Converse Chuck Taylor Trainers – Everything you Need to Know

by Jamie Wilson
Converse Chuck Taylor Trainers

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

They’re probably the most popular basketball trainers of all time, and an instant classic piece of footwear. We go over everything you’d possibly need to know about the legendary Chuck Taylor Converse. 

They’re known all over the world and are synonymous with comfort, style and unbeatable quality. Very few people have gone through their life without owning a pair of these trainers, and there’s a good reason why. With the classic style remaining relatively unchanged to this day, this a design that just works, and with everyone from professional basketball players to bored teens wearing these kicks, it doesn’t look like their popularity will die down any time soon.

Converse Chuck Taylor

They were a basketball shoe, then a uniform for various sub-culture groups and now a solid part of fashion history. Converse Chuck Taylor trainers have been worn with every variation of outfits, from casual wear to suits, and their love from the public isn’t going to die down anytime soon. Even with the upcoming re-design in the horizon, with the addition of extra cushioning, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star trainers have a look and style that will remain a much loved classic.


  • Ankle patch
  • Vulcanized rubber sole
  • Slim fit silhouette

Converse Chuck Taylor History

Like a lot of iconic sports shoes, the Chuck Taylor trainer was influenced by one person. Can you guess his name? Converse was already an established brand when Chuck, one of the players from their sponsored basketball teams came to them complaining that their current shoes just weren’t comfortable enough.

history of converse chuck taylor shoes

After some sage suggestions from the man himself, including better flexibility as well as patches to help support the wearers ankles, the new design took on the name of Chuck Taylor All Star trainers. Despite Chuck not receiving a penny in royalties he did live on in the new and improved design, and continued to promote Converse shoes as a spokesperson for the brand.

The trainer became a sports staple for some time, and this was particularly important in post war America, where the government relied on sports and athletes to encourage patriotism and the strength of the nation. Over time however though it didn’t matter if you were a flag waving American or a ‘limey Brit’, as the appeal of Converse Chuck Taylors had become a style necessity and spread throughout the world.

Original Release Date


Original Model Name

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star



Key Drop Variations

All White Converse

Stemming from one of the classic basketball shoes designs, the classic all white converse trainers are ideal for everyday outfits and can add a minimalist vibe to your look.

White High Top Converse

The streamline shape of a high top converse, paired with the clean white colour can help give a subtle, neat look to a casual outfit.

White High Top Converse

White Low Top Converse

Less intensive and more easily incorporated into simple outfits, the low top converse gives an understated and versatile vibe to your look.

White Low Top Converse

All Black Converse

Whether you’re going for a ink dipped look or a classic design with a more visible patch, a black pair of Chuck Taylor converse are the perfect addition to an understated casual look. Effortlessly versatile and able to take a battering, black converse are the best option if you’re looking for reliable and easily styled footwear.

all black Converse

Red Converse

One of the more popular colours in the Converse range, a good pair of red Chuck Taylors will go surprisingly well with a range of outfits, helping to add a colourful boost to a plain outfit.

Red converse chuck taylor

Blue Converse

Whether you go for a light or dark blue, a pair of blue converse is a subtle colour that will bring out the cool summery vibes of your outfit.

Blue converse chuck taylor

Leather Chuck Taylors

Shun conventions and instead of going for the classic canvas material, opt for a leather finish instead. The subtle sheen will add some definition to your outfit, even if you choose it in a neutral colour.

leather chuck taylor converse

Where to buy a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor

Converse Chuck Taylor
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Converse Chuck Taylor
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Converse Chuck Taylor
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Converse Chuck Taylor

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