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11 Ways To Effortlessly Style Bohemian Attire For Men

by Amy Payne
Effortlessly Style Bohemian Attire

If the word boho brings back nightmares of mid-noughties fashion, where the faux-hippie look seemed to be all the rage, you seriously need to check out what true bohemian style looks like today. Men’s bohemian fashion captures the essence of creativity, curiosity, and wanderlust that all the greatest artists and free thinkers have pursued. 

If you’re tired of spotting the same ‘casual friday’ jeans on all your friends, why not let your creative personality shine through in a relaxed bohemian style. While it may seem like a tricky look to pull off, the loose tailoring and casual silhouettes of men’s bohemian clothing could be one of the most wearable sartorial choices. With our top 11 bohemian style tips, achieving this look couldn’t be more simple. 

Who Wears Men’s Bohemian Fashion?

A favourite look for actors, musicians, and artists, men’s bohemian style is epitomised by successful men such as Lenny Kravitz (seen here), Johnny Depp, and Jason Momoa. Here are the secrets to their boho fashion style…

Top 11 Bohemian Looks To Go For

1. Try A Loose Shirt For A More Bohemian Fit

Try A Loose Shirt For A More Bohemian Fit
@Allef Vinicius via Sunplash

Forget the pale blue, office button-down tunic. Men’s bohemian shirts are all about a loose fit and artistic prints. This look centres around being in a chilled headspace to let your creativity run wild, so keeping the top few buttons open will help you feel relaxed. We recommend opening up one more button than you usually would and styling it with some simple boho necklaces. This look can work well with long sleeves and a stylish vest as well. Perfect for your true stylish moment and when you wish to look like a trendsetter.

2. Pair With Relaxed Bohemian Trousers

Pair With Relaxed Bohemian Trousers
@PNW Production via pexels

Don’t throw your bohemian silhouette off by pairing a loose shirt with skinny jeans or tracksuit bottoms. Instead, keep the shape of your outfit flowing by choosing a relaxed pair of trousers. High-waisted trousers with loose pleats will keep your ensemble looking fitted and stop the outfit from swamping you. Go through your wardrobe and fit something that is lightweight and comfy, perfect for the long hours that are ahead.

3. Swap Short Shorts For A Long Bohemian Pair

Swap Short Shorts For A Long Bohemian Pair
@ROMAN ODINTSOV via pexels

While the sun is shining don’t be put off from reaching for a pair of shorts to create your boho look. Just remember to opt for a longer knee-length hem for a true bohemian style. Again a high waist and soft pleats will keep your shorts looking neat but relaxed, though this isn’t crucial if you’re choosing to wear your top untucked – sometimes even the UK can feel too hot for that. Opt for some natural fabrics and enjoy the lightweight facts of this entire fit.

4. Add Knitwear For A Layered Bohemian Look

Add Knitwear For A Layered Bohemian Look
@cottonbro via pexels

Winter is coming. Again. Luckily bohemian style isn’t just for men during the summer. The key here is a rough, open knit. Think loose cardigans and crochet sweaters – you should be showing off your layers and not hiding them beneath big blocky knitwear. You can also opt for some high-knee boots to keep yourself warm, yet fully stylish as well.

5. Ditch Stiff Denim For Casual Bohemian Jeans

Ditch Stiff Denim For Casual Bohemian Jeans
@cottonbro via pexels

It can be tempting to stick to neat, stiff denim when it comes to jeans. What we often forget, however, is that jeans weren’t designed to be clean and tidy trousers but to be worn as workwear. Men’s bohemian style is all about reflecting a lust for life, and not being afraid to get hands-on when it comes to creative activities. So embrace a ripped or embroidered pair for a more lived-in feel. If you want something new & stylish for your closet, these pants are it!

6. Top With Flowy Bohemian Outerwear

Top With Flowy Bohemian Outerwear
@Serhiy Hipskyy via Unsplash

Don’t undo all your hard work by throwing a bulky black puffa jacket over your bohemian outfit. When it comes to outerwear, your look will be lifted by choosing a long coat in a soft fabric that has some flow to it. To give it some shape look for a coat that has a waist belt, or add your own with a silky boho scarf. This floppy hat vibe reminds a lot of 19th century fashion, wouldn’t you agree?

7. Choose A Wide Brim Hat For True Bohemian Style 

Choose A Wide Brim Hat For True Bohemian Style 
@PNW Production via pexels

Pull your bohemian look together with a few well-chosen men’s accessories. For the perfect boho style opt for a wide-brim pork pie or fedora hat to top off your outfit. This cowboy hat is a whole vibe and the whole fit can be easily found on flea markets.

8. Get Creative With Bohemian T-Shirts

Get Creative With Bohemian T-Shirts
@Emir Saldierna via Unsplash

When it comes to tops, bohemian men know how to style the best T-shirts. Whether it’s a classic band t-shirt or a more modern artist’s print, take the chance to show off your favourite music, films or art taste. This stylish look and inspo of the second hand clothing will suit a ton of men, despite their age.

The Dos & Don’ts Of Bohemian Style For Men


  • Stay cool. Bohemian men know lighter fabrics will give their ensemble the perfect relaxed flow.
  • Try opening your shirt with a button or two more than you usually might.
  • Go maximalist. Layers are your friend when it comes to men’s bohemian style and will see you through all-year-round.


  • Overload with too many accessories. Start with a couple of layered bracelets as you try out the look.
  • Look like a Russel Brand wannabe. Make sure your bohemian style is an authentic reflection of your own tastes.
  • Get carried away with print overload. Stick to one or two simple prints to avoid clashes.

Having Said All Of That

Are you ready to look like a true stylish guy? Looking for something retro & boho? If that is the case just try and recreate some of these stylish beauties. The end result is a must-do, no matter your age.

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