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101 Best White Tiger Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
White Tiger Tattoos

Are you looking forward to getting a white tiger tattoo? Here are 10 awesome white tiger tattoo designs that you need to check out and save!

White Tiger Tattoo
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What does a white tiger tattoo represent? It represents power, passion, pride, might, and sensuality.

The symbolism of the white tiger includes virtue, strength, courage, and peace. A white tiger named Byakko was a celestial being holding supernatural powers according to Japanese legend.

White Tiger tattoos are as popular today as they always have been because they symbolize raw power and strength. Historically, white tigers are considered guardians of the west. Tigers are known as apex predators, which are seen as representing independence and freedom. The best place to get a white tiger tattoo is on the chest, biceps, or forearm.

If you are fond of white tiger tattoos, then you can interpret them as body art as per your taste. Read to find out about some fascinating white tiger tattoos, the meaning and find the perfect tattoo for you. 

Yin White Tiger Tattoo

Yin White Tiger Tattoo
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Yin And Yang are the two halves of the forces which are incomplete without each other. Yin Tiger Tattoo is the female form that also represents the light color. This tattoo of the ‘Yin’ Tiger represents the Tigress. As far as Chinese mythology goes, Tigers, being yin, and the dragon being Yang, are two opposite forces.  This duo represents the universal reality. A Yin white tiger tattoo is popular among women to signify their fierce personality.

According to Chinese mythology, the white tiger is a mythological creature who would only appear if the emperor rules with honest virtue. As per Wu Xing’s theory, the white color also represents courage and peace. White tigers are known as The Guardians of The West.

Aunt Jennifer’s White Tiger tattoos

Aunt Jennifer's White Tiger tattoos
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The tattoo shows a Bengal tiger ready to make a pounce and attack. The tiger has hollow, white eyes making it look even more captivating. White Bengal Tiger is one of the royalties of India. The tiger here is depicted similar to the tiger in the poem Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers by the American poet Adrienne Rich.

In the poem, Aunt Jennifer is a woman stitching a tiger. The poem’s theme is how her husband oppresses aunt Jennifer, and she dreams to live like the tiger she is stitching, who is brave and strong, courageous and confident. The white Bengal tiger tattoo is inked on the leg and looks lively and ready to to jump off the screen.

White Tiger tattoos And Red Rose

White Tiger tattoos And Red Rose
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This is a big white tiger tattoo is inked on the forearm with a rose below it. This realistic tattoo is done in black ink with some shades of grey and the design seems flawless. The red roses tattoos have been a popular choice, but adding a stunning tiger tattoo would make a solid and bold combination. The tiger rose tattoo is considered an emblematic symbol of power, passion, and instinct. The tiger’s blue eyes look wonderful, as if they’re looking right at you.

The rose represents love and passion on the other hand the tiger represents power and strength. Combining classic designs of a tiger with the contrasting beauty of a rose will result in awe-inspiring tattoos. The realism in this tattoo adds an almost 3D effect and makes a memorable design.

White Tiger tattoos With Black Stripes

White Tiger tattoos With Black Stripes
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This small white tiger tattoo is done on the upper triceps of the arm. The fur on the tiger’s skin and its whiskers make the tiger look very realistic. The tiger in the tattoo is looking back with dominance, and the beautiful blue eyes standing out in the overall design. The tattoo uses light black lines and dot shading. This tattoo is very captivating, owing to the strokes and minimalistic theme. This tattoo is the perfect symbol for brave women as the white tiger, which stands for grace and beauty.

Tiger Tattoo Black And White

Tiger Tattoo Black And White
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This is one of the most vibrant designs of all tiger tattoos. Tiger is shown angry, and that expression of the tiger is captured beautifully by the tattoo artist. The bold black stripes on the tiger’s white skin are quite prominent. The tiger is eyeing his next prey with his fiery, golden eyes with a red outline, and his sharp, white teeth jutting out. The place of this tattoo is quite unique, but fits the back of the hand perfectly. Typically, tiger tattoos symbolize raw power and strength but they can also show symbols of vengeance, danger, and punishment. The white tiger tattoo meaning can be related to your spirit animal or how you perceive yourself to be.

Abstract White Tiger Tattoo

Abstract White Tiger Tattoo
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Here is a beautiful black-inked artwork of a white tiger. This detailed sketch of the tiger is placed on the forearm. The design consists of only half the tiger’s face and the only colour fill is the for the single blue eye visible. This tiger tattoo uses subtle line art and a slight water colour effect.

Blue-eyed tigers are more rare and hard to find than golden-eyed tigers. Blue eyes in tigers occur naturally during an earlier phase of the tiger’s eye development. The blue eyes of tigers are considered soothing stones. This stone is a symbol of power, protection, and perseverance. Tiger’s blue eyes bring comfort and emotional balance in an event of loss in life.

Royal White Tiger Tattoos

Royal White Tiger Tattoos
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This white tiger tattoo is placed on the back. The tiger is a majestic figure wearing a crown. The neck of this white tiger is surrounded by a garland of flowers with enormous petals.

The tiger here is shown as a royal figure, which is understandable. Tigers are the biggest wild cats known in the jungle. They are also considered the most muscular feral cats. Lions hunt in grasslands and are team hunters, while tigers, on the other hand, are solitary animals.

Colorful White Tiger Tattoo

Colorful White Tiger Tattoo
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This white tiger tattoo is ferocious and colourful. The eye of the tiger is inked in green color, which is unique and abstract. The sharp teeth of the tiger represent the brute strength that the tiger possesses.

As compared to the popular roaring tiger tattoo designs, this one is holding a purple-yellow scroll in its mouth. There is also a vivid and abstract display of flames of fire surrounding the face of the tiger. These bright flames encircle the tiger’s life. Tiger is portrayed to look fiery and passionate. You can think of getting these tattoos done in watercolor tattoo format too. A watercolor tattoo comes in bright and vivid markings with color gradients like stokes and techniques that fade out more subtle. 

Black And White Japanese Tiger Tattoo

Black And White Japanese Tiger Tattoo
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If you are looking for a traditional tiger tattoo with all its complexities, then check this out! It is a Japanese hand-carved white tiger tattoo. It covers the whole upper arm and some parts above the chest. This Japanese Tiger tattoo design could be used to inspire masculine ideas as these are best suited for men.

According to Japanese beliefs, tigers are known to represent courage, longevity, and strength. They think animals like tigers ward off any evil or bad luck from life. They are also known to keep any kind of illness away from the body. Traditional Japanese Irezumi Tigers are naturally drawn as hands flow. Their bright color designs depict autumn. The position of a tiger-like standing or lying may appear serene which can also change the meaning of tattoos. You can add many traditional Japanese motifs with this type of tattoo.

Floral White Tiger Tattoo

Floral White Tiger Tattoo
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This is one of the most adorable of a white tiger tattoo designs we have seen so far! The little tiger in this tattoo is inked in black and white ink, with blackwork and dot shading for stripes. The beautiful lilies surrounding the tiger are in pink and orange colours. The tiger’s mouth slightly open, showing the tigers’ teeth, representing strength. The ink style for the flowers, green leaves and tiger is quite elegant.

Some of the symbols of tiger lilies are honor and riches. You have to choose this if you like the blend of a tiger tattoo featuring flowers. This tattoo perfectly blends the fearlessness of a tiger with the strength of a lily.

Here are some more examples of the white tiger or any other animal you would like to get as body art

  1. White tattoo with white ink
  2. Jungle themed tattoo with many symbols
  3. Control, Patience, and survive word tattoo with animal motifs
  4. Strength tattoo with lion and meaning for men
  5. Tiger lily tattoo black and white
  6. White tiger blue eyes tattoo

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What does a white tiger tattoo mean?

A white tiger tattoo typically represents power, strength, and courage. It may also symbolize purity, as the color white is often associated with innocence and cleanliness. Additionally, some believe that a white tiger can act as a guardian or protector against evil or bad luck. The white tiger is considered to be a very spiritual animal in many cultures, so it can also represent spiritual guidance or protection. In some cultures, the white tiger tattoo may also serve as a reminder to live a life of courage and strength. Regardless of its meaning, the white tiger is an elegant and beautiful creature that makes for an eye-catching piece of body art.

What are the different styles of white tiger tattoos?

White tiger tattoos come in a variety of styles, ranging from realistic to abstract. Depending on the artist’s interpretation, a white tiger tattoo can be depicted as a full-bodied animal or just its face. Some other popular variations include cartoonish designs and tribal pieces. Additionally, many people opt for watercolor tattoos or black-and-gray pieces that feature soft, subtle shading and detail. No matter what style you choose, a white tiger tattoo is sure to make a bold statement.

How much does a white tiger tattoo cost?

The cost of a white tiger tattoo can vary greatly depending on several factors, including the size, complexity, and location of the piece. Generally speaking, smaller pieces will be less expensive than larger ones that require more time and detail to complete. Additionally, some artists may charge more for certain styles or techniques such as watercolor or black-and-gray work. Ultimately, it’s best to discuss your budget with the artist beforehand so you can agree on a fair and appropriate price for the tattoo.

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