101 Best Zipper Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Zipper Tattoos

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If you want to get an appealing zipper tattoo on your body, here are the ten best zipper tattoo ideas you should check out!

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Zipper Tattoo
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Our body can always be compared with a blank canvas to be adorned with meaningful and artistic tattoo designs.

However, in some case, tattoos are used to convert a scar or make it more appealing, such as, a zipper tattoo.

Tattoos often reveal a lot about a person, especially a zipper tattoo. People get zipper tattoos as a reminder of the hurdles they have overcome and the strength they carry within themselves. It reminds the wearer that they need to survive and continue their fight.

Some common tattoo placement for zipper tattoos are zipper tattoo on the back, zipper tattoo over scar, zipper tattoo on chest, shoulder and neck. Inner Skin Tattoo, like the innovative torn flesh tattoo, is a trendy version of a zipper tattoo. The inner skin tattoo stays longer than any other as they are most of the time covered with clothing, which protects them from direct sunlight.

Zipper tattoos disguise the little bit scar or the prominent and visible scars, or the design obscures the mark. A zipper tattoo is made as it hides scars. Some tattoos have a zipper pull placed at the end of a scar, and it looks like a zipper. Some are just a simple zipper tattoo or some open zipper tattoos. Zipper tattoo over a scar is the most common idea we see. Zipper tattoos are common among both men and women. While young girls may prefer elegant or vibrant tattoo designs, they may also choose to add a bold twist to traditional tattoos.

If you are looking for new tattoo ideas for scars or zipper tattoos with different designs and placement, then you will love the zipper tattoos shown here. Find the popular designs as well as the personalised ones.

3-D Open Zipper Tattoo

3-D Open Zipper Tattoo
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Tattooed on the forearm, this zipper tattoo is eye-catching. For a 3D tattoo, the zippers are considered the perfect design. The dark grey shading gives the tattoo a highlighted look. This open zipper tattoo looks quite neat. You can adapt this design on the upper arm as well. With proper color and shading, you can create a similar realistic zipper tattoo. Different people attach different meanings to a zipper tattoo. Some may choose to get it as a piece of body art, while some may get tattoos to cover scars.

Galaxy Zipper Tattoo

Galaxy Zipper Tattoo
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This zipper tattoo holds the doorway to the entire universe and galaxy. We can see planetary and celestial bodies through the zipper. The zipper appears to stitched directly on the skin, as if revealing the universe hidden within our souls. This tattoo depicts a stunning view of space even though it is inked entirely in black, white and grey colours only. This tattoo is placed on the arm. A zipper tattoo may reflect your wild side or capture new ideas in a unique tattoo style.

Scar Zipper Tattoos

Scar Zipper Tattoos
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Zipper tattoos are frequently used to hide the scars they got due to surgeries or accidents—an artist tattoos the zipper at once over the scar tissue to hide it at a great deal. If the scarring is not entirely hidden, the layout still covers it. In a similar way, the tattoo in the image is covering the wearer’s scar on the forearm.

However, it may act as a reminder of the courage a person has that helped them overcome life’s obstacles and allow them to experience closure. These zipper tattoos can be places on the back, chest, shoulder, and even on the forearm and leg where you have got huge scars.

Minimal Zipper Scar Tattoo

Minimal Zipper Scar Tattoo
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The scar is wonderfully included in this zipper tattoo. This tattoo features only a zipper metal end and the scar takes the place and pattern of the zipper teeth. The metal end of the zipper is inked in black and grey colours.

Scar tattoos are challenging to work with and require skill and precision. But you can work with a tattoo artist experienced in scar tattoos to incorporate it seamlessly and beautifully into any tattoo design. This minimal zipper tattoo is placed on the inner thigh, just above the knee. Some other sites for Zippers are the fingers, forearm, chest, spine, and even on the head.

Full Open Zipper Scar Tattoo On Leg

Full Open Zipper Scar Tattoo On Leg
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Zipper tattoos are commonly adapted to hide scars that were either created from injuries or surgical procedures. We usually find that artists tattoo the zipper directly over the scar tissue to cover it as much as possible. But this open zipper tattoo reveals the injured part and realistically depicts the zipper teeth around the impacted area. What does a zipper tattoo mean? In this case, it shows the person is brave enough to recover from any challenges and come back stronger.

Colourful Galaxy Arm Zipper Tattoo

Colourful Galaxy Arm Zipper Tattoo
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This is one of the more captivating and enchanting galaxy tattoos that we have seen! The galaxy zipper tattoos depict if we open the zip, we’ll be able to find the universe there. This can mean that we need to open up a bit and get rid of the fears to achieve the most exciting and unique things that are waiting for us. This zipper tattoo looks lovely placed on the inner arm.

Grey Zipper Tattoo Behind The Head

Grey Zipper Tattoo Behind The Head
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This zipper tattoo is uniquely placed behind the head, right below the hairline. It integrates a scar on the scalp with the metal end of a zipper below it. The zipper metal end look almost realistic in black and grey ink. As we can see, Zipper tattoos are currently becoming popular and being personalised in unique ways. A tattoo on the neck is a bit tricker than other places but experienced tattoo artists can create it with precision.

Closed Zipper Tattoos

Closed Zipper Tattoos
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This zipper tattoo is made right below an existing scar and turned into a beautiful work of art. In this tattoo, the zipper is closed shut. The zipper teeth are uneven and drawn in white. The zipper end has a red tag with the some letters inscribed on it. In this way, you can personalise your zipper tattoo with a meaningful word incorporated in it. If you are looking for a slightly offbeat zipper tattoo, you can try this design.

Leg Muscle Zipper Tattoo

Leg Muscle Zipper Tattoo
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We have all seen images of muscles inside our bodies, but we barely get a chance to see that. This zipper tattoo on the leg shows the muscles and ligaments that we have under our skin. The flesh inside the zipper look realistic in a pink-red colour. The zipper is inked in dark black and grey teeth. This tattoo is placed on the calf muscles. You can also get a small zipper tattoo on any body part like the neck, forearm, chest, shoulder, and even fingers.

Small Zipper Tattoo

Small Zipper Tattoo
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This tattoo turns is drawn below a surgical scar with a little zipper metal end. This zipper tattoo is depicted on the leg. The zipper metal end here looks vintage. If you want a symbol of strength to help you survive, then a zipper might be the perfect symbol to express how you feel.

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What is a zipper tattoo?

A zipper tattoo is a way of expressing yourself with ink. The design consists of the outline of a zipper, often with added elements like pearls and gems. Zipper tattoos can represent different meanings depending on who gets it and what they add to it. Some may choose this design because they think it looks cool, while others may use it to convey a deeper personal message. The symbolism of the zipper tattoo can range from protection to fear, strength and even mortality. It’s an interesting design with many interpretations and meanings.

What do zipper tattoos look like?

A zipper tattoo typically features the outline of a zipper, often with a diamond or pearl placed within the teeth. Other additions like flowers, stars and words can be added to give it greater personal meaning. Many people also choose to get their own name or initials incorporated into the design. The size and placement of the tattoo will depend on what you want it to say and the type of message you want to convey.

How much do zipper tattoos cost?

The cost of a zipper tattoo will depend on the size, complexity and detail of your design. Generally speaking, smaller tattoos are more affordable than larger designs with intricate details. Prices can range anywhere from $50-$500 depending on the particular artist you choose to have create the piece for you. Some people opt for larger pieces that take multiple sessions to complete, and those will be more expensive.

What are some of the best zipper tattoo designs?

Zipper tattoos are a versatile design and can be adapted to fit any style. Some of the best zipper tattoo designs include: 3D Feathered Zipper, Butterfly and Flower Zipper, Colorful Zipper Rose, Skull with Zippers and Gears, Winged Heart Zipper and Tribal Zipper. Each of these designs has its own unique style and can be adapted to fit your taste.

What are the different meanings of a zipper tattoo?

The meaning behind a zipper tattoo is open to interpretation, but it typically symbolizes protection, strength and even mortality. Some people see it as a reminder to always keep their personal information safe and secure or a way to express the idea of never giving up in the face of adversity. Additionally, it can represent taking control of one’s own destiny and being prepared for life’s surprises. Ultimately, the meaning behind a zipper tattoo is whatever you make it.

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