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Fila F13 Trainers – All You Need To Know

by Jamie Wilson

This trainer superbrand has been creating for over 100 years and their style is instantly recognisable. It’s about time we took a proper look at this classic men’s trainer that’s making a comeback.

Fila have a very distinctive look and the F13’s comeback has shown there’s still a huge appetite out there for reasonably priced, simple trainers. You don’t have to think about big bold colours with the F13s, they’re straight forward and to the point. We’re turning our attention to these classic trainers, have a read if you’re interested in a no thrills, retro look.

Fila F13

Classics like these never go out of style. With a pair of F13s you’re going for proven comfort and durability. Other less well made trainers fall by the wayside but it’s a testament to the quality of these trainers that they’re still being worn today. They’re also some of the most reasonably priced trainers on the market so you won’t be throwing money away on fad trainers you’ll never wear again. F13s have stood the test of time and you’ll be wearing them for years to come.

Fila F13, Fila Mens Trainers Sale


  • Suede effect upper gives it a crisp look.
  • Added EVA midsole cushioning for extra comfort.
  • Perforated toe and ankle for breathability.
  • Velcro fastening strap for ankle support.
  • Non leather with a synthetic midsole and upper.


The Fila Fitness was reissued in 2003, this time under the name F13. Just in case you weren’t sure the F stands for Fila and 13 is because this was the 13th trainer they’d released. Years have passed since the original release date in 1988. Many more trainers have been released and in a market so crowded their simple look makes them as fresh today as they ever have been.

They were originally made for casual exercise but you can wear them anywhere. They also came in low cut and high top. The high top version comes with a velcro ankle strap.


£35- £70

Original Release Date


Original Model Name

Fila Fitness.



Key Drop Variations

Fila High Tops

When the trainer was re-released in 2003 they opted for the high top version rather than the low cut. They come with a velcro strap that gives the trainers a classic look. High tops are not just for the basketball court and work really well with skinny jeans.

Fila Distressed High-Top Sneaker


Fila f13 white

Every man needs a pair of white trainers and a fresh pair of F13s will look great with pretty much anything. The simple design comes into its own with the F13s and shows off how impressive they are.

Trainers Offers

Fila F13 Black

The F13s in black work really well because the design is so simple. The Fila logo also works alongside the jet black faux suede material. Although they don’t go with everything, we all need at least one pair of black trainers in our collection and these Fila’s are definitely comfortable enough to take that spot.

Fila F13 Lite Shoes

Where to buy a pair of Fila F13

Fila F13
StockX – check the latest price – click here
Fila F13
Flight Club – check the latest price – click here
Fila F13
StockX – check the latest price – click here


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