101 Hard Part Haircut Ideas You Need To Try!

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Best Hard Part Haircut Ideas for Guys

Whether you are one of those guys who like when their haircut is trendy or if you are just looking for new haircut ideas, you are at the right place! In today’s article, we are bringing you some of the best hard part haircuts for guys. These haircuts can work for most people and are a great way to spice up your style. Keep on reading to find out more and figure out if you wish to enjoy a pompadour, high fade, quiff, or a ton of texture!

What is Hard Part Haircut?

Hard Part hairstyles are essentially a type of a shaved buzz cut. The hair at the top can be any length, but there is a sharp line that divides the hair. Hard part haircuts are also called a line haircut. The hair does grow back eventually, so you need to visit the barber from time to time to make sure your hair is still looking fresh. This look often has a shaved line and is a common go-to design by those who have thick hair and wish to follow a new trend.

1. Hard Part Comb Over Haircut

Hard Part Comb Over Haircut
@Hair Spies via Unsplash

A hard part comb over haircut is one of the few trendy hairstyles that can work for almost everyone and can easily spice up your style. The hard part haircut isn’t hard to achieve! With a fade cut on the sides and longer hair at the top, there is no need for any special hair requirements. Styling this hair is a bit demanding since it requires more products. But, we are confident that you are going to love your hard part combed over hairstyles! You will enjoy different variations to your long top, especially around the summer season and when rocking double hard part haircuts.

2. Hard Part Haircut With Line

Hard Part Haircut With Line
@delfina pan via Unsplash

If you are not a fan of long hair, then this short hard part haircut is for you! Hairstyles like this one are fantastic for busy guys who don’t have time in the morning to style their hair. You can wear this hard part haircut anywhere you go and it is super easy to switch it up. You can add some gel products to make it look more put together or to make it look messier. Whatever you decide, we know you are going to be in the center of attention with this hard part taper fade hairstyle! Try out this modern twist to your long locks and decorate them like this for any event.

3. Mid Skin Fade Hard Part Hairstyle

Mid Skin Fade Hard Part Hairstyle
@kamal alkhatib via Unsplash

While the classic hard fade is slicked back and the shape is very vivid, you can also do a mid skin fade part with curly hair! The hard part line can still be prominent, but the hair at the top can be curly and in its natural bliss. Medium hard part hairstyles like this one are easy to maintain and are something that will without a doubt make you look modern and awesome! Shaved part cut is a common go-to by guys who enjoy stylish and low-maintenance ideas.

4. Hard Part Side Haircut Style

Hard Part Side Haircut Style
@Amritpal Singh via Unsplash

Hard part hairstyles for guys are usually very sharp and styling them can go in many ways. You can keep the hair at the top medium length and add gel products to make it look stylish. The faded sides add a badass look to your hard part hairstyle. Another fantastic thing about the hard part haircut is that you can style it for any occasion as needed! You will love it no matter your age.

5. Taper Fade Hard Part Haircuts

Taper Fade Hard Part Haircuts
@José Pinto via Unsplash

The taper fade and hard part haircuts are something that can give you a stylish and cool look without a lot of effort! Styling a hard part fade is easy, you can add some gel products to it to make sure it stays put throughout the day. You can keep your natural hair at the top with a hard part hairstyle making it a super simple and stylish haircut! Show a bit of your scalp of your hairline and try this design if you are in your teens.

6. Undercut Hard Part Hairstyle

Undercut Hard Part Hairstyle
@Grigore Ricky via Unsplash

The line in the hard part hairstyle can be at the top or on the sides depending on where the hard part is happening. You can do a subtle fade on the sides or you can do a hard fade, the choice is yours. The wavy hair at the top is going to give you a nice contrast making this a stunning combination. This hard part of hairstyle is easy to maintain and is something that will make you stand out at any event!

7. Sharp Hard Part Hairstyle

Sharp Hard Part Hairstyle
@Gelmis Bartulis via Unsplash

If you have short hair, you can still achieve a hard part hairstyle! The hair at the top will be more prominent and the hard part line will give it more definition. Haircuts like this one are easy to achieve and maintain. If you want to make this hard part haircut more popular and trendy you can do a long beard that will connect the whole style! Just be prepared to visit your barber once a month to make sure your hard part is still looking short and sleek! With the right pomade you will look so chic!

8. Razor Line Up Hard Part Hairstyle

Razor Line Up Hard Part Hairstyle
@Sebastian Pociecha via Unsplash

With a hard part haircut like this one, your hair is going to look brushed and polished as ever! While this hard part is easy to achieve, you will need to spend some time in the morning styling your hair. The length of this hairstyle makes it super versatile and you can easily switch this hard part up. If you grew it a bit longer, you could even rock it as a bun. Therefore, this hard part hairstyle is going to be fantastic for those who get bored with their hairstyle easily and like to play with it. 

9. Sleek Hard Part Hairstyles

Sleek Hard Part Hairstyles
@M. Brauer via Unsplash

A sleek hard part hairstyle is something you can go for on fancy nights to make sure you’re looking your best. Haircuts like this one can also work for your every day to day life, just be aware that they are harder to maintain. You can also wear it as a regular hard part by day and spice it up by night. With a hard part hairstyle like this one, all compliments will be coming your way!

10. Styled Back Hard Part Hairstyle

Styled Back Hard Part Hairstyle
@Muhammad Numan via Unsplash

If you aren’t afraid of taking it a step further, then this styled back hard part haircut is for you! It will give you a modern, edgy and cool appearance and it is easy to achieve and maintain. Hard part haircuts like this one can be changed up quickly and you find inspiration for them in many places. This hard part might not be suitable for business events, but it will sure work for your everyday life. You can’t go wrong with a hard part haircut like this one!

Having Said All Of That,

Hard Part haircuts are modern, stylish and most of the time easy to achieve. They are a fantastic way to step out of your comfort zone and spice up your style. You can do a hard part in so many ways that it can work for pretty much anyone. We hope you liked today’s article and maybe we will see you rocking one of these hard part haircuts soon!

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