101 Best Zodiac Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Zodiac Tattoo ideas

Thinking about getting inked? Here are some exclusive zodiac tattoos curated for the unique personality that you can boast with pride!

Zodiac Tattoo
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Give your tattoos an extra zing with these amazing unique zodiac tattoos designs.

These zodiac tattoos not only give you a snazzy look, but also carry deep associations with the cosmic secrets of the universe. In general, tattoos are personal and close to our heart – just like our zodiac signs.

You may doubt it, but astrology has definitely helped people who get zodiac tattoos to carve out some of the coolest tattoos. So if you’re wondering what tattoos to get for your zodiac, then the possibilities are endless!

A tattoo is almost a permanent investment. Once you get inked, it becomes a part of your body meant to stay with you through your lifetime. Zodiac symbols are not just a cool sign; they are related to your personality and your deep inner self. No wonder, they are a popular choice as a tattoo. Similarly, astrology may help you make really great decisions (such as getting amazing zodiac signs, tattoos, and designs).

Every zodiac sign symbols come with particular elements: water, fire, air, and earth. Consider your moon sign and the sun sign- each of these elements can give beautiful small designs. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll through these tattoo ideas and get inked! Select one or many zodiac tattoos based on either your zodiac astrology data and details or on some zodiac sign designs you love!

The Sensuous Gemini Snakes Tattoo

The Sensuous Gemini Snakes Tattoo
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Gemini or the air sign portrays a versatile nature. The Gemini zodiac tattoo represents resourceful people with a satirical side, adept at learning. Undoubtedly, the jacks of all trades! Gemini is often misrepresented as two-faced for their dualistic or snakish nature. However, you can make the Gemini snakes tattoo into a style statement. The sensual snakes with their two distinct heads put on display your inner boldness.

gemini tattoo on hand
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For other Gemini tattoos, you can pick out a Gemini constellation or glyph, the birth flower lavender, the twins, the ruling planet Mercury, or even make design uses out of the fundamental air element to blow the minds of everyone!

The Sensitive Cancer Zodiac Tattoos

The Sensitive Cancer Zodiac Tattoos
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The water sign Cancer is sentimental and very caring. The crab of a Cancer gives us ideas about how sensitive yet self-protective they are. An abstract tattoo like this one shows simple lines with the Cancer constellation drawn across the crab. While it might look like a very basic design idea for someone else, this abstract tattoo has a whole different meaning of its own for a Cancerian. It shows the self-protective crab secured in its constellation.

Cancer symbol tattoo
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Celebrate your Cancerian emotions by matching the Cancer symbol with the ruling planet of Cancer – the Moon. The more Cancer zodiac elements you add, the more meaningful the tattoo becomes!

Sophisticated Libra Tattoos

Sophisticated Libra Tattoos
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When it comes to Librans, balance, and justice are ideas of primary importance. There are several creative choices for you. The evergreen Libra scales tattoo is a style still not out of fashion. The Libra scales have the moon and a star (possibly the Sun?), keeping them in balance. This creative sign is full of meaning: the merging of opposites, conflict resolution, balance – it’s the complete Libra astrology package.

Libra glyph tattoo
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Along with the Libra scale, you may couple the ruling planet Venus, the Libra glyph and the Libra flower, rose, together, making up a perfect harmony symbol for Librans.

Leo Tattoos That Define Gracefulness

leo tattoo
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The ever-bold Leo does not shy away from an experimental style. If you are a fearless Leo, you can go for a unique Leo zodiac tattoo symbol. The glorious lion is one of the more powerful Leo zodiac tattoos. However, you can be creative with your Leo tattoo. In this tattoo, the lion makes a fearsome presence. Yet, the appearance is softened and made graceful with the flowers around the lion.

You can use elements like the two Leo flowers – marigold and sunflower – to enhance the design. This design is perfect for Leos, as it will provide us with the meaning of being a true Leo- a rugged exterior with a soft inside.

Carefree And Bold Scorpio Zodiac Tattoos

Carefree And Bold Scorpio Zodiac Tattoos
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The Scorpio tattoo designs might be one of the meanest and coolest ones among all the zodiac tattoos! Scorpios are passionate – not only about their work but their tattoos too. So the timeless scorpion tattoo remains one of the top choices for Scorpios. If you want to make a powerful statement like ‘Don’t mess with us, we sting!’, a detailed mean-looking scorpion tattoo can be the way to go.

If you are going for simple settings like the Scorpio constellation, you can also enrich it with the two ruling planets of Scorpio – Mars, and Pluto. Use a pattern with the constellations and the planets to create a beautiful connection for the best tattoos.

Elegant Taurus Tattoos To Help You Be The Showstopper

Elegant Taurus Tattoos To Help You Be The Showstopper
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Taurans are pretty secure and proud of their fashion choices, and why shouldn’t they be? The bull zodiac tattoo looks so powerful! Yet, this creative take on the Taurus zodiac sign creates the bull out of vines and flowers, very different from the traditional bull tattoo that many want. Couple it with a Taurus glyph, and you get a complete package of Taurian energy on your skin! For simplicity, the primary hand-drawn geometric symbol can also look sweet.

Want to go extra and improve your Taurus tattoo game? Get a detailed fiery Taurus bull across your biceps. Looking for more inspiration? Check out Dwayne’ The Rock’ Johnson’s Brahma Bull tattoo. 

Capricorn Symbol Tattoo That Is Great

capricorn tattoo
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For the hyper-focused and go-getter Capricornian, only the perfect tattoo is going to satisfy. Legend has it that the sea-goat (half goat, half fish) can remain grounded in the materialistic world (land) and yet navigate the vast flowing emotions within (water). However, if your name starts with an N, you can make your Capricorn tattoo more meaningful with the N-like Capricorn glyph. 

Capricorn tattoo on hand
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Looking for two or more great Capricorn designs? Then, you can couple your Capricorn zodiac symbol or glyph with the Capricorn ruling planet, Saturn. Play with the idea and take your time with the details.

The Pure Virgo Tattoo Ideas

The Pure Virgo Tattoo Ideas
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The Virgo zodiac symbol tattoo is all about clear intentions. This classic M glyph of Virgo is one of the most popular symbols and tattoo designs. Bonus if your name starts with the letter M. The uniqueness of this tattoo is the use of negative space. Indeed a work of art. A confident woman (perhaps, your own self!) would look great as a powerful Virgo maiden. However, if you are not into detailed tattoos, go for the Virgo constellation. Unlike many other zodiac sign constellations, the Virgo constellation spreads out and adds volumes to your tattoo game. 

Virgo maiden tattoo
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The Virgo birth flower is the graceful buttercup. Pair it up with the Virgo maiden to give a wholesome look to your tattoo, perhaps on your back, and show off what zodiac sign tattoos really are!

Sagittarius Tattoo That Depicts Strength And Truthfulness

Sagittarius Tattoo That Depicts Strength And Truthfulness
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Your tattoo is quite personal, and if you are Sagittarius, you’d like to keep it honest! The Sagittarius tattoo is generally a simple bow and arrow. The traditional Sagittarius zodiac symbol is a centaur (half-human, half-horse). In this tattoo, there is the Sagittarius arrow and also a cute horse blooming out of the flowers. Other choices could be a muscular centaur with detailed designs or even a fierce bow and arrow, ready to be unleashed!  

amazing Sagittarian tattoo
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You can also add the Sagittarian birth flower and the constellation to make it the most amazing Sagittarian tattoo ever!

The Aquarius Water-Bearer Tattoo

The Aquarius Water-Bearer Tattoo
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It only makes sense that the free-thinking Aquarians would love innovations to their tattoos. The Aquarius water-bearer symbol can look great with a detailed jug – a classic Aquarian sign. A two-wave current glyph tattoo can be a simple tattoo representing the flow of water – a show of the Aquarian creative thinking.

aquarius tattoos
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You can pair your Aquarius tattoo with the ruling planet Uranus to add a little cosmic magic to the mix. You can also throw in a few violets (the Aquarius birth flower) into the mix to create great Aquarius designs!

Unique Aries Tattoo Designs That Are Irresistible

Unique Aries Tattoo Designs That Are Irresistible
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The zodiac symbol or sign of Aries is all about courage and determination. You can go for the ferocious ram with its twisted horn. However, you can also take a feminist turn for your Aries tattoo. This tattoo shows a confident woman (perhaps you or your daughter or your wife?) – she’s determined but still smiles. The horns on her head – unmistakably Aries. 

adventurous Aries tattoo
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As an adventurous Aries, you can also experiment with the Aries tattoo. A small, minimalistic tattoo of an Aries constellation along with the zodiac ram may turn out to be a great Aries tattoo.

The Soulful Pisces Fish And Symbol Tattoo

The Soulful Pisces Fish And Symbol Tattoo
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Considered to be the twelfth and last zodiac sign, Pisces represents those who possess strong intuitive powers. Often regarded as visionaries, Pisceans are content in their world and, dare we say, content with zodiac tattoos of the twin fish sign! It is small, simple, and uses its design to express your creativity and kinder side! Even the Pisces symbol sign tattoos, such as Rihanna’s one behind her right ear, are different, minimal, and stylish!

If you are a Pisces, you can have these tattoos on your wrists and legs! In addition, the birth flower, water lily, can also be paired as a small tattoo, along with the fish design. That would give you a Pisces tattoo combination that will amaze and astonish everyone!

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