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Chris Hemsworth hair

If you are a fan of Chris Hemsworth’s hair and you’d enjoy getting this design – read through our article. Chris Hemsworth has been through many different hairstyles during his carrier. He has a lot of texture, and he often rocks modern hairstyles. If you love messy hairstyles and you have a beard – try styling your hair as Chris Hemsworth does! You will not be disappointed by his manly top-picks.

Who Is Chris Hemsworth?

Chris Hemsworth’s full name is actually Christopher. He is a successful Australian actor who is only 36 years old. He is 1.9m tall, and women love him because he is good-looking and has mesmerizing blue eyes. He also has two brothers – Liam Hemsworth and Luke Hemsworth. All of them are actors, and everyone loves this trio, especially Australians.

What Is Chris Hemsworth Known For?

Chris Hemsworth is well-known and most famous for playing Thor in the film series. This Marvel comic is loved & sold-worldwide, and almost everyone has seen him act in this serial. People also loved him in the Snow White and the Huntsman, as well as Men In Black. Chris Hemsworth has a net worth of $90 million dollars and is a leading male role in almost any movie. 

Top 8 Chris Hemsworth Haircut Designs

1. Chris Hemsworth Short Hair

Chris hair

This Chris Hemsworth’s haircut can look simple yet perfect for everyday wear. If you are someone who is into shorter haircut styles and you have a trusted barber, you should get this hairstyle. If you have textured hair and you want defined sides – get a fade. Also, use a clay over your short hair and make sure you get regular barber visitations to maintain this hairdo (every 3-4 weeks should be just enough).

2. Chris Hemsworth Messy Hairstyle

Chris Hair2

If you are a fan of natural texture and you usually use no products, you will enjoy this hair Chris Hemsworth is rocking. He has natural texture and side-swept bangs. He also loves to add more emphasis to his beard whenever he grows it out. Try and grow out your natural beard and make sure you like this style before you commit to it.

3. Chris Hemsworth Hair With Highlights

Chris messy hair

The hair Chris Hemsworth is rocking in this picture is very voluminous and is one of those hairstyles that only some men can rock. If you have a barber that can do defined hairstyles and if you have highlighted all over – you will enjoy this hair. Styling is quite easy – just use some clay or a hair gel to set these longer strands in place.

4. Chris Hemsworth Haircut Thor Ragnarok

Thor Ragnarok haircut style is long & bold. Thor’s hair is very attention-seeking & well-groomed. Not a lot of guys have long hair, but if you want to embrace this Thor haircut – make sure you nourish it. You will need a shampoo, conditioner, as well as a wide-tooth comb. Just cut the ends every 2-3 months and make sure you let it grow slow, long and strong.

5. Chris Hemsworth Haircut With Bangs


This hair Chris Hemsworth is rocking is very natural and covered in texture. You won’t need to use a lot of hair-care products. Just brush your hair out and emphasize the short strands. You can also go for a set of bangs if you have a larger forehead, or if you are someone who is into formal haircut options.

6. Chris Hemsworth Hairstyle Short Hair

Short hair

This simple short hair is amazing for guys who would rather emphasize their beard and not their hair. Let your barber give you this crop hair and enjoy the texture on top only. You won’t need to use any hair-care products. Just make sure your beard is well-groomed, and you won’t have to worry about your short hair a lot.

7. Chris Hemsworth Haircut With Slicked Back Hair

Slick back hair

If you like the Thor hairstyle, but you would rather appreciate a short hairdo, get this cut. Chris Hemsworth’s long hair is stylish, but not everyone can grow out their hair that long. If you want a slicked back hairstyle that is quite formal and appropriate for any important meetings or events, you should push your hair backward. Add a hair gel and some hairspray to set all of your strands in place.

8. Chris Hemsworth Hair With Fade And A Beard

Chris hair3

Lastly, this short haircut with a fade is ideal for men who enjoy defined styles. Chris Hemsworth beard is an essential accessory to this haircut, so make sure you let it grow out. Chris can also grow out a beard and mustache, so make sure you let it grow out before you visit your barber. A textured haircut is perfect for the office, but also for younger guys who love the crop and fade cuts. 

On That Note

So, what do you prefer? Chris Hemsworth long hair, or the bold Thor Ragnarok hairstyle? Either way, both Thor haircut & typical texture short hairdo that Chris wears on a regular are amazing haircut solutions. Just get the one haircut that suits your personal preference, as well as your current hair length & texture.

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