10 Compass Tattoo Stencil Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Compass Tattoo Stencils

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Are you searching for compass tattoo meaning? Here are some compass tattoo stencil designs that will blow your mind!

Compass Tattoo Stencil
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Are you looking for tattoo designs that are impactful enough to take place in the minds of others?

Well, your search ends here. The following article will talk about the top ten compass tattoo ideas that will not just mesmerize you but also make you get one for yourself.

In general, the compass tattoo originated at a time when fishermen and sailors used to carry them to denote direction. What was then used as a relevant search symbol now became a tattoo symbol that people are looking for these days. A compass tattoo can stand as a universal symbol of showing the direction in life. So, if you are in search of the right direction for life or what to experience something that can take you through the right path, the design compass tattoo stencil is apt for you.

Universally, a compass is a vital instrument that shows primarily four cardinal directions – north, south, east, and west. There are people who look for quality tattoo design and collection that makes them a little bit different from the common ones. If you are looking for something different, some tattoo design that will make you stand out from the crowd, the compass tattoo collection is apt for you. Having a quality compass tattoo with the right ink used on it denotes that you can navigate your life through all odds. Although the tattoo shop will help you with various categories of compass tattoo designs, if you need some unique ones, go through the list as provided here. A close search of all the compass tattoos here will give you an idea about the quality of the tattoo and its details.

Compass Anchor Tattoo Ideas

Compass Anchor Tattoo Ideas
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Are you interested in an abstract tattoo style? If so, then here is one for you. The tattoo artist has used black, grey, and white ink to bring out the uniqueness of the tattoo. This is more like a personal design that has four essential words inked at the sides of the compass. These four vital words of life are family, friendship, love, and pride.

If you want to get into the crux of the tattoo, you have to first understand its meaning of it. The tattoo artist has used the right amount of shading and ink to bring out the importance of the tattoo. If you have gone through a bad phase in your life and have now got a direction in your life, this compass tattoo is ideal for you.

Compass Tattoo Design As Armband

Compass Tattoo Design As Armband
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Have you ever thought of getting a tattoo that looks more like jewelry than just body art? Yes, you can make use of a tattoo as an armband or a wristlet. If you are impressed by compass tattoos, here is one for you. This compass tattoo is not as common as the others. Instead, it has elements that support the uniqueness that the design demands.

To ink the armband, the artist used bold black ink. You can also fill in the band with some floral designs to add that personal touch to your tattoo. The compass tattoo features various elements that consist of various levels of shading. The professional has used the tattooing brush in the right way to deliver the best design.

Realistic Whale And Compass Tattoo

Realistic Whale And Compass Tattoos
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Indeed, the design of a compass tattoo is very basic and plain. It is true that there is nothing extraordinary in the design of a simple compass tattoo. But, as a wearer of several tattoos, you can change a simple compass design into an extraordinary one. Want to know how to do it? The answer is simple. All you need to do is to add some interesting elements to the tattoo.

To spice up a tattoo design that has nothing but a simple compass in it, add a whale to it. While the compass tattoo denotes the direction in life, the whale tattoo stands for intelligence, power, and gentleness. In some cases, a whale tattoo also denotes a spiritual belief and a peaceful life.

Sword With Compass Tattoo

Sword With Compass Tattoo
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Are you looking for a compass tattoo design that is a bit more quirky than the normal ones? Well, not all people prefer to get tattoo designs that are commonly found. There are some people who want to get tattoo designs that are rarely found. It is the uniqueness of these tattoos that make them stand out from the crowd.

Similarly, here is one such tattoo that has a compass in it. The needle of the compass is a sword that has been allowed to pass through the center of the compass. Since it is the design of a compass, only the west and the east directions are mentioned here. Although the professional has drawn this as a forearm tattoo, you can get it inked on the back, chest, or shoulder.

Life Is A Journey Compass Stencil Tattoo Design

Life Is A Journey Compass Stencil Tattoo Design
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Not all people prefer gigantic and bold tattoos. There are some who look for designs that are subtle enough to draw the attention of people. If you are a believer in simplicity and would like to invest in a simple compass tattoo, this design is worth it. The artist has combined a simple compass tattoo with a map tattoo.

Although a map tattoo is combined here, if you want, you can put in a compass rose tattoo as per your liking. This is a shaded compass map tattoo inked only with black and grey. The drama to this tattoo is added by the shading and the choice of ink. Also, the way the needles have been used to deliver the right amount of shading needs special mention.

Feminine Compass Tattoo Stencil

Feminine Compass Tattoo Stencil
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Are you looking for a geometrical compass tattoo that has some elements of the galaxy in it? Here is a feminine compass tattoo stencil that has solid content in it. Such a tattoo is a great instance of one’s love for the stars and the galaxy. If you take a closer look at this tattoo, you will see that the center of the compass has a large star in it.

This tattoo is an example of a bold tattoo that is eye-catching enough to draw attention. The manner in which the artist has drawn the tattoo gives a smooth finish. Although this is a feminine tattoo, it can be inked by males as well. A perfect spot for this tattoo would be the back and shoulder.

Vintage Compass Tattoo Stencil

Vintage Compass Tattoo Stencil
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Are you a lover of the Viking tradition? How about getting a tattoo that depicts Norse mythology? Here is a vintage compass tattoo for you that has an arrow passing through it. These are popular mythological tattoos that are a perfect body art design for the thigh. Although you get to choose the body part in which you want to get the tattoo, it is suggested to choose a place that has enough space for inking the tattoo.

At a closer glance, you will find that the compass is half-drawn. The other half of the compass is filled with Chinese hieroglyphs. Likewise, you can choose a different language as per your liking. Though the design is only restricted to black ink, you can add some color to the design.

Unique Compass Tattoo Stencil

Unique Compass Tattoo Stencil
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Many people have a desire to get a realistic tattoo on their arm. If you belong to this category, here is one for you. However, if you have a doubt about whether the tattoo will look good on you or not, trust your instincts. Unlike the previous tattoo design, here, the artist has inked a unique compass tattoo that has a distinguishing feature in it.

If you look into the tattoo at once, you will feel that it appears in a 3-dimensional format. The reason for making the tattoo 3D design is to ensure that it appears lively and real. Along with the compass, the other elements that are included in this tattoo are a feather, a map, and a huge star.

Compass Tattoos With Quotes

Compass Tattoos With Quotes
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Quotes have a wonderful reaction when they are put up in a tattoo. When you review quote tattoos, you will find that people love them. This is because the power that the quote tattoos have is barely seen in other tattoo elements. Similarly, if you like quote tattoos, here is one for you.

In this tattoo, the tattoo artist has combined a quote tattoo with a compass tattoo. The quote that makes this design even more powerful says, ‘Not all who wander are lost.’ Indeed, the maxim is true in every sense. There are people who wander to experience and enjoy every bit of life. If you believe in this theory, such a quote tattoo is apt for you.

Compass Rose Tattoo On Hand

Compass Rose Tattoo On Hand
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Rose is an essential and common element in the tattooing industry. Rose tattoo stands as a perfect example of the symbolism of love, peace, and honesty. If you review floral tattoos, you will find that the rose tattoo is the most common among all of them.

In this compass tattoo, the artist has combined the rose tattoo to show that whatever direction in life you take, it has to be tread with love. The tattoo also says that one should accept every aspect of one’s life with the same amount of love and vigor.

Now that you have an idea about the compass tattoo stencil, it is time to pick one from the above-mentioned list and get it done on your favorite body part. You need to give the proper amount of time to your tattoo for it to get healed completely. Once it is fully healed, flaunt it the way you want

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