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101 Best You Are My Person Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
You Are My Person Tattoo

Looking for some tattoos for you and your best friends? We have a list of some amazing you re my person tattoo ideas that will blow your mind!

You Are My Person Tattoo
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Of course, there are different ways to show your love for your best friend, like getting matching bracelets and necklaces; however, the best way is to get a permanent tattoo.

Your best friend is someone who has stuck by you through thick and thin, gone through the hard times, and helped you celebrate good times. A good way to honor that kind of friendship, love, and respect is by getting a tattoo.

The term you’re my person has come from the popular show Grey’s Anatomy. The term was used by the two main characters of the show, Meredith and Christina. When you refer to someone with the term ‘my person’, you are actually acknowledging the fact that you cannot live without them in your life, and you need their constant presence. They are the people who you trust with your life and have a great connection with. This person is someone you trust more than you trust yourself. There are many ways to express your deep love and connection with this person, and one of the most popular ways is by getting a permanent tattoo. Displaying your love doesn’t have to be at the cost of the planet. Temporary or permanent tattoos can be environmentally friendly and are generally printed on recycled paper, which is plastic-free and non-toxic. ‘You’re my person’ tattoos are the best way to go to make your friends feel appreciated!

Go through these amazing designs listed below and select your favorite tattoo now.

Simple Matching Tattoos

Simple Matching Tattoos
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Best friends are people who stand by you no matter what happens. They are the one person that you share everything, and they know you inside and out. It is possible that you went your friends are not living in the same city and want something to commemorate that friendship. The best way to do that is by getting matching tattoos. This particular design is very sweet and simple. The tattoo artist has written the words you are my person. ‘You are’ has been written on one person’s hand, while ‘my person’ has been written on the others. When you put the two hands together, the sentence combines and becomes one. The style of the font is cursive, and the artist has used black ink for the tattoo. Since this is a small tattoo, it has been completed in one sitting.

You’re My Person Tattoo

You're My Person Tattoo
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This is also a beautiful design for matching tattoos. If you have ever seen Grey’s Anatomy, then you know that Cristina and Meredith share a friendship that is unique and special. The couple uses the term ‘you are my person’ to celebrate their friendship and to show that each of them is important to the other. If you and your best friend share the love of Grey’s Anatomy, then this is the perfect tattoo for you. The tattoo artist has used a simple font to write the words you are my person in black ink. The design is situated on the upper part of the wrist. Although this design takes only one sitting to complete, it may be hurtful because the area where it is placed is just bones. You can place this tattoo on other parts of your body, and it will look equally beautiful. The overall experience can bring you and your person even closer than before.

Best Friend Tattoos

Best Friend Tattoos
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This is a very sweet and simple design and a perfect quote that you can share with your best friends. This tattoo has the words my person written in fine line work in black ink. The tattoo artist has used a very easy and simple font for the lettering of this tattoo. While most of the design is normal, you will notice that the word person has a heart instead of the letter O. This gives special meaning to the tattoo, making it more personalized, which you can share with your friends and have a great experience. If you would like to customize this design further, you can add little stars or any element that combines you and your best friends together.

Heartbeat Tattoo

Heartbeat Tattoo
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While most lettering tattoos are very simple and only contain quotes or terms, this one has a little special element added to it. Generally, when a person is showing love for another person via a tattoo, they tend to include a little heart in the design to show off that love. This design contains the term ‘you’re my person’ and a heartbeat at the top of it with a little heart in the center. The tattoo artist has used cursive handwriting for the lettering part and a fine line walk with black ink for the entire tattoo. This design is extremely simple and can be made in one sitting only. You can add colors like red to the design to make the statue more appealing.

Collarbone Tattoo

Collarbone Tattoo
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This tattoo is very similar to the last one. It has a heartbeat sign with a little heart in the center, and towards the right are the words ‘You’re my person’. The tattoo artist has used fine line work, and black ink for the entire design tattoo has been placed on the right side of the chest, right under the collar bone. This is a very popular location for a lot of tattoos, especially something like this. It’s the best place to hide the tattoos when you feel like it and show them off when you want. The tattoo is comparatively smaller than the other designs because it has to fit in a compact area, and this design can be completed in just one sitting.

Grey’s Anatomy Tattoo

Grey's Anatomy Tattoo
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Grey’s Anatomy is a show that has been running on TV for quite a few years now and has made its place in the audience’s hearts. While many characters in the show have come and gone, there is one strong friendship that has stayed on and is loved by the audience. That friendship is between Meredith and Christina. These girls love each other, fight with each other, and fight for each other. They’ve stayed together through thick and thin. The quote ‘you are my person’ and ‘you will always be my person’ was invented by this couple, and this was something that the audience felt deeply. In this tattoo, the artist has made a cartoon figure of both the characters as well as a heartbeat below them made in red ink. The quote has been written in pure black ink. The design is cute as well as meaningful and would make a perfect tattoo for you and your best friend.

Tattoo On Feet

Tattoo On Feet
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The feet are a unique placement for any kind of tattoo, especially when it comes to a matching tattoo that you are getting with your best friend. When it comes to having a best friend, there is a code that is followed by every boy and girl out there. This code helps people be there for each other in difficult as well as good times. This particular design is very simple. It contains the heartbeat sign with black ink, and below that is the quote, ‘You are my person.’ The feet can be a tricky place to get a tattoo, but it looks absolutely stylish and trendy.

You are My Person Tattoo Grey’s Anatomy

You are My Person Tattoo Grey's Anatomy
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This is another tattoo that has been inspired by Grey’s Anatomy. Not many people know that you are my person is a term that was coined by the show to establish the special bond between the two characters, Meredith and Christina. This term was a symbol of their friendship being full of love and trust through all difficult times. The tattoo artist has created cartoon characters of these girls. They have used bright colors to create the design, while the term has been written with a fine line of black ink. This could be the perfect tattoo for you and your best friend.

Heart Tattoo

Heart Tattoo
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You and your best friends are lucky to have each other in your lives. While the other tattoos in this list are either simple lettering tattoos or have characters from Grey’s Anatomy made in it. However, this design is quite different from the rest of them. Unlike the other heart tattoos, this design consists of a heart that is similar to the real heart of the human body. Inside the heart is the term ‘You’re my person.’ A simple tattoo made with fine black ink is an ideal way to go when you want to show love for your best friends.

My Person Tattoo

My Person Tattoo
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This is a very simple and unique design. It has the words ‘my person’ written by different people. This term is generally used for someone who is special to you and you can trust with all your heart. The tattoo artist has used fine line work of black ink to create this simplistic design. If you are looking for an elegant tattoo then this is the design to go for.

When getting a tattoo, it is important that the person consult an experienced tattoo artist and understand if you are prone to any skin diseases or not. Choosing a lettering tattoo can be a little difficult because you may have to choose the correct font since this tattoo is going to be a part of your body forever. It would be helpful to checkout other designs that have beautiful funds to help you understand your preferences and may open a new window for you. We hope that you liked the designs mentioned above. If you would like to checkout more designs, we suggest you look at the options given below –

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What is the meaning of the “you’re my person” tattoo?

The phrase “you’re my person” is commonly used in pop culture to refer to a close relationship between two people. This phrase has become an incredibly popular tattoo design, often featuring the words written inside a heart or paired with other meaningful symbols and imagery. This tattoo is meant to represent an important connection and bond that two people share. It can symbolize the strength and loyalty of a meaningful friendship, family connection, or romantic relationship. For many people, this tattoo serves as a daily reminder of the special bond they share with their “person”.

Who should I get the “you’re my person” tattoo for?

The “you’re my person” tattoo can be a meaningful way to honor a close relationship. Whether you have a close friend, family member, or significant other, this tattoo can be used to express your love and appreciation for that special someone. When choosing who to get the tattoo for, it’s important to select someone who means a great deal to you and whose presence has had a truly positive impact on your life. Ultimately, the decision of who to get the tattoo for should be an individual one, reflecting your own personal relationships and feelings.

How much will my “you’re my person” tattoo cost?

The price of a “you’re my person” tattoo will depend on the size, complexity, and location of the design. On average, most tattoos will cost between $50-$200 depending on the size and design. Additionally, the skill level of the artist performing your tattoo can also be a factor in determining the cost. It’s always a good idea to shop around and get quotes from multiple tattoo artists before making your final decision.

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