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Essential Travelling Hair Care Tips for Healthy Tresses On the Go

by Jamie Wilson
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Travel is an exciting prospect, whatever the reason for a given trip. But the excitement of a trip can also become stressful, particularly concerning the impact of travel on the body. Your hair is just as susceptible to these stresses as any other part of you and should be considered when it comes time to pack. But what are some ways you can address hair health and care while travelling?

Keep It Simple with Products

One of the biggest pitfalls that the gainful traveller can fall into when packing for a trip is to overpack – and this is just as true for toiletries and hair care products as it is for clothes and leisure equipment. Packing light is a valuable skill for traversing borders and getting around new places with ease, and can also greatly simplify the outlook for each of your planned days.

For example, being a little more discerning with your hair care packing can ensure you only bring essential items, not only lightening your toiletry bag but also reducing the time you spend fussing each day. Think carefully about which items are more practical, from a hair care standpoint and a size standpoint; small vials of conditioner and a fold-up hairdryer can make packing a trifle.

Protect Your Hair from the Elements

Speaking of conditioner, your leading concern should be the health of your hair as opposed to its aesthetics. Rather than committing packing space to gels or styling products, instead plump for something like a leave-in conditioner. As well as supplying vital minerals directly to your hair, this conditioner can be helpful in reducing UV damage on days where you are exposed to the elements.

Hair Care Options

Ensuring the health of your hair while travelling goes beyond the potential need to treat it with each wash. There are habitual and dietary concerns, too, which you can address for better hair as you go. Diet is especially important for the health of your hair, where vitamins and minerals are essential for strength, volume and other key factors. If you can’t guarantee a hair-healthy diet on your travels, you could supplement your diet by bringing hair vitamins for men in your toiletries bag.

While you might not spring for a hairdresser during your travel, you can still positively address your hair mid-trip; massage and scalp stimulation can work wonders for hair growth and health, making that potential spa trip more than a leisure activity.

Pack a Silk or Satin Pillowcase

Finally, a small tip but a potentially revolutionary one for those of you with more brittle hair types: bring a silk or satin pillowcase with you. While bringing your own pillowcase might seem an unnecessary luxury, providing yourself with a soft and smooth surface on which to sleep can dramatically reduce the friction your hair encounters while you sleep – reducing breakage and frizz in the process. Besides, silk and satin alike are lightweight and thin materials, which can be folded small and packed away without otherwise impacting your luggage space.

Feature image photo by SAJAD FI on Unsplash

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