4 Simple Steps To Grow Facial Hair Fast!

by Jamie Wilson
How to Grow Facial Hair Faster

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Struggling to get the manly mane of your dreams? Beard not growing fast enough? If you’re looking to jump on the exponentially growing beard trend but having trouble getting things going, read on for our tips on how to make facial hair grow faster.


How to Grow Facial Hair Faster

For the past few years now, Shoreditch boys and hipsters across the globe alike have pushed the world’s penchant for a beard to stratospheric new heights with almost every second man now seemingly donning a bearded do’. You may think the whole ethos revolves around letting it grow away independently. However, a beard actually needs a little TLC to maximise growth and its desirable lustrous nature.

While many a man can, and will, simply ‘let it grow’, there is an abundance of reasons as to why you should be tending to your do more than you’d probably like. With faster growth, less disturbed skin underneath and other beneficial factors to giving your beard some attention – let’s look at some tips on the best way to grow facial hair.

How to Grow Facial Hair Faster
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Tricks to Growing Facial Hair


Exfoliating the skin around where you’re planning to grow out your facial hair is one simple way to stimulate and accelerate hair growth underneath. Scrubbing the skin will keep pores open for resistance free growth as well as stimulate blood vessels under the skin – allowing more blood flow/faster hair growth as a result.

Use Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus contains a plethora of active ingredients that promote hair follicle constriction and cleansing which, in turn, speeds up hair growth. Opt for a moisturiser that contains the natural ingredient or consider using a beard oil that lists eucalyptus as an ingredient to stimulate facial hair growth.

How to Grow Facial Hair Faster
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Get Your Sleep

Likely a tip that could be carried across to everyday life, not just those looking to grow out a beard: getting your sleep will work wonders in terms of speeding up growth. As the body uses sleep for growth and repair of all cells across the body, it seems pretty self-explanatory that getting your 40 winks will result in accelerated beard growth, too.


Pretty sure this one goes without saying but ensuring your body is getting the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients necessary for growing new cells is of critical importance to those who may be struggling to get things moving. Protein (hair’s main building block), vitamin A, B, C & E as well as amino acids will all contribute to a healthier growth cycle – do your research.

How to Grow Facial Hair Faster
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Home Remedies to Grow Facial Hair

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the most popular choices for men seeking a suitable facial hair growth oil. It has been used for centuries in everything from the culinary world to the medical one. With a seemingly endless list of beneficial properties to the human body, it’s no wonder men have begun using it on their beards. This proves that the results are pretty impressive.

Simply mix some coconut oil with an essential oil of your choice (Jojoba/Eucalyptus are good options). Apply to your beard/facial hair area every night for a healthier growth.

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Amla Oil

Amla oil is another wonder for those wondering how to grow facial hair faster. Amla/Indian gooseberry oil is proven to speed up beard growth by nourishing skin – giving it the best foundation for robust growth. Often mixed with mustard leaves, a nourishing grapeseed oil will work just as well. Simply mix equal parts of each, apply nightly and wash off in the morning.

Six Oil Blend

Last, but not least, if you’re willing to stretch a little further on your hair growth budget, combine a selection of oils. Some oils are proven to benefit the skin is a surefire way to accelerate growth while maintaining a healthy complexion. Mix 50ml jojoba oil with equal measures (around 2 drops each) of lemon essential oil. Also, add equal measures of cinnamon bark essential oil, frankincense essential oil and rosemary essential oil. Peppermint essential oil and tea tree essential oil is a powerhouse recipe for a burly beard.

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How to Speed up Facial Hair Growth

  • Exfoliate your skin to stimulate hair growth, get rid of dead skin cells and to your keep pores clear.
  • Use eucalyptus oil in your skincare/beard care regime as it’s a known hair growth promoter.
  • Get your sleep to give your body the maximum opportunity for growth and repair.
  • It goes without saying, nutrition plays a key role in your hair’s growth – ensure you’re getting your RDA.
How to Grow Facial Hair Faster
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On That Note

So, there you have it! You now know how to accelerate facial hair growth. Hopefully this givs yourself the best chances of growing a lovely, lustrous new mane. Get your sleep, eat well and give your beard a proper cleanse a few times a week. This should have you reppin’ the Gandalf look in no time… if that’s what you want, of course.

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