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Four Ways to Redesign Your Bathroom with Relaxation in Mind 

by Jamie Wilson
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On a busy winter morning, when you’re trying to get your children to eat their breakfast, brush their teeth, and get in the car, sorting your own bag ready for work and generally doing twenty things at once, then a shower is far more functional than it is enjoyable.

However, on those rare occasions when you’re able to take a long, hot bubble bath, you should do everything you can to ensure that the experience is a relaxing and de-stressing one. With this in mind, continue reading to discover four ways to redesign your bathroom with relaxation in mind. 

      1.   Look for Vintage Gems 

First and foremost, nothing says relaxation than antique, or indeed vintage-style pieces of furniture in a bathroom, mainly in terms of the style and color of the mirror you choose and the storage you decide on.

Do away with cheap, plastic trays to keep toiletries and bathing accessories in, and instead choose sustainable and attractive woven baskets in either cream or white, or else natural colors. Taking an afternoon out to scour the local antique shops and second-hand boutiques could well turn out some beautiful, unique, and vintage gems for your new bathroom

Additionally, make sure that you no longer leave a plethora of different products in and around the bath and shower area, and instead, simply place everything back into the baskets after you’ve used them. 

       2.   Natural Stone Flooring 

Quorn Stone is not only a luxurious and modern way of entirely revolutionizing your bathroom, but it will also help to convey a sense of the natural environment and help you to feel at one with the world around you. 

Natural stone flooring will also add overall value to your property, not to mention add a sense of warmth and depth to your bathing experience. If you think about it, five-star spas and saunas all boast an authentic stone floor, and in an effort to emulate this stylish bathing experience, stone flooring is a top priority. 

      3.   Coordinating Hardware 

Even the smaller details, such as the faucets and handles on bathroom cabinets can make a huge difference to the overall atmosphere and ambience of the space and can even affect how you feel when you’re bathing. 

In general, the most popular and indeed, the most effective choices for bathroom hardware and associated accessories tend to be authentic brass, bronze, or deeper brown accents, rather than the standard cream or white route. 

      4.   Curved Lines 

The fourth and final crucial element of redesigning your bathroom with relaxation and enjoyment in mind is to do away with straight, symmetrical lines, and instead favor curved lines.

Curves are much more conducive to tranquility and a sense of the luxury, so if you have the budget, choosing a curved freestanding bathtub would be an amazing choice for a focal point. Furthermore, textured walls with a curved trim, either for the skirting board or else within the print of the wallpaper or paintwork itself, will also help to create a spa-feel to the space. 

Feature image – Photo by R ARCHITECTURE on Unsplash

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