The History of New Balance

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They’re the American footwear brand that have taken the UK by storm. With their eclectic selection of trainers and impressive range of sizes and fits, we’ve researched the rich history of this iconic brand. 

Originally called the more cumbersome name of the ‘New Balance Arch Support Company’, New Balance shoes focus on fit, comfort and obviously support, making their name from their technological kicks and range of stylish but comfortable wears. Although there have been changes in the company throughout it’s 100 year reign, New Balance has kept it’s main priorities consistent, and the quality and comfort of its footwear has remained solid to this day.

New Balance History

It all started with a chicken. William J. Riley’s chickens to be precise. With the aim to set up a company to improve the fit of shoes in the Boston area, Riley came up with the New Balance name by observing the chickens in his yard. He claimed the chicken’s three clawed foot ensured the perfect balance, and his first shoe was designed with a three point support system to ensure maximum comfort.

The shoe was hugely successful with manual workers, especially ones who had to stand for long hours on end, and Riley kept the chicken’s influence with him by having one of their feet on his office desk. Admittedly a bit weird, but everyone’s got their own tastes.

New Balance Logo

With the business continuing to grow and flourish with the success of the arch supports, it wasn’t until the 1960s that New Balance released their first running shoe which they named The Trackster. It was the first of its kind to have a ripple sole, and was popular amongst track and cross-country runners in various colleges around the country.

Despite the success with their products, New Balance was still a small company, and with only six people in the office, creating thirty shoes a day, it needed a boost. Jumping on the band wagon caused by the running craze of the 70s, New Balance stormed ahead, expanding its products and in term sales. New Balance shoes are now sold worldwide, and they maintain their traditional focus on fit, support and comfort.

Iconic Styles

New Balance Running Shoes

With the start of their success stemming from their running shoes, New Balance now has a range of different styles, all with the same technological arch support, deconstructed heel and midfoot wrap to ensure a secure fit.

New Balance Running Shoes

New Balance Trainers

Light weight, clean traction and with a slim line design, New Balance sneakers ensure that your training sessions, however intensive, are comfortable, and that your feet are kept securely in place.

New Balance Trainers

New Balance Made In England

28,000 trainers a day are loving crafted at New Balance’s English facility in Flimby. Made from raw materials and all with a unique, stylised look, they’re the kind of versatile shoes that maintain both style and comfort. Containing their trademark midsole cushioning and support these are great for every day exertions and you can always rely on its pure quality and fit. 

New Balance Made in England

New Balance Skate Shoes

Skater style shoes will never not be popular, and every reliable footwear brand has their own twist on the design. New Balance is no different. With their understated, close fit and low rise designs, these are the kind of casual skate shoes that have a surprisingly sophisticated edge.

New Balance Skate Shoes

New Balance Classics

Best sellers instantly become classics, with their popularity helping to cement them into the brand’s history. With re-inventions of traditional designs and iconic styles, their classic collection showcases the very best of their styles over the years.

New Balance Classic Shoes

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