Home upgrades that are worth the money

by Jamie Wilson

Adding more value to your home is important if you’re looking to sell imminently. However, there are some home improvements that simply make living at home a whole lot more enjoyable, too. Keep reading for what we think are the best home upgrades that are definitely worth every penny.

Replacing the windows

If you find that your living room has a bit of a chill, it’s probably time to replace your windows. Installing new energy-efficient windows not only eliminates drafts and makes your home feel warmer, but also helps you reduce your energy bill. Come wintertime, you’ll be thanking yourself for this essential home upgrade.

Kitchen countertops 

An integral part of your kitchen, your countertops have to withstand a lot. If you’ve noticed that your countertops aren’t looking as fresh as you would like them, or they’re difficult to maintain, investing in new countertops is definitely worth the money. 

Choosing a material like quartz for your kitchen countertops offers a fresh look and makes your kitchen a lot easier to clean. Just bear in mind that replacing your countertops can also impact the existing backsplash, sink, and faucet. Still, we think this investment is worth every penny.

Walk-in fitted wardrobes

Custom-fitted walk-in wardrobes are great for decluttering your bedroom space. The extra space also promotes air flow which in turn prevents mould and mildew. Both these reasons make walk-in fitted wardrobes a worthwhile home improvement – especially since they’re now considered a luxury feature that many homeowners are looking for when scouring the housing market! A win-win, really. 

Heated flooring

While installing heated flooring into your home is a big project, this design upgrade has big benefits. A radiant heating system warms your rooms from the bottom up, keeping your feet cosy in the winter months, and those chillier British mornings. Radiant heat is also a lot quieter than traditional radiators that tend to rattle when turned on. 

If you are thinking of installing heated flooring in your home, keep in mind that this project involves tearing out the existing flooring, so you’ll need to pick the right date to do this work. There’s nothing more inconvenient than not having a floor!

From replacing drafty windows to installing a custom-fitted walk-in wardrobe, significant home upgrades are an easy way to recoup your investment and add value to your home. While these improvements definitely require careful consideration, they will no doubt pay off in the future. 

Feature Photo by Roselyn Tirado on Unsplash

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