Essential Things You Should Carry To The Next Housewarming Party

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & fact checked: June 5, 2023 by Jamie Wilson (BA)

There’s something special about throwing a Housewarming party. It signals a new beginning, a fresh start, and an opportunity to make lasting memories with your friends and family. In recent years, Housewarming parties have become increasingly popular. Social media plays a significant role in this trend, as people love documenting and sharing their celebrations with their followers. But beyond that, Housewarming parties provide a perfect opportunity for people to come together and celebrate the joy of homeownership. Whether hosting a casual backyard barbecue or an elegant dinner party, a Housewarming party is a wonderful way to kick off your new chapter in style.

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6 Essential Things You Should Carry To The Next Housewarming Party

1. A Bottle Of Wine

A bottle of wine is a classic hostess gift for any housewarming party. It’s a versatile beverage that pairs well with various foods and can be enjoyed by all. When selecting a bottle of wine, consider the host’s tastes and any potential food pairings for the evening. A red wine, such as Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon, is perfect for red meat dishes. 

Opt for a white wine such as Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc for lighter fare like chicken or fish. The bottle of wine can also be a great conversation starter or a way to break the ice with fellow attendees. So the next time you’re heading to a housewarming party, don’t forget to grab a bottle of wine. It’s a simple yet thoughtful gesture that is sure to be appreciated.

2. A Cheese Board With Assorted Cheeses

Impress your friends at the next housewarming party by bringing a beautifully arranged cheese board with assorted cheeses. The key to a successful cheese board is to have a variety of cheeses, from mild to strong, as well as a mix of soft and hard textures. Some great options include brie, gouda, cheddar, and blue cheese. 

Add some sliced baguettes or crackers and fruits such as grapes, berries, and figs to complete the board. Creating a cheese board allows for easy snacking and is perfect for guests to enjoy while mingling and socializing. With these tips, your cheese board will be the talk of the party. Many people also use THC oil at these parties for relaxation and an enjoyable experience. You can get high-quality THC oil from sites like

3. A Platter Of Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Planning a housewarming party can be daunting, especially when deciding what food to serve. But fear not! A platter of fresh fruits and vegetables may just be the perfect solution. Not only are they colorful and visually appealing, but they are also packed with nutrients and vitamins that can help fuel your guests throughout the evening. 

Think crisp, juicy apples, sweet strawberries, crunchy carrots, and vibrant bell peppers. Display them on a large platter and pair them with a delicious dip or hummus for added flavor. Your guests will surely appreciate the thought and effort put into providing them with a healthy and refreshing option.

4. A Bouquet

A bouquet is a classic and timeless gift for a housewarming party. Whether visiting a friend’s new apartment or helping a family member settle into a new home, a bouquet can add an elegant touch to any room. There are endless options for selecting the perfect blooms to bring as a gift. 

From vibrant sunflowers to delicate daisies, you can choose a color and style that perfectly suits the occasion. A bouquet can also serve as a beautiful centerpiece for the party, adding extra charm and warmth to the gathering. So why not make someone’s day by bringing a lovely bouquet to the next housewarming party you attend?

5. A Decorative Candle

Attending a housewarming party is always an exciting experience. You meet new people, explore a new home, and enjoy good food and drinks. If you’re unsure what to bring as a gift, consider carrying a decorative candle to the next housewarming party. Candles are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also create a cozy and warm environment. The host can use the candle as decoration or light it up to uplift the mood of the party. 

There are many types of decorative candles to choose from, such as scented candles, tea light candles, and pillar candles. You can even select a candle that matches the host’s home decor or one that has a unique design. So, the next time you’re invited to a housewarming party, consider gifting a beautiful candle that will surely impress your host.

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6. A Set Of Coasters Or Cocktail Napkins

As you make your way to the next housewarming party, don’t forget to grab a set of coasters or cocktail napkins on your way out the door. These handy items not only serve the practical purpose of protecting furniture from water rings or spills, but they can also add a touch of stylish sophistication to any gathering. 

Whether your host has a chic apartment or a cozy bungalow, a set of coasters or cocktail napkins can help tie the room together and make guests feel at home. Plus, they make for a thoughtful and functional gift that your host is sure to appreciate. So next time you’re invited to a housewarming, be sure to bring along a set of coasters or cocktail napkins that show off your unique taste and personality.

Summing Up

When it comes to attending a housewarming party, it’s important to bring a little something to show your appreciation for the invitation. While many guests opt for a simple bottle of wine or flowers, there are a few other items you might want to consider bringing along. For starters, a personalized gift, such as a monogrammed cutting board or custom door mat, is a thoughtful way to congratulate your friends on their new home. In addition, if you know, they’re big foodies, bringing along a gourmet collection of cheeses or a homemade treat is a nice touch.

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