How to Get Jaden Smith’s Style

by Jamie
Jaden Smith

Known for questioning traditional masculine fashion and retaining his gender fluid style, Jaden Smith is the definition of what it truly means to be carefree. Check out our guide to achieve his unique style.

How to Dress with Style

Jaden Smith wore a Batman costume to his own prom as well as Kim & Kanye’s wedding. He was also named the face of Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2016 collection for the womenswear line. Jaden’s style continues to make comments about his perception of fashion and opting not to distinguish between men and women’s clothing. Whatever he wears, he makes sure to add his own injection of personality into it. This comes across in all of his outfits, whether it’s casual or formal.

If you’re wondering how old is Jaden Smith, then it may surprise you to realise he was only born in 1998. However, as is pretty obvious, his style crosses many boundaries and age groups.

Jaden Smith Outfits

Casual Wear

Jaden Smith Outfits
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Though Jaden is renowned for his commitment to bold, red carpet looks, he’s also a well known face on the festival and street style scene. More often than not, you’ll see Smith layer his clothing – a trend he carries off well, usually sporting trainers, black jeans and a backpack. To achieve a Jaden Smith inspired outfit, you’ve got to be able to layer well. He can pull off wearing the same thing regularly just by putting it over or under another item of clothing – he enjoys baggy, lengthy and comfortable clothes and he also always mixes brands well.

Jaden Smith Casual Wear
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Jaden Smith Clothes

Shirts and T-Shirts

As mentioned before, Jaden likes to layer. In order to nail his look, you need to stick to several neutral or basic colours so you can easily incorporate different colours and accessories to them. As well as layering, Jaden’s a fan of the bold long-line look, taking it to new extremes by experimenting with patterns, lengths and colours. A basic longline T-shirt or shirt would go perfectly with dark slim fit jeans or joggers to keep the look balanced. Start by wearing a tee, layer upon this with hoodie or shirt, then finished off with a bomber jacket to create a street-style vibe.

Jaden Smith Shirt
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Jaden Smith
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Denim is crucial to anyone’s wardrobe, and especially to Jaden Smith’s. His casual street style is usually completed with a good pair of quality black jeans, either slim fit or skinny. Jeans are easy because they look good with pretty much everything, and if you stick to this you can usually brighten up your outfit elsewhere.

If you’re up for trying something different for a casual look, you can also try joggers. They look good when paired with some trainers and a hoodie. He might be known for wearing skirts, dresses and dungarees, but we’ll just be sticking to some shorts and jeans to start with. Whether you go loose or skinny fit, black shorts allow plenty of space to style.


Jaden Smith Jackets
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Outside of Jaden Smith’s movies, he’s well known for pushing the boundaries of fashion. Saying this, he isn’t adverse to wearing staple items of clothing. The bomber jacket is everyone’s favourite go-to this season. A lighter alternative to a trench or parka, wearing a colourful bomber is a great way to add some detail to your outfit, especially if you plan on layering underneath.

Alternatively, a coach or leather jacket are excellent pieces of outerwear that Jaden is famous for styling. If you’re feeling brave then go for something in a brighter colour. However, classic shades such as black or blue will look stylish with pretty much anything. Add a T-shirt and some jeans for a traditionally casual look.


In regards to shoes, Jaden is most commonly seen in trainers. Although he tends to keep it simple with a pair of black Nikes, in the past he’s experimented with hi-tops, bright colours in various materials. Choosing a more out-there top half and balancing it out with some neutral trainers is a way to keep an outfit from looking too over the top.

Of course, despite the fact that Jaden’s trainer collection must be very big, he seems to have a favourite pair of Nikes. Jaden went through a phase of only wearing one pair of trainers and we don’t blame him, because once you’ve found a pair you like, you want to wear them 24/7. Alternatively, Vans or Converse are a another favourite, and these come in a wide variety of styles, from close-fitting designs to chunkier, bolder looks. They’re durable and have adapted over the years to keep up with trends. They’re constantly on the forefront of the street style scene. The Old Skool style is the probably most recognisable design – an ideal style of trainer for many activities, or just for lounging about.

Jaden Smith Sneaker
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As festival season basically comes around so quickly, you may as well start considering what festival gear you want to go for. One year at Coachella, Jaden Smith turned more than a few heads as he danced about in a red rose flower crown. He continues to present his fashion evolution and gender neutral clothes with tunics or skirts.

Though this flowery look may not be for everyone, there are several other trends that Jaden’s wore that we enjoy copying. Taking splashes of colours and mixing them throughout your outfit is a clean way to creating a put together look.

For a burst of colour and pattern why not try out a floral pattern? You can go for a more neutral colour to focus mainly on the print or embrace both colour and pattern for a more intensive look. Balance this colour out and match it with a plain slim fit jeans or shorts, a pair of trainers and some white or colourful pulled up socks.

Jaden Smith Festival
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Jaden Smith Hair 

Like many other celebrities, hair is an important feature that can define a person’s style. Jaden has usually worn his dreadlocks dishevelled and pulled forwards across his face to carry out his cool casual style. Or otherwise piled onto his head and tied so that they spill over his face. But in 2017 he hit the Met Gala red carpet with his beloved dreads in his hand and a new cropped cut on his head.

Jaden Smith Hair 
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Even if you’re not planning on carrying your hair to your next big event, you can steal some of Jaden’s hair tips and styles. Go for a more textured, rough look with your locks, as it’s still important to take care of your hair and make sure it’s properly cleaned and conditioned use a good shampoo and conditioner. Most people tend to skip the conditioning part, but if you’ve got a large amount of hair then it’s a good idea to invest in the right hair care products to keep your locks manageable.

How to Get Jaden Smith’s Style

  • Layering is key, experiment with shapes and cuts and mix a few long line designs with something a little more fitted.
  • For formal wear keep it tailored, add in differences such as unique colours or cuts and make sure to keep your shoes looking smart.
  • Black is a key colour, keep it as the base of any outfit with added details or colours as the focal point.
  • Shoes are important and if you have a favourite pair, don’t be afraid to keep wearing them! But if you want to mix it up Vans and Converse are a good alternative.
  • With your hair, like Jaden’s clothes you can push boundaries. Long, short, dreads, whatever you choose, always keep it tamed and manageable.
Jaden Smith
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On That Note

Other than being Will Smith’s son, there’s a great deal you can take from Jaden Smith’s style. Experimenting with colour, patterns and lengths you can transform any outfit to keep your look from becoming too bland. Try out some bold colour and pattern combinations to bring some extra detail to your look. Or keep it simple with the layered black looks that Jaden seems to love.

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