Your Guide To Wearing A Denim Jacket

by Jamie Wilson
How to Buy the Perfect Denim Jacket

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

A Clean Look

Denim jackets may have been slightly scruffier in the 90’s, you can get your hands on some pretty slick ones these days. A jacket like this would go really well with a pair of light jeans and some casual shoes for a pub lunch or general going out.

The denim jacket, with its revival, can make a somewhat sloppy outfit get turned into something pretty swish. Not only this, but a brighter colour draws the eye up and makes you look more refreshed. It’s brilliant for seasonal transitions too – being the perfect item for Springtime as the weather changes. This type of denim jean jacket is certainly an investment for both practicality and style.

Your Guide To Wearing A Denim Jacket
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A Warm Look

Jean jackets for men have great winter/spring potential. You can get really thick ones with Sherpa linings or just a sheepskin collar to keep you warm. They’re light enough to make layering somewhat manageable and still keep you looking on-trend at the same time.

This Edwin jacket is light enough to wear over layers but thick enough to keep you toasty warm and is bang on-trend too. Simply wear over a casual t-shirt or check shirt with some jeans and you’re ready to go. These denim jackets are harder to make more formal, as they’re designed mainly for comfort than anything else. Warning: Don’t lend someone this denim jacket, as you may never get it back!

A Warm Look
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A Dark Look

Not all denim jackets are bright blue. You can get darker jackets which you can pair with skinny jeans and some great boots to give off a toughened look. The darker denim jackets are likely to go with more colours as well.

A Dark Look
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Zac Efron is really rocking the denim jacket. He’s made it a super casual look by chucking it over a hoodie and not matching the same denim colours of his jeans. This is a rule you don’t want to break. Make sure that the denim jacket you’re going for doesn’t match the jeans – it’ll look like a tasteless effort at a casual suit.

Not into denim jackets? Then go for a denim button-down shirt. These are great to chuck on with minimal fuss. You can wear them over a clean white or dark shirt or buttoned up with coloured trousers for a casual but effective night time look. This would look great on a night out with friends or a casual date night even. It’s a classic wardrobe essential which will never go out of style. You can wear them all year round without the worry that they’ll go out of style or end up on a 90’s TV show.

Your Guide To Wearing A Denim Jacket
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History Of The Denim Jacket

The denim jacket was originally a 1900’s American classic worn by cowboys and hard workers in the Wild West and eventually owned by the rest of the USA. The Americans loved the strong, enduring fabric which was both practical and comfortable to work in. Years later, in the 50’s and 60’s, American rebels loved the cool look and owned the denim jacket as a symbol of being totally on trend and not giving a damn about society.

The Denim Jacket
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It was an era just before the leather jackets of Grease came along to represent the cool guys. The denim jacket has been much-loved ever since, even with the dips in popularity over recent years, it’s now back with a bang and it’s more versatile than ever. No longer is it a symbol of the working man in the Wild West, but an on-trend, casual yet fresh look that anybody can pull off pretty easily.

How to Wear a Denim Jacket for Men

  • Pair a men’s white denim jacket with a simple striped T-shirt for a clean look.
  • Invest in a sherpa lined denim jacket for the colder months.
  • Denim shirts are always a good alternative to the classic jacket.
The Denim Jacket
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On That Note

The denim jacket – something that came about in the late 80’s which disappeared for a short time in the 00’s. However, it’s back with a bang and there are so many different ways to wear the jacket that you’ll be wondering why you don’t already own one. Of course, let’s be obvious. There is only one way to WEAR it (arms through armholes, put it on and well…wear it) but with different styles of denim jacket, it can make almost any outfit work.

Denim jackets are versatile and really easy to wear. They go with almost anything and let’s be honest – you don’t have to worry about washing them that often.

There’s so much choice out there for you to find what suits you best. Denim jackets are a great wardrobe staple which are both fashionable and practical, offering maximum style at minimum effort. It’s not just blue denim either that’s out there. Whites and blacks are great alternatives which can shake up your look season after season. Not to mention lighter coloured ones like white or pale grey.

They’re such versatile items of clothing that you can simply chuck them on without worrying about whether it’ll go well with the rest of your outfit. You can dress them up with extra accessories and dress them down with a casual shirt underneath depending on the occasion. They’re easy to customise to your tastes too as there’s such a huge amount of choice out there. Having said that, denim jackets are primarily casual garments, so be careful not to wear them to very formal occasions as they’re not that versatile.

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