David Beckham’s Hair Loss

by Jamie

David Beckham’s hair has been a source of entertainment for many people over the years, and as you can see from our articles on him, we’ve been a fan of his various hairstyles as well. However, despite his creative cuts, he’s tackling a subtle thread of the dreaded male pattern baldness just like other men. We take a look at his hair journey and his opinion on hair loss in general. 

So, as well all know, David Beckham isn’t bald, he’s never been bald, and, by the looks of things, it doesn’t look like he’ll be bald anytime soon. However, despite having a thick set of hair on his head, he is beginning to show signs of slow male pattern baldness. This can affect people in many different ways, and kick in from as early on as 13, just like Ne-Yo, or as late as 25-30.

Once it’s started it can speed along at a steady pace or crawl staggering slowly. There aren’t really many ways to affect how quickly male pattern baldness eats away at your hair, and most of the time it’s just down to genetics and dumb luck. However, once the condition starts, there are ways you can disguise or embrace the new shape of your hairline.

David Beckham Diet

So we’ve stated that lifestyle choices don’t have a lot to do with male pattern baldness and that it’s generally down to genetics. However, eating well, not smoking, going easy on the booze and making sure your body is getting the right nutrients it needs are all going to help keep your hair thicker and healthier for longer. It’s obvious that as a professional athlete Beckham takes care of his body, providing it with the right vitamins and minerals, and ensuring it’s well looked after.

When it comes to healthy hair, these are the main minerals you need to make sure your body is getting;

  • Zinc – Zinc deficiency can lead to a poor immune system, which can then lead to weakened hair follicles and hair loss.
  • Protein – Hair is made from protein. Can you work out why you need it?
  • Iron – Iron strengthens hair and promotes growth.
  • Vitamin D – Promotes hair follicle growth.
  • Vitamin E – Repairs and builds tissue so is necessary for hair regrowth.
  • Biotin – Breaks down protein into amino acids, which helps produce keratin. Keratin is essential to strong, healthy hair.

David Beckham Hair Products

We all know that trying to disguise a balding crown with a comb over is just a bad idea, and only really draws attention to it. Unless you’re looking for pitying looks it’s best to just embrace your baldness and shave your hair short if you’re dealing with a thinning crown. However, if you’re suffering from a slow receding hairline, and the rest of your hair seems to be in good shape, there’s really no reason to get out the scissors right away.

David Beckham’s got a lot of hair to work with, but there are signs of a slight receding hairline. It’s so minor that it’s barely noticeable, but it shows where the hair is going to fade in later years. If you’re working with hair that’s similar to Beckham’s, it’s good to work in as much volume as you can while complimenting the shape of your hairline.

Beckham’s best hairstyles involve him getting a decent amount of volume into the front with a wax or pomade, and lightly smoothing down the sides. The definition helps to follow the hairline while creating a clean, tailored look.

On That Note

While David Beckham has shunned the idea of going under the knife at a hair transplant clinic, there’s really no reason for him to be getting them now or really ever. His hair right now is in great condition, with the slight receding hairline only helping to create a new, defined shape that works with many of his cuts.

As the hairline recedes further he may want to think about losing some of the length and giving himself a more tailored cut, but, for the meantime, the smooth pompadours are working for him just fine.

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