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101 Best ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Where The Wild Things Are' Tattoos

The meaning of ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ is known to every child who has read the Maurice Sendak book. We have the ten best tattoos inspired by it. 

Where The Wild Things Are
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The Maurice Sendak children’s book called ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ is one of the most loved children’s books.

First published by Harper & Row in 1963, this book quickly became pop culture lore. As of 2009, the book had a considerable impact, received lots of love from children, and sold more than 19 million copies worldwide, with 10 million in the United States. Many generations have given their love to the book and author.

Because so many children decided to buy the book, it was also adapted into a film in 2010. While most people read and discuss the original Wild Things book as a child, a ”Where The Wild Things Are” tattoo is a great way to help and add your love and inspiration. Things tattoo design exemplifies the course of transformation, as the original depicts a young man dressed as a wolf who is celebrating his inner canine. You, too, have the chance to change your body into the path of a joyous jungle forever. You can change your body into a lively jungle, just like the young man’s bedroom did, by getting a tattoo that declares you king of all things unfettered.

Wild art elicits the most significant characteristics of our dynamic human origins by definition. Similarly, few other art mediums can complement the wild-at-heart frame and Wild Things body art tattoo. A Wild Things tattoo is captivating and compelling attributes ensure that you are always a force to be reckoned with. These wild tattoos give perfect customizing choices in addition to evoking absolute authority over the wild. This body art stands out from the crowd, with unique personalized renderings of several monsters and intricate jungle patterns that command respect. You can get many design ideas from the ‘Wild Things’.

Few sorts of body art may match your ultimate design, which includes motifs like lordship and savage males. This popular book and movie offer imagination and entertainment for many generations. Not a year goes back without this book appearing as imagination fuel in some form or the other to children.

‘Where The Wild Things Are’ Scenery Tattoo Design

'Where The Wild Things Are' Scenery Tattoo Design
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The tattoo design depicting wild things live is a fantastic artwork from the most beloved children’s book. The tattoo shows scenes from the setting in the story. In Sendak’s book, you can see a representation of Max, who was the king of the island. Max can be seen waving his hands and running around in the jungle, seemingly content with its existence.

The trees and bushes set in the forest are painted in various dark shades and lack a distinct outline, making them appear more realistic, just like a copy from the photos. A stark contrast exists between this and the thick circular shape of the tattoo, within which the forest is depicted. With the help of the circular tattoo design, an awesome 3D design is created by the artists, which offers the impression of looking out of a window. When looking at the tattoo, the night sky, which includes a full moon and bright stars, appears to be an oil painting because the ink has been applied.

Maurice Sendak’s ‘Max’ In The Boat Tattoo

Maurice Sendak's 'Max' In The Boat Tattoo
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After escaping the confines of his bedroom prison and entering the world, Maurice Sendak’s wolfish hero Max discovers that a boat is waiting for him at the other end of the world. Max also is the name of this red sailing boat. The ship used in this tattoo design is the same one used in the previous one. The boat was recreated by the tattoo artist precisely as it appeared in the story. The base, mainsail, and flag hoisted on the top of the boat are all meticulously detailed.

Additionally, the boat’s mainsail has a patchy pattern resembling the moon’s craters from the most beloved children’s books. The tattoo is given a dreamy appearance as a result of this. Max is also depicted in his white costume on the boat in this awesome tattoo.

Watercolor Tattoo Of ”Where The Wild Things Are”

Watercolor Tattoo Of ''Where The Wild Things Are''
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Watercolour tattoos require more care but are still a popular choice and are perfect for designs with a lot of colours. Similarly, the fantasy-like story of Max in Maurice Sendak’s most beloved children’s books is also colourful. This makes the option of such wild tattoos perfect for a ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ tattoo. In this medium-sized tattoo, we can see the wild things and Max, also wearing his costume with the crown. The outlines of the tattoo are made using bold strokes of black ink. The trees are filled with flaws of maroon and dark green colour, whereas the tattoo artist decided to pick blue for the creatures and the story’s protagonist. The crown is filled with yellow ink, and all the colours help subtly offer this tattoo design a unique effect.

Minimalist Tattoo Design Of ”Where The Wild Things Are”

Minimalist Tattoo Design Of ''Where The Wild Things Are''
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The protagonist in the story from the most beloved children’s book ”Where The Wild Things Are”, Max, winds up sailing to an island inhabited by monsters, and after successfully intimidating the creatures, Max is hailed as the king of the Wild Things. The tattoo shows the same where one of the creatures is bowing down before Max. This scene is shown in a clean and minimalistic way. Minimalistic tattoos are simple in nature and aren’t very detailed. The creature and max are drawn using simple black lines that don’t touch or overlap each other. Apart from this, there are a few strokes of blue, green, orange, and yellow, which are tattooed to look like crayon strokes. This is a great tattoo design if you want to ink a beautiful childhood memory. You can pick any character from any book for the artwork detail converted to tattoo.

Tattoo Design Of Moishe’s Face

Tattoo Design Of Moishe's Face
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Sendak gave the popular monsters the names of his relatives while working on the 983 opera adaptation of the book with Oliver Knussen.

The monsters were Tzippy, Moishe, Aaron, Emile, and Bernard, named after Sendak’s relatives. Of these, Moishe has a Grinch-like appearance, and his smile is expansive, with the ends of his teeth almost touching the edge of his face. Out of all of the others, you should consider getting this tattoo design. The tattoo artists have only used black ink to create Moishe’s face. Moishe’s fur has been meticulously crafted with many fine details. Even the horns perched atop his head are rendered correctly in terms of shading. The tattoo artists have done an excellent job with this tattoo design by making the elements as detailed as possible while still maintaining the design’s overall nature of simplicity and simplicity.

Max ”Where The Wild Things Are” Tattoo

Max ''Where The Wild Things Are'' Tattoo
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‘Where The Wild Things Are’ is a classic and popular story for children’s books. There’s even a movie adaptation of it. Max, the main character of the story, is also the main character of this particular tattoo. In the story, Max is shipped to an adventurous and exciting place called Wild Things. Later on, he becomes the island king, and the same feeling of happiness that he feels in the story can be seen in this tattoo. The form of the tattoo is quite simple, where max is hanging from a branch of a tree. Max is also wearing his wolf costume along with his crown. Black is the only ink used to make this tattoo, and even with the lack of colours, the tattoo looks appealing because of the grainy texture that impacts this awesome design.

”’Where The Wild Things Are”’ Tattoo Sleeve

'''Where The Wild Things Are''' Tattoo Sleeve
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Like the first one shown here, this tattoo has been created within a circle, giving it the unique appearance of looking out of a window, similar to the first one. Popular creatures from the wild things can be found prancing around happily in the forest, and we can see Max and Moishe doing the same. This tattoo contains a lot of green shared with blue. Moishe, who lives on the island, has yellow-filled pupils. As a result, he stands out even more than Max. Solid colours have been used in conjunction with minimal shading. This gives the appearance that the design has been stamped onto the wearer’s skin. Alternatively, such medium-sized tattoo designs can also be done on a smaller scale, and they can be tattooed on the upper arm and the calves, depending on the wearer.

A Shadow Tattoo Of Moishe & Max

A Shadow Tattoo Of Moishe & Max
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When it comes to the children’s book ”Where The Wild Things Are”, Max and Moishe are unquestionably the most popular. In this tattoo, Max and Moishe are depicted with Moishe standing behind Max as if he were his shadow. Instead of the usual bright colours or cartoon-style drawings, this is a much darker and more frightening tattoo than the norm. Moishe is standing behind small Max, his broad smile displaying all of his sharp and pointy teeth as Moishe’s. Moishe’s eyes are entirely devoid of colour, giving them a lifeless appearance as if they are nothing more than a shadow. Max shows a bit of grin on his face and a crown on top of his head. Even though only a single colour has been used in this awesome tattoo, there are several different notes of black to be found in it.

‘Where The Wild Things Are’ Crown Tattoo

'Where The Wild Things Are' Crown Tattoo
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Max, the protagonist of ”Where The Wild Things Are”, is a fan favourite and a great choice for a tattoo design if the story reminds you of your childhood. This medium to the large-sized tattoo can be done on the arms or the calves. This tattoo shows Max, who can be seen waving his hands in a happy and jolly mood where he prances around. There is no colour in his wolf costume except for the Golden crown on top of his head. The perennial flower – Morning Glory can also be seen added around Max. The blue flowers with a yellow centre transform a particular element of beauty to this tattoo design. Hints of watercolour fill the petals of the flower that have a texture of gradience on them.

‘Where The Wild Things Are’ Movie Tattoo

'Where The Wild Things Are' Movie Tattoo
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We all know that ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ is one of the famous children’s stories, but very few know about the movie (a copy of the book) released in 2010. The film had animated versions of Max, his mother, and the creatures from the island named Wild things. This tattoo has the animated customization of Max and Moishe that seem to be in a playful mood. In this ”Where The Wild Things Are” tattoo, Max does not have any colour in the design. Even then, it still stands out due to the bold and dark black outlines.

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What is the meaning of the “Where the Wild Things Are” tattoo?

The “Where the Wild Things Are” tattoo is a popular tattoo design that has grown in popularity over the years. It is based on the classic children’s book written by Maurice Sendak, and it represents a beloved childhood story of exploration, imagination and adventure. This tattoo can be interpreted in a variety of ways depending on the wearer, but generally it is seen as a representation of freedom and wildness, with the wearer choosing to embrace the unknown and take chances. It can also be viewed as a reminder to never lose touch with the inner child within us all, or simply to enjoy life’s journey. No matter what meaning is associated with this tattoo, it carries a strong message that speaks to the heart.

How should I position my “Where the Wild Things Are” tattoo?

The best way to position your “Where the Wild Things Are” tattoo is to think about what you would like it to represent and then find a spot that will best showcase your unique design. Generally, this type of tattoo looks great when placed on arm, leg or shoulder blade as these areas provide plenty of space for the intricate details of this design to shine. However, you may also choose to place it anywhere else on your body that feels right for you. Ultimately, the positioning of this tattoo is entirely up to the wearer and should be a reflection of what the design means to them.

What are some ideas for “Where the Wild Things Are” tattoos?

There are endless possibilities when it comes to getting a “Where the Wild Things Are” tattoo. Some of the most popular designs incorporate elements from the book, such as Max in his wolf costume, the monsters and even wild animals. Others choose to incorporate their own personalities and interests into their design by adding symbols that represent them or meaningful words or quotes. Many people choose to add color to their tattoos, while others prefer a more traditional black and white design. No matter what style or theme you decide to go with, this is sure to be a tattoo that will stand out and reflect the wearer’s individual personality.

What kind of font should I use for my “Where the Wild Things Are” tattoo?

When it comes to choosing a font for your “Where the Wild Things Are” tattoo, it really depends on the style you’re going for. If you want a more classic look, then a bold serif font may be best. For something more modern or playful, you can opt for an italicized script font with varying widths. No matter which font you choose, make sure it complements the overall look of your tattoo and is readable from a distance. After all, this will be something that you wear for a long time so make sure you take the time to pick out the perfect font!

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