How to Dress Like the King of Rock ‘N’ Roll Himself, Elvis Presley

by Jamie Wilson
Elvis Presley

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Learn how to dress like the king of rock ‘n’ roll himself, Elvis Presley, with this handy style guide, and, who knows, you may be rocking a pair of blue suede shoes sometime soon.

Woah, I hear you say, this is a pretty big task, and one that if carried out incorrectly could end up with you looking like that horrendous karaoke act you’ve seen down at your local. But, whether you’re wanting to look exactly like Elvis, or you just want to steal some of his exceptional style tips, we’ve got the guide as to how to do this properly.

You see, Elvis wasn’t just about diamond encrusted jump suits and flashy ankle boots as his off stage persona saw him donning sophisticated suits, short-sleeved shirts and an iconic preppy / rock style. In fact, he was famously quoted as having said, “In public, I like real conservative clothes, something that’s not too flashy. But on stage, I like ‘em as flashy as you can get ‘em.”

Wide-legged Trousers & a Blue Cotton Polo Shirt

High-waisted and wide-legged trousers were a key fashion statement in Elvis’ heyday and when completed with a simple blue polo shirt or short-sleeved shirt, it oozes classy sophistication. Elvis was effortless in achieving these looks, particularly when you added in his slicked back hair and dashing good looks. OK, this outfit may seem casual and understated but when you’re that cool, you can afford to be.

Try wearing these Dickies trousers in tan for a bang on trend look this season. Their classic shape and styling would work perfectly with a blue polo shirt. The contrasting colours and classic shape make for a cracking casual look this season without trying too hard.

Wide-legged Trousers & a Blue Cotton Polo Shirt
“Elvis Presley in Australia” by Tram Painter via Wordpress

A Chunky Knit

When it came to winter Elvis still achieved that low-key and graceful look, and he did this through chunky knit jumpers. Boasting a preppy style (particularly with THAT quiff) it offered something else to the fashion world and suited his style perfectly.

Or, if you’re after something a little more preppy then why no try wearing a striped jumper, a classic and timeless look, it’s apiece you can wear with pretty much everything in your wardrobe.

A Chunky Knit
Richard M. Nixon Meeting with Elvis Presley” by Marion Doss via Wordpress

Macho & Monochrome

When dressing up for an occasion (other than when he was on stage), Elvis was unwaveringly smart and dapper in his appearance and achieved this through fine tailoring and confidence in style. Monochrome was often a style he opted for, and is one that can be easy to get wrong. But follow Elvis and his two-piece suit, black cotton shirt and black leather shoes combo and you’re onto a winner.

The 50’s was an era that was prolific for being a smart time to be alive. Teamed with a crisp white button down and a pair of black loafers for a cracking look.

Macho & Monochrome
Elvis Presley, Las Vegas Hilton, 1971” by via Wordpress


From monochrome to colour, one thing Elvis was never afraid of was introducing colours into his outfits. One might see him wearing something outlandish one day and find it was fashionable the next, so even though he was known for his cool and understated style, the king will always be iconic for his forward-thinking fashion.

From a pink belt to a purple shirt, Elvis could achieve a look that make all the girls want him to be their guy and all the guys want to be just like him. He just dared to be different. Therefore, if you want to follow this style of Elvis as opposed to the casually preppy style, you need to be bold with your colours.

Elvis Presley
Best Wishes Elvis Presley, Plate 3” by Thomas Hawk via Wordpress

And On That Note

Unquestionably, Elvis will continue to be recognised as one of the greatest style icons to have walked this earth, and achieving a look that is inspired by him is easy. You can choose to opt for his more understated style and keep it cool and casual or you can follow his bold and eccentric ways.

You can go for a classic and well tailored look that was the epitome of the 50’s and 60’s with a pair of wider legged trousers and a great polo shirt. Or, if you want to have a more layered and tailored look then you can always add a jumper over the top to keep it smart and Elvis-like.

Of course, you can;t forget the penny loafer. It was one of the things that Elvis always reverted back to, no matter what the outfit or occasion. Go for a pair in black to keep it versatile and understated whilst keeping all of the style credentials that Elvis would have had.

Whatever your outfit and whatever bit of Elvis you bring to it, you’ll be paying homage to an absolute legend that brought together the ordinary and the extraordinary and made it fashionable.

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