit

A cardigan doesn’t have to belong in your grandpa’s wardrobe, it’s actually stylish now to inject a little comfort (and warmth) into your own outfit just as long as you know how to carry it off. Gandy has mastered the art of making knitwear look expensive by combining tailored separates like a shirt and tie with a chunky knit cardigan.

David Gandy Comfy Cable Knit
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Cardigans come in a variety of silhouettes, Gandy’s preferred shape is a shawl collar cardigan, but he’s also sported fine merino knit cardigans in the summer paired with a casual t-shirt. There are also double-breasted and traditional V-neck buttoned versions to take into account. Take a look at the Scottish knitwear company Lyle & Scott and their Cotton Merino jumper in Gandy’s favoured shade of grey.

Denim Wash

So how do you get the perfect fit jeans? It’s all about choosing a style that will suit your body type the best. If you are slim then choose a slim fit otherwise you’ll drown in unnecessary material. There are so many different options, from loose to tapered, bootcut to straight leg, and of course, denim washes to take into account. Gandy isn’t afraid of the tricky bleached denim look, but he gets away with it by combining a pair with a casual white t-shirt and blazer.

David Gandy Denim Wash
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The most universal wash is the mid-to-dark wash as it’s flattering on most body types and can be mixed and matched with pretty much anything in your wardrobe. Dark wash jeans in particular are a great alternative to chinos or suit trousers should the occasion call for it, and no matter what the fit they’ll always look good.

David Gandy Style
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