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101 Best Wolf Paw Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Wolf Paw Tattoos

Suppose you are wondering what does a wolf paw tattoo mean and are looking for some designs. Here are the ten best wolf paw tattoo designs to choose from.

Wolf Paw Tattoo
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Why do people get animal paw tattoos?

Animal tattoos are on the upcoming trend of tattoo designs. Particularly wolf tattoos are being done frequently by youngsters to bring out the cool wild style in them.

Typically, wolf tattoos are done to show the meaning of strength, spiritual protection, and the wolf’s nature. Also, these wolf tattoos are done to show the value of luck, family, love, and devotion. The symbolisms done simplistically are the best to intricate the effect of the wild nature through wolf tattoos. There are various designs among wolf tattoos themselves. Down below, you can find the top 10 wolf paw tattoo ideas that you can give a try.

Face In The Paw

Face In The Paw
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This sick wolf tattoo design has a unique pattern of the wolf paw with an image of the wolf face drawn in it. The lone wolf tattoo is artistic with a creative touch of history and mystery in a modern sense of a picture. Soul and spirit are shown by the mystery or the mysterious eyes of the wolf in paw print tattoo. Wolf paw print tattoo designs are also done as tribal tattoos according to the native American culture. This tribal wolf paw tattoo is an example of how creative a tattoo artist can go with the image of a wolf head. These wolf tattoo designs and ideas showing wolf head in a small wolf tattoo design are done in a realistic texture and form. Each fur stroke is done neatly.

Pawed Legs

Pawed Legs
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These wolf paw tattoo designs show the legs of the wolf. Such wolf paw tattoo designs try to impersonate fundamental structure, texture, and art form of animal bodies. Wolf paw tattoo, meaning these leg tattoos, gives a real-life description of a wolf’s legs with fur-filled and sharp nails. The wolf paw tattoo is done on both the legs of the person. It is such a beautiful interpretation of the wolf paws done on human ‘claws.’ Animals of the wild, like wolves, lions, tigers, etc., have sharp nails on their feet for defence and offence. The body elements of animals can be seen portrayed through this wolf paw tattoo. Also, if you are a fan of werewolves, this tattoo is apt for you, as you can show a hint of yourself as a part of a wolf with this wolf’s leg tattoo.

The Blue Hour

The Blue Hour
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The paw print has a blue gradient enchanting the wolf paw tattoo with a beautiful scenic view that wolves love. A blue forest with trees and a starry night with the full moon is a view that we associate a pack of wolves with. This exciting sense of the place is brought into life by this cool wolf paw print tattoo. The tattoo shows no wrong ideas. The howling wolf idea is displayed with the sign of a howling wolf form. Also, the different fingers of this howling wolf tattoo design have various elements of nature and wild shown, which native Americans see in their deep wild forests. This cool howling wolf tattoo meaning photos create a free atmosphere of hard times of those howling wolves in the wild woods.

Cover Up Tattoo

Cover Up Tattoo
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Are you worried about the marks on your skin? Get your ugly marks covered up with these wolf tattoo designs. This paw tattoo design is done in a freestyle manner. It looks like the paw print is of an aggressive howling wolf or a lone wolf. Such feels are being projected by these irregular patterns in the modern wrist paw tattoo design. You can get this all-black paw tattoo design on your wrist, legs, arm, or anywhere in your skin. This tribal wolf tattoo can also be done as a thigh tattoo. Being a tribal wolf tattoo design, you can get these raw wolf paw designs on your skin to show the themes of death, loyalty, and respect through the wolf tattoo style.

The Aggressive Wolf Face Paw

The Aggressive Wolf Face Paw
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These thigh tattoo styles and designs offer an aggressive look to you. Also, the wolf paw tattoo can be done as a watercolour wolf tattoo giving lighter shades of colour other than the black colour given to this wolf tattoo design. This wolf tattoo offers excellent themes for your arm and leg tattoo designs. The wolf’s head shows that the howling wolf is angry. Also, the lines used for the wolf tattoo are such cool and powerful strokes. The lines used in the art show power in the wolf paw tattoo design. Also, respective owners of these tattoo designs can wear short dresses to show the artwork if it is done in your legs or arms and shoulder region. This terror-inducing arm design of the wolf head integrated with the paw tattoo gives ideas of howling animals of the wild.

Universe In A Paw

Universe In A Paw
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Our whole world is being included in a wolf paw in this artistically creative style of tattoo design. The tattoo design idea of getting a sign of the world with the planets in a single foot is really cool. It could also be taken as a wolf paw dreamcatcher tattoo. The tattoo could be made in the watercolour wolf tattoo design. The ideas brought in this art are sick and awesome. These wolf tattoo designs show the meaning of how an animal could be a part of the world and nature. People would start to care for our wild nature to save the world from further depletion and one of the best ways to raise awareness is to get one such wolf tattoo design in your body.

Celtic Wolf Tattoo Design

Celtic Wolf Tattoo Design
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This beautiful aesthetic wolf paw tattoo design is an excellent work of art in your body. You can get this tattoo on both of your legs. Such wolf tattoo designs have sharp tips of nails. You can either get them both in your legs or your arm. The unique tattoo designs of these wolf paw tattoo art imply a sense of power, royalty, and loyalty. These are cool ideas for howling wolf leg tattoo designs. This Celtic wolf tattoo design of a lone wolf would have a significant impact after getting one in your skin. These wolf tattoo designs are geometric with many shapes and elements, giving an artistic look to the tattoo.

Jungle Of The Wolves

Jungle Of The Wolves
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This excellent paw tattoo design could be done as a back tattoo. A whole image and picture of the wolf’s jungle and mountain scene with a full moon night are portrayed beautifully inside the paw shape of the wolf. The entire tattoo is given a black colour. But you can get this tattoo filling in the night-blue sky colours and brown and white mountain colours and the dark green trees image in this back tattoo. The artist draws two wolves that stand next to each other in this paw tattoo design. They both are seen to be in a search for something far away. The tilted head of the wolves proves this search in the scene. Also, the howling animal is included with the moon in this wolf paw tattoo design.

Wolf Skull Tattoo

Wolf Skull Tattoo
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The artist has tried to bring out the rough image of the wild animal, the wolf, through the paw of the wolf tattoo. In this tattoo, the moon worshipping animal stands its meaning for a bold look in the wolf tattoo face. Respect is shown in the eyes of the wolf tattoo design. Also, the paw nails are done sharp to get a feature of the sharp look of the wolf tattoo. One can get this tattoo on their hands or legs. If you are a boxer, go for this tattoo to showcase your inner power and confidence in your opponent.  

Brush Stroke The Wolf Paw

Brush Stroke The Wolf Paw
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This rough wolf tattoo design shows the style of the brushstroke. The artist has done this tattoo on a freestyle method. Also, this cool design could be done anywhere in your body. This brilliant piece of art has been given a black shade of colour. You can get other colours as well. Also, this wolf tattoo gives the right feel of a wolf paw simply. So why go complicated? Get this simple, minimalistic tattoo which you can get at less cost than other detailed tattoos of wolf paw designs.

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What does a wolf paw tattoo mean?

A wolf paw tattoo often symbolizes strength and courage, as well as a connection to family or ancestors. It can also represent loyalty and protection. Wolves are also known to be loyal, protective and supportive of their pack members. Some people may choose this type of design to remind themselves that they have the same qualities as a wolf: strength, courage, protection, and loyalty. Alternatively, a wolf paw tattoo may be chosen for its symbolic representation of wildness, independence and freedom. Regardless of the reason why someone chooses to get a wolf paw tattoo, it is sure to make an eye-catching statement.

What are the different designs of wolf paw tattoos?

There are a variety of designs for wolf paw tattoos. Some popular styles include howling wolves, wolf tracks, or the phrase ‘lone wolf’. Other popular design elements include tribal patterns, abstract shapes and arrows. If you want to make the design more personal, you could also add an initial or family crest to the tattoo. Depending on the style and size of the design, a wolf paw tattoo can be placed almost anywhere on the body. Some popular locations include the upper arm, back, chest or shoulder blade. Ultimately it depends on where you would like to show off your ink!

How much does a wolf paw tattoo cost?

The cost of a wolf paw tattoo will depend on several factors, including the size and complexity of the design as well as the artist’s experience. Generally speaking, smaller designs can range from $50 to $200 while larger or more complex pieces can cost upwards of $500. It is also important to remember that prices can vary between different artists. It is always a good idea to shop around and compare prices before settling on the best artist for you. Additionally, it is important to remember that tattoos are not cheap and can require ongoing care in order to keep them looking their best. Therefore, it is important to factor in any aftercare costs as part of your decision making. Finally, ensure you are aware of any local regulations pertaining to tattoos in order to ensure your tattoo is legally obtained.

How big should a wolf paw tattoo be?

The size of a wolf paw tattoo can depend on the individual’s preference and desired placement of the design. Generally speaking, smaller designs are more suitable for areas such as the wrist or shoulder while larger designs can be placed on the back, chest or legs. When deciding on the size of your wolf paw tattoo you should take into consideration the amount of detail that can be included, as well as the overall effect of the tattoo. Keep in mind that larger tattoos will require more time from your artist and therefore may cost more. It is always best to discuss your desired design with an experienced tattoo artist before committing to a size. This way, you can ensure that you are getting the most out of your tattoo.

How long does it take to get a wolf paw tattoo?

The time it takes to get a wolf paw tattoo will depend on several factors. The size of the design, complexity of the artwork, and experience of the artist can all affect how long it takes to complete a tattoo. Generally speaking, smaller tattoos can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to complete while larger pieces may require multiple sessions in order to achieve the desired effect. It is important to note that getting a tattoo should not be rushed as it needs to be done carefully and with precision. Therefore, it is always best to allow your artist enough time to create the perfect design for you. Additionally, it is also important to take into consideration any local regulations regarding tattoos and ensure that all the necessary paperwork is completed. Ultimately, it is a good idea to discuss with your artist beforehand in order to get an accurate estimate of the time required for your unique design.

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