The Ultimate Guide to Denim Jackets

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The humble denim jacket is a hard-working wardrobe staple that deserves a place in every man’s wardrobe, so if you’re wondering how to go about styling the versatile jacket, read on for our complete guide.

How to Wear a Denim Jacket for Men

Fortunately, jean jackets for men are some of the most versatile types of jackets around. This means that wearing one is a lot easier than you might think. Whether you want a smart denim style or prefer a more casual look, there’s something for everyone.

What to Wear with a Denim Jacket for Men

Blue Denim Jacket with Black Jeans

We’ll start with the classic: A light blue denim jacket with jeans. Think of this jacket as a substitute to your coat on a nice spring day. Layer it for a colder day, or simply go with the following classic look.

This is a look you can wear pretty much everywhere with ease, a slim fit denim jacket, simple T-shirt and some black jeans make for a stylish, yet laid back, outfit suited to most casual occasions. Team with your favourite trainers for a casual vibe, or with a loafer for a more dressed up scenario.

mens blue denim jacket black jeans beanie

Winter Layering

A denim winter jacket might not be the most obvious piece of outerwear for the colder months, however a good sheepskin denim jacket layered with some other warm items can work perfectly. Wearing a denim jacket with a hoodie underneath works really well for a casual look or if it gets really cold. To do this, wear the jacket underneath a larger, oversized jacket for the ultimate layered look.

mens green bomer denim jacket navy chinos

Double Denim

Double denim is probably better suited to the spring or summer months, unlike the look above. Time and time again, it’s been proven that double denim isn’t the fashion faux pas it once was assumed to be. The key is the variation of the shades of denim, as, if you’re wearing a matching jeans/jacket combo, it’ll just look monotonous and uninteresting. As below, mix some jeans, a white T-shirt and a denim shearling jacket to add a little more depth to the entire getup.


Night Out

When you don’t want to be restricted by a blazer, and a shirt by itself just isn’t enough, then whip out an indigo or men’s black denim jacket. To keep things appearing smart, it’s best to keep the jacket fitted with no distressed treatments. Add in a shirt, either casual or dressier depending on the situation, and then finish with some slim-fit trousers and smart trainers.

mens denim jacket flannel shirt

Black Denim Jacket for Men

Men’s all-black outfits are usually a winner. You can’t really go wrong with wearing all black (occasionally) as there’s no chance you can clash any patterns or colours. Wearing a men’s denim jacket in black is one of the most versatile ways you can style this classic piece. Team your black jean jacket with some black jeans for a monochrome look that works casually and for a night out. Add a hoodie if you want to layer your look and make it suitable for an autumn day.

Men’s White Denim Jacket

Although a white denim jacket for men is a daring jean jacket outfit to go for, it’s a great summer style. This lightweight jacket is perfect for teaming with a bright T-shirt and some chinos to keep cool during the spring/summer seasons. Just be careful that you don’t get any grass stains on it whilst sat in the park – this isn’t a look that’s trending right now.


Baggy Denim Jacket

Knowing how to style an oversized denim jacket isn’t as tricky as you might think. This denim jacket look is great for creating a casual vintage style that goes with a lot of things. Try teaming a men’s Levi’s denim jacket for a proper 80s jeans style.

baggy denim jacket mens street style

Style Tips: What to Wear with a Jean Jacket?

A denim jacket is actually relatively easy to style – just think of it like you would your normal jacket. It can take on all colours and textures and still be happily sitting on your shoulders making you look smart and stylish. If you’re looking for more inspiration then look no further.

  • Chinos always look great with a denim jacket, whatever style and colour. They provide an effortless way to look like you’ve made an effort. What more could you want?
  • Coloured denim jackets are great. Think back to your school days and the colour wheels that would be hanging all over the walls. Red, blue, yellow, black and white always works as denim.
  • Chequered shirts – let your inner lumberjack and cowboy reign free. There’s something about the pairing of the denim jacket and the chequered pattern that is both traditional and modern – perfect.
  • Denim jackets are ideal for your everyday casual attire. They can be layered up or worn simply over a T-shirt making them perfect for every weather situation.


Is Double Denim Ok?

You may be asking yourself are jean jackets in style? And what trousers do you wear with a jean jacket? Fortunately for you, this style is always in fashion. However, wearing denim on denim can sometimes be a risky look to pull off. Despite this, if worn correctly, you can combine some cool jackets for men with jeans.

The trick with double denim is to make sure you wear different colours or tones. For instance, try wearing a men’s light wash denim jacket with some black jeans. The contrast between the colours will create a balance within your outfit and stop it from becoming too uniform. For the best quality, stick with a Levi’s, or similar, denim jacket. The high quality may cost you that bit extra but you can be assured that it will stand the test of time.


Taking Care of Your Denim Jacket

Denim should be washed as little as possible. Fantastic, right? Although, obviously, it does need to be cleaned once in a while so that you’re not carrying a year’s worth of smells with you.

The best way to clean denim is to wash it in a cold wash and then hang it to dry. Make sure you wash your denim with similar colours to avoid colour runs – you don’t want your crisp white jacket suddenly turning a faint baby blue! If you don’t have time for this, invest in a denim spray for a quick alternative

Further Reading: History of Denim

Although denim coats actually started as a way to reuse the scrap from jeans, they have become so much more than that! If you’re sat there wondering what is denim made from? Then you’ve come to the right place. Denim is made from a tough cotton textile that is weaved in a specific way. Although there are now lots of different types of denim, it was originally dyed a traditional blue colour.

history of denim jacket mens street style

The first jeans were created by Levi Strauss in 1872 as a pair of sturdy workman trousers. As their popularity grew by the 1920’s denim jeans were associated with much more than just hard working men. In the 1930s, Western movies grabbed the imagination of America. Cowboys were seen wearing Levi’s and denim in general, and suddenly denim wasn’t just about men’s workwear, it was a way of getting in touch with authentic America.

Since then, denim jacket outfits have become increasingly fashionable. During the 50s and 60s, the denim biker jacket for men was born. However, as time went on, the world of fashion has continued to produce some of the best denim jackets around.

This phenomenon was spread throughout the world as tourists took denim jeans back with them. In the 40s, G.I.s took their denim with them to war and post-war denim became a symbol of the leisure activities in the prosperous America. Since the 50s denim has been associated with youth, rebellion and individuality.

history of denim jacket mens

The Ultimate Guide To Denim Jackets

  • Jean jackets are very versatile, as they can be worn in both summer and winter, day and night and styled with a multitude of looks to suit all occasions.
  • For a smarter look, a darker denim will work best. Wear with smart trousers, a pair of loafers and a shirt for the best go-to look.
  • Double denim can work well if you get it right, make sure the tones of the denim are different and you break up the denim with some other colours.
  • The denim jacket has been around for a while and it’s sure to stay in style for a lot longer as well. Investing in a good quality denim jacket is always best, as this will last you much longer and serve you for years.

denim jacket and cable knit jumper mens street style

On That Note

A denim jacket is an essential garment in a man’s wardrobe. It’s not only long lasting but also one of the most versatile garments you will ever own. There are loads of different types of denim jackets out there, so there’s something to suit every shape and style. Find yourself the right denim jacket, and you’ve got a style go-to for life!

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