101 Amazing Death Eater Tattoo Designs You Need To See!

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Every Harry Potter fan; whether it is of the original books or movies, must know this symbol! The concept of Death Eaters for sure sends shivers down all of our spines. But their iconic skull and snake symbol – the Dark Mark, makes for an amazing tattoo design. Even if the fall of Draco to the Death Eaters’ side isn’t something to celebrate, a Dark Mark tattoo can mean anything you’d want it to be. It’s even better to get this tattoo if you always end up in the Slytherin House on those Harry Potter quizzes. Just remember, not every Slytherin is an evil Death Eater! Get inspired by our top 10 picks of Dark Mark tattoos!

Death Eater Mark Green Flame Tattoo


Go for a classic Death Eaters symbol with this tattoo design! With green flames and a dangerous looking snake, this tattoo will look cool no matter where you choose to place it. Go big or go small, it’s your choice.

Dark Mark With Flowers TattooBut their iconic skull and snake symbol – the Dark Mark, makes for an amazing tattoo design.


Looking for a stunning Dark Mark tattoo design, with no flashy colors? Then how about this two-toned one? The amazing shading done with just one accent color makes this look like a sepia effect. If this is something you like, tell your tattoo artist to get to work immediately! 

Grayscale Harry Potter Dark Mark Tattoo


This is another cool Harry Potter tattoo – Death Eater style. This design needs nothing beyond traditional black tattoo ink to look menacing. Get this Death Eater tattoo, temporary or permanently, on your forearm or calf muscle! Don’t forget to ask a professional for all information related to taking care of your new tattoo!

Ink Splatter Dark Mark Tattoo


If none of our picks so far didn’t cater to your liking, this one takes the cake! Nothing screams evil more than a snake crawling out of a skull with ink splotches everywhere. This Harry Potter Death tattoo design is awesome to get somewhere on your arm or shoulder!

Harry Potter Skull and Snake Tattoo


If you prefer a sketchy style of tattoos, the Dark Mark Harry Potter design we have here is for you! Opting for just a black ink tattoo will save you some money and time if you get a smaller design. We recommend tattooing this on your forearm or ankle!

Dark Mark Glitch Tattoo


This is such a unique take on the classic Dark Mark tattoo! It’s still the cool snake and skull design we all love and want, but it looks like a glitch is happening right on your arm! This tattoo would work well as a shoulder or back tattoo as well. 

Death Eater Symbol Tattoo


Dark Mark tattoos can be designed in so many creative ways! Just look at this tattoo style, inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead! That snake looks threatening, and if that’s what you’re going for with this tattoo, we encourage you to get it done as soon as possible!

Green Gem Stylized Dark Mark Tattoo


Intriguing Dark Mark tattoos just keep on coming! How about this stylized tattoo with a green gem and some subtle leaves? If green is not the color for you, you can always ask for a red or blue gemstone instead. We strongly believe this artistic tattoo will look great anywhere you choose to get it! 

Colorful Death Eaters Mark Tattoo


Looking for a realistic Death Eater tattoo with vibrant colors? We have just the idea for you! This stunning tattoo will pop on any skin tone and it’s not the only thing that’s popping! We’re still confused if that snake is part of the tattoo or if it is a real snake. But you shouldn’t be afraid to get this tattooed on your forearm or calf muscle. 

Dark Mark Graphical Design Tattoo


Maybe you’re a graphic designer yourself or just appreciate simple designs. If that’s true, then get this style of a Dark Mark! If Death Eaters had their own company, this would for sure be the logo! Just don’t forget to say you want the memorable green flames or it won’t look like a Harry Potter reference no more. 

Having Said All That

With so many Death Eaters tattoo ideas, we know choosing one will be hard. See if you like anything from our top 10 list and call your trusty tattoo artist today! Snape will surely be jealous of your Dark Mark

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