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101 Best Wrist Cross Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson

Looking for a Cross tattoo to go on your wrist? Your search ends now! Read on to find some of the most creative wrist cross tattoo ideas ever!

Wrist Cross Tattoo
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We all know that the Cross is the symbol of Christianity and Jesus.

Cross tattoos are among the most chosen tattoo in the tattoo world. Cross tattoos, generally, are a symbol of devotion to the faith.

The Cross is undoubtedly a major religious symbol that denotes the sacrifice, or as it is more popularly known, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This symbol is a reminder of Christ’s sacrifice for humankind. Generally, the most used cross image is the one with unequal arms, with the horizontal intersectional arm of the Cross being moved above to make the lower vertical arm seem longer. However, there are a number of varieties in the shape of the Cross. Such as, the Greek ones have exactly equal arms making it look like an addition symbol (+), while the Tau cross is shaped like the letter ‘T’ with a missing upper arm. Other cross variations include the Maltese Cross, Byzantine cross, Celtic Cross, and many more.

Because Christianity is one of the largest religions in the world, it is obvious that cross tattoos are one of the most sought spiritual tattoos because them being highly symbolic and deeply meaningful. After Christ sacrificed in the name of saving humanity from all the pain, the Cross started being a symbol of hope for people that no matter what, we will always find God by our side, ready to help.

Cross tattoos come in a wide range of variety, from incorporating any spiritual image like a rosary, dove, or the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit themselves to more creative ones like floral, ornamental, and lettering. These also include different forms of cross tattoos like the Latin, Greek, Celtic, or Coptic crosses, among other designs. A tattoo artist can easily get creative with colors, shapes, and even the chosen placement of the tattoo while designing a cross tattoo. Cross tattoos can also be tattooed in any placement of the bearer’s choice, like the arm, shoulder, back, thighs, wrist, neck, chest, etc. Among these placements, the wrist placement happens to be one of the most famous ones, especially by women.

Because a small cross tattoo on the wrist can look minimal, cute, and meaningful at the same time, these tattoos are widely popular in the tattoo world. If you are also a religious person who is looking for a Christianity tattoo, cross tattoos are the answer for you. Read on to find out the best cross tattoo on the wrist across social media.

Rosary Cross Tattoo

Rosary Cross Tattoo
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Rosaries are believed to be a medium to communicate with God. In the Christian religion, the meaning of rosary is ‘chain of roses’, and the roses are the prayers. Rosary prayers tell us about mother Mary and her Son Jesus. There are certain rules while prayer in this religion, and one such is to change the prayer a particular number of times. Rosary helps the person to count the prayer. This rosary cross tattoo design has been tattooed on the wrist of the tattoo bearer. This wrist cross tattoo has been drawn with black ink, with a little bit of brown and white ink in it.

This beautiful tattoo looks absolutely stunning with a unique and small rosary attached to the Cross. If you love a black ink cross tattoo on the wrist, then you should check this one out.

Brush Stroke Cross Tattoo

Brush Stroke Cross Tattoo
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A beautiful and aesthetic form of art, this art form is a wonderful way to get your cross tattoo on your wrist ready to go! This cross tattoo on the wrist features a cross tattoo that has been tattooed with brush-like effects. The tattoo artist has done a fantastic job at keeping things simple yet meaningful. Cross tattoos are one of the most powerful and spiritual tattoos that you’ll come across in the tattoo world, and this simple yet detailed cross tattoo is no exception.

The tattoo featured above is a cross tattoo with brush stroke effects. The art has been done with great attention to detail. A tattoo like this really requires a skilled pair of artist’s hands, which is why we would definitely recommend someone who is experienced in cross tattoos like this.

Black Ink Cross Tattoo

Black Ink Cross Tattoo
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This attractive cross tattoo has been drawn on the forearm of the tattoo holder. This cross tattoo has been carved with black ink. The Cross which has been drawn in this cross tattoo is a kind of a cross known as a ‘budded cross’. A budded cross is a stylized Latin cross with buds at the ends. The upper three ends are a symbol of ‘love, faith, and hope’. This cross tattoo has also been bordered with light rays kind of a background, making it look like a halo.

If you have been looking for black cross tattoos, but in a stylized form, then this simple cross tattoo with stylized ends is definitely an option to consider for your next trip to the tattoo parlor.

Girly Cross Tattoo On Wrist

Girly Cross Tattoo On Wrist
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Quite sure this cross tattoo can also be named a ‘pretty cross tattoo’. The curves and the gem detailing gives this cross tattoo a wonderful touch of archaic. Because this cross tattoo has such pretty details, cross tattoos like this are often a go-to for girls who are looking for a not-so-basic cross tattoo. This cross tattoo has been placed on the wrist of the tattoo bearer. This wrist black cross tattoo is of the color black, and the designs are inked in a way that the big dots are connected with each other. The faded shading in the tattoo is also beautifully done. This cool tattoo is filled with multiple quality designs. If any girl wants to wear their faith with pride and wants to get a unique cross tattoo on her body, then this tattoo can be a great option.

Love Word Cross Tattoo

Love Word Cross Tattoo
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This tattoo features a cross tattoo with the word ‘love’ written in a calligraphic way to make it look like a cross tattoo. This unique style makes this cross tattoo meaningful. This minimal yet gorgeous cross tattoo which has been placed on the wrist of the tattoo bearer, speaks the word of simplicity on its look, as it is a beautiful simple wrist black cross tattoo. The shading and the design of this cross tattoo are, without a doubt, top-notch. This tattoo can also be altered by writing the word ‘faith’ or any other words of your choice.

If you have been looking for minimal cross tattoos, then consider yourself lucky because this minimal cross tattoo seems to have found you.

Cross On Wrist Tattoo

Cross On Wrist Tattoo
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This cross tattoo has been drawn with black ink and placed on the wrist, as the name suggests. White ink has not been used, and the rosary beads look accurate. The heart in this tattoo indicates faith and love for Jesus Christ, so this could also be considered to be a faith tattoo. The half-colored rosary beads definitely are a distinctive feature of this wrist black cross tattoo.

If you are searching for cross tattoos for men, then you should definitely consider this simple wrist black cross tattoo for your next trip to the tattoo parlor!

Jesus Christ Silhouette Cross Tattoo

Jesus Christ Silhouette Cross Tattoo
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This tattoo features a silhouette of Jesus Christ on the wrist of the bearer. The tattoo symbolizes and acts as a reminder of the crucifixion or the great sacrifice that Christ committed to helping save humanity from being doomed. A moment in history needs to be remembered at every moment in our lives to help us stay on the right track.

This tattoo has been inked with precise detail that makes sure that one can easily figure out the body of Christ. A brilliant work by the artist, this cross tattoo on the wrist makes a great tattoo option if you have been planning on a cross tattoo but want to make it stand out whilst keeping it simple.

Cross Tattoo With Flowers

Cross Tattoo With Flowers
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This unique colorful tattoo design has been placed on the wrist of the tattoo holder. It is shown in this tattoo that the flowers are growing out of the Cross, which represents growth in faith. If there is faith, everything will be alright. All one needs is a leap of faith. The beautiful flowers with bright colors also represent the coexistence of humans with nature which is more harmonious and binary than one might think.

If you want to ink cross tattoos with meaning and beauty in them, then we suggest you to get this tattoo for your next time.

Tiny Rosary Tattoo

Tiny Rosary Tattoo
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This simple and small cross tattoo has been placed on the wrist again, of course. This tattoo is so simple and yet has so much of meanings attached to it. Rosary, as we have already mentioned, is a spiritual instrument in the faith of Christianity and is used as a medium for prayers. This tiny rosary tattoo has been so perfectly done with delicate lines and designs making it one of the best minimal cross tattoos out there.

If you love a good minimal tattoo that is full of meaning, this tattoo is the one for you.

One-Line Cross Tattoo

One-Line Cross Tattoo
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Last but not least is the simplest of all simple cross tattoos in the world of tattoos. If you find yourself overwhelmed by all the detailing going on in the above cross tattoos, or simply because you stand by the ‘simpler the better’ rule, this tattoo is definitely meant for you. This tattoo features a tiny cross tattoo made with just two intersectional lines, and basically, that’s it. However, even though this tattoo might be a little too less for some people, these kinds of cross tattoos go great on the wrist of the bearer.

If you are into minimal cross tattoos and have been looking for some inspiration for your new tattoo, this one right here could be your answer!

We bet you must have surely found your favorite cross tattoos so far from the above catalog. However, if you still want to keep looking for more cross tattoo ideas, you might as well want to check out our recommendations:

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What is the meaning of a wrist cross tattoo?

A wrist cross tattoo typically symbolizes faith, spirituality, and a deep connection to religion. It is meant to remind the wearer of their beliefs, and can also serve as a source of strength in difficult times. Some people may choose to add additional elements such as angel wings or meaningful words to their design in order to further personalize it.

How much does a wrist cross tattoo cost?

The cost of a wrist cross tattoo will vary depending on the size, intricacy of the design, and artist chosen. It can range anywhere from $50 for a small, simple design to several hundred dollars for more complex designs. The best way to get an accurate estimate is to contact your local tattoo parlor and ask for a quote.

What are some wrist cross tattoo ideas?

There are a variety of ideas when it comes to wrist cross tattoos. Some popular options include Celtic crosses, ornate designs, and religious symbols such as the Virgin Mary or Jesus Christ. Many people may choose to add meaningful words or phrases alongside their design for an extra personal touch. There are also many variations of color that can be used in a wrist cross tattoo, depending on your style preferences. Additionally, some people opt to get the design in a 3D or geometric pattern for an extra unique look.

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