BWGH X Puma R698 Bluefield OG – All you Need to Know

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Read all you need to know about the iconic collaboration between Puma and BWGH, with their R698 Bluefield OG.

Collabs are a big part of the sneaker world, with some making history and continuing on with an on-slaughter of re-releases, new colour ways and intricate designs. Others had a brief but intense success, and others just didn’t work. Luckily this collaboration wasn’t a disaster story, and its original release prompted a re-release just two years later due to its overwhelming success.

The Puma R698 Bluefield was created with the help of Parisian menswear label BWGH (Brooklyn We Go Hard) – misleading name we know, taking on their graphic, minimalist style and blending it with their own sports focused look. What came from the collab was a clean blend of colours, shapes and materials that made up a subtle jigsaw style sneaker. 

Puma X BWGH R698 Bluefield

Using the classic, streamlined design of the Puma R698 as a starting point, BWGH added in their statement influence with a soft suede and mesh upper, a variety of blue shades merging into a clean finish, and a statement white sole to bring everything together. Their zigzag, textured laces added another dimension to the overall look, and the back of the shoe features BWGH’s clean logo just above the sole, and Puma’s iconic one above it.


  • Suede and mesh upper
  • Contrasting white sole
  • Two toned laces

puma r698 bluefield look


2013 was the year when cult Parisian label BWGH first joined with the famous sports brand. While not specialising in sportswear, and focusing more on graphic style pieces, BWGH had a minimalist style that Puma knew would work well with their streamlined shapes, while contrasting neatly with their bold, chunky soles. Using Puma’s R698 Trinomic runner as a base, BWGH took inspiration from the classic, colourful paintings of abstract artist Mark Rothko, with the two tone suede upper imitating the subtle contrasts of his work.

Rust and Blue mark rothko



Original Release Date




Key Drop Variations

With the popularity of the artistic trainers causing them to sell out rapidly, it only took two years before BWGH and Puma to join up again for a re-release. They kept the iconic colour way, and the only change was made to the lace, shunning the multi-tonal laces in favour of a solid navy blue, giving a more streamlined, clean finish.

PUMA x BWGH R698 “Bluefield

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BWGH X Puma R698 Bluefield OG
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BWGH X Puma R698 Bluefield OG
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