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Brighten Up The Gift: 8 Easy Steps To Arrange Flowers

by Jamie Wilson
fresh flowers

The arrangement of gifts is crucial as it will showcase your craftsmanship abilities and ideas to others. Considering flowers is the best idea to make the process budget-friendly and eliminates the threats of the ready-made process. 

Even the most materialistic people will adore your craftsmanship if it is worthy enough. Everyone gets ready-made products as gifts every now and then. So, even if they can use those materialistic products on a daily basis, it does not satisfy them after a few days, or they will forget your contribution tomorrow or the day after. 

So, it’s time to find something unique that your loved ones will be bound to remember. The worth of a gift is not money but the labor and thought process you are putting into it. If you are not sure enough to deal with your ideas, then we are here to guide you through the process. 

Well, we have a great idea to make the gifting process special for you. 

Go for flowers!

It’s fresh and brings in a good mood. In fact, flowers are the most adorable beauty on this planet, and no one can hate them. It is also the bearer of feelings. It exposes the sound of silence to reach people and express deep emotions, thoughts, and freshness. 

Well, gifting flowers will not help you much until you decorate them with better arrangements. One single flower is a consolation every person would give additionally with the main gift. But when you are depending solely on flowers, let’s try to be creative to some extent!

Things To Keep In Mind

Whenever you decide to give something to someone, never forget the key things that most people miss. In fact, if you focus on the things that others forget often, it will help you to manage your concern for the rest. 

Flowers are something special to many of us. It is the most unsung model of arrangement which people forget to praise. Well, it’s your time to praise flowers from inside your heart.

Gifting flowers is not enough, but you have to give it a look and arrangement that it deserves. The best part with flowers is that the more you praise their beauty and natural healing power, the less it is. 

However, we will help you to keep in mind some crucial things throughout your craftsmanship. If you are getting the opportunity to impress someone or want to see a smile on your parent’s face, flowers are the best option to go for.

Mind not if you fall short with crafting expertise! No one is going to judge you, as no one might have expected something like this unique from you.

Well, let us help you make the process better and surprise people with your perfectness in this unexplored area. 

Choose In-Season Flowers

Even before you start arranging things and decorating the flower in a way that looks great, do not forget to choose only the in-season flowers. 


Well, it’s not necessary, but if you want to prepare something eye-catching, it is. When dealing with creativity and the art of craftsmanship, there is nothing important, and at the same time, everything is. 

So, forget about the importance and focus on your process. Do not choose something which is not available in the season much. It will not be okay with the color palette and nature. Even if you get the flowers from the stores, those flowers will seem gloomy and unfit for your process, and ultimately you will end up with a mess. 

So, it’s always better to go with fresh seasoned flowers. Decide the flowers for delivery today depending on the season, and choose wisely to make them fresh and elegant.

Consider The Person

Well, gifting will get purposeful when you consider the person in consideration. We have seen many people gift something of their own choice without getting bothered about the situation and the opposite person. 

In this way, most people make their loved ones feel annoyed inside or upset.

Let’s not do it!

Well, it was never about you but meant to please someone you are gifting. Think of a situation from your childhood!

When you ask for a gift from the festival while roaming around with your parents, they give you something else, maybe with minimum or maximum price or the product they thought was perfect for you. 

Well, it was not about what is perfect for you but what makes you happy. You want something that pleases you or satisfies your soul. 

Can you remember that particular annoying situation and the feeling of it?

Well, you might have argued for the gift but think, here, your loved ones will not even argue with you. Think of them and feel how bad it feels when you do not really like something that you have got so far. 

Now it’s time to focus on their choices and consider the color and arrangement based on them throughout the process. 

Pay Attention To Height And Width

We often get lost in the arrangement and choices so much that we forget the height and width of the arrangement. 

Without considering this, your well-looked preparation might fail to balance in the end. So, it’s better to keep in mind these issues. The general rule is to consider a flower arrangement that is one and a half times the height of the vase. There is no particular rule with the width, but you have to maintain it so that it can manage the balance according to the height. 

In fact, there is no particular rule to these two, but your arrangement and preparation may base on the rotation and balance. You can decide both on the presentation of height and preparations. 

Ways Of Arranging Flowers To Prepare A Gift

When it is time to create memories, do not be laid back. Well, it is not going to be special for not just the opposite person but for you as well. Your working process and dedication can be the source of your memory with this whole arrangement. 

Consider The Types Of Flowers

The secret of a beautiful flower arrangement is vastly related to the types of flowers you need. If you are firm with the types, the rest will be easy to proceed with.

  • Greenery.
  • Filler flowers.
  • Support flowers.
  • Focal flowers.

Look out for greenery such as ivy, myrtle, and eucalyptus, which can help shape the base of your flower bouquet. These will help you support and frame the flowers in unique ways. 

Well, you can also go for Oregonia, which is perfect for home arrangements, and stay fresh for a long time. So, if you are finding solutions to the versatile usage of your gift, go for it.

Choose A Vessel

Considering a vessel is not a concern for many, they select it randomly. However, the choice of the vessel may play a big role in managing your arrangement. 

It is the base where you start adding flowers to make the whole look beautiful. Thus the shape and size can play a pivotal role in the arrangement. Your preparation for the arrangement process may depend on its balance. 

  • Narrow.
  • Wide.
  • Statement.
  • Bud.

Choose your preferred size and type of vessel to make it worth adoring. Sometimes a vessel may change the whole scenery of the flower bouquet. 

Apart from that, go for a particular color and try to match it with your imagination. 

Prepare The Vessel

Preparing the vessel is one of the main steps that you cannot miss at any stage. Well, if you buy or collect a preferred vessel, that does not end your responsibilities with it, but you have to make it perfect for the flowers. 

Try not to use the vessel without rinsing it well with water and detergents. It will help the germs to stay out of it, and you can feel free to use it safely. 

After that, pour some water if you want, or you can prepare it without water as well. However, there are three main preparations to consider with a vessel. You can go for all of these or consider only one or two. 

A tape may help to provide a crisscross pattern and create a grid to adore. Apart from that, you will also use chicken wire to wrap the outside and the bottom of the vessel. It will help protect the tape and the vessel from outside. 

Moreover, you can use floral frogs to maintain a smart solution at the bottom of the vessel. All of these will help the vessel remain intact and maintain a style of it. 

Create The Base With Greenery

Now it’s time to focus on the foundation of the presentation. Whether you go for crisscrossing or something else based upon your choices, try to put three or four various greenery and create the foundation that may help you arrange the whole outlook of the arrangement. 

Even before adding flowers, it will help you to create a strong style statement that adds eye-shooting crafts. 

Add Filler Flowers

Filler flower arrangement comes with the choice of slender stalks. Consider the slender stalks of larkspur, snapdragons, or stock that may help you to arrange the first layer of the arrangement. 

Well, place the stalks at a 45-degree angle to give them a real shape with foundation. This particular process will help you to manage space for the rest of the arrangement and flowers. 

Add Support Flowers

Now it’s time to increase the layers. Try to round out the arrangement with the help of supporting flowers. 

Peruvian lilies, mini carnations, mini hydrangeas, ranunculus, or chrysanthemums are round-shaped filled flowers that will help you increase the shape of the arrangement in size and color. 

Complete With Focal Flowers

Roses, mums, peonies, lilies, and dahlias are the best flowers to go for while giving a finishing touch to your arrangements. 

It’s time to create a moment rather than poking around with flowers. One master pierce is enough to create the whole impression and memory of it. You just need to fill the empty space with these focal flowers.

End Of Intimidation

If you do not know the difference between your roses and ranunculus, then intimidation may come your way of gifting. Gifting is an art, and preparing the gift in your own way can be the best thighs someone has wanted for so long. 

If it is your partner, they will always like your craftsmanship. He or she does not want you to be perfect; all they want is to see you try. Well, we are sure that a try is not enough for you as you have the importance of people in life and you don’t want to mess it up.

However, after reading the whole process, do you think things will go in vain?

Not at all! 

In fact, you are going to prepare the best gift with natural flowers. It will be the specimen of the best craftsmanship hiding inside you. Any person standing opposite to you will feel special and be pleased with your preparations. 

However, to mitigate your intimidations try to keep in mind some crucial steps. We have gone through a long process, and it is common for people to miss out on some. So, it’s better to remind you.

The arrangement of vessels is always related to the arrangement of flower gifts. When you are done with the vessel, know that the job is almost done. However, never forget the key arrangements of vessels: 

  • Tape.
  • Chicken wire.
  • Floral frog. 

The arrangement of the flowers will be crucial in your process, and you cannot avoid the size and shape of the vessel. If you don’t know the difference between flowers, you will get to know it when you are in the process. However, the formation of vessels is crucial. Decide the size and find out the best shape that you like and then go for the rest processes.

Most of us get confused with the selection of colors. Color has variants, and when it comes to flowers, we get a plethora of color options in the most natural ways. Getting too many options sometimes creates confusion. Well, do not forget to focus on the color scheme while following the steps.

Good luck with your craftsmanship! Make it your best gift to someone you love! Surprise them with all you have!

Feature Image Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

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