10 Best Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

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Wedding Ring Tattoos

Are you getting married soon and want to immortalize your love with a tattoo? Then check out this list of ten awesome wedding rings tattoos!

Wedding Ring Tattoo
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If you’re wondering what a tattoo wedding ring is, a wedding ring tattoo is a modern inked replacement of the traditional wedding rings.

Actual wedding ring tattoos are all the rage right now; what better way to showcase your love for your significant other, than etching its symbol on your skin forever as a tattoo? It represents your undying love and commitment, similar to the traditional wedding vows.

Wedding rings are usually worn on the left hand’s ring finger because ancient Romans believed that the fourth finger of the left hand, also known as the wedding ring finger, is directly connected to the heart. Therefore, wedding ring tattoos are also made on the same finger to signify eternal love. The only problem with ring tattoos is that they tend to fade sooner than other tattoos. A ring finger tattoo might become faint in around six months, and some people consider this a bad sign. This is because the skin on the fingers is much thinner, and hands are subjected to soap, detergents, and water more than any other body part. But if you’re looking forward to getting a ring tattoo to remember your love forever, we have some fantastic ideas that you might like.

Dotted Hand Poke Wedding Ring Tattoo

Dotted Hand Poke Wedding Ring Tattoo
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This elegant wedding ring finger tattoo design is one of the most beautiful finger tattoos for women. It is also an excellent choice for couples who want something minimal and not noticeable with ring finger tattoos as a tasteful expression of your love through wedding tattoos. The series of dots on the tattoo has a significant meaning behind it. One dot stands for a full stop which means something has come to a halt, but a series of dots signify the holy trinity and ever-enduring love. This tattoo is a hand poke tattoo which means that it has been etched into the skin manually without the help of a machine. Hand poke wedding rings tattoo would cost you much less than a machine-made tattoo and would hurt significantly less. If you want to signify the eternal bond between you and your partner, you can consider this ring tattoo.

Minimal Queer Ring Tattoo

Minimal Queer Ring Tattoo
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This fantastic tattoo celebrates queer love in the most elegant way possible. The leaves wrapped around the finger represent growth and how far you’ve come in a relationship. In contrast, the simple band around the finger represents the circle of life and is simplistic and elegant. While getting such tattoos, you must remember that fingers are one of the most painful places to get a machine-made tattoo. The skin is relatively thin on the finger, and the tattoo is etched very close to the bone, making it extremely painful. You can pick this elegant, botanical ring tattoo or go with a simple one and celebrate your long-lasting love.

Matching Red Flame Wedding Rings

Matching Red Flame Wedding Rings
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This fantastic red-inked wedding ring tattoo is an excellent choice for outgoing, quirky couples. In a bright red design, this wedding ring tattoo has flames going around the ring finger. The red flames indicate the fire between them. And, the fact that it has been etched deep into your skin forever signifies that the fire is eternal and would never die between the two of you. This passionate tattoo can be a great wedding gift for one another, but you must keep in mind to get the tattoo from a nearby tattoo artist because colored ink fades sooner than plain black tattoos and need regular touch-ups every three to four months.

Wedding Ring Tattoos Of Mountains

Wedding Ring Tattoos Of Mountains
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A dainty, personalized tattoo is a simple idea always to remember and cherish your special day. This tattoo minimally showcases the mountains, perhaps indicating towards a hill station wedding. The best thing about wedding ring tattoos is that they are very personal and have deep meaning and significance for an individual.

This tattoo has been made with black color for the mountain outline and blue to indicate a waterbody. You can personalize this tattoo according to your individual story, or this could be a great option if you’re looking forward to a mountain wedding too.

Fineline Wedding Band Tattoo

Fineline Wedding Band Tattoo
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This simple yet elegant traditional wedding band tattoo with precise linework details is one of the most beautiful classic designs which incredibly displays your love without being too loud. You would be surprised to know that a simple tattoo like this is tough to make. This is because the skin around the finger has to be stretched to inscribe the tattoo design, and there are high chances of the ink bleeding. Therefore, it is imperative to choose an experienced tattoo artist with steady hands to make the tattoo. This tattoo is an excellent choice for people who have workplace restrictions about having visible attention-seeking tattoos.

Wedding Ring Tattoos With Initials

Wedding Ring Tattoos With Initials
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This tattoo is a great way to celebrate your love and gift each other, it is a symbol of commitment. The first letter of your significant other’s name is an excellent tribute to the person you love the most and wish to live with forever. The best thing about this tattoo is that there are many fonts to choose from besides being very personal. Instead of just the first letter, you can also choose to get the full name of your beloved one around your finger in beautiful calligraphy. This tattoo design may be a little predictable for some, but the beauty lies in having the same tattoo with your beloved’s name in it. You can pair the initials with an elegant ring tattoo as well.

Wedding Ring Tattoo With Stitches

Wedding Ring Tattoo With Stitches
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This incredible wedding stitches tattoo is a great tattoo choice with profound meaning to it. It signifies the forever love between people bonded with blood. This tattoo can have different meanings depending upon individual perceptions. These tattoos could also mean that the worst time is over, and both of you have thrived out of it and now look forward to a better, healed, and happier life with one another. This simple yet impactful tattoo can only mean one thing for the happy couple: everlasting togetherness. Such tattoos can help a couple come closer and celebrate their relationship even more. This is a lovely and meaningful design to get with your soul mate. However, you can choose brighter colours and personalise it in your own way.

Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas With Date

Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas With Date
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This hand poke tattoo is a great personalized gift for your significant other on your big day or on reaching a milestone in your marriage. An ultimate commemoration of the date of your union. This wedding tattoo is an excellent reminder of one of the most incredible days of your life- your wedding day, which you are bound to love and cherish forever. “Till death do us part”, as the saying goes. This tattoo will forever serve as a reminder of your love. You can choose to get this tattoo in any date format you wish for and get the numbers etched into your finger. A wedding is the bond between two individuals who are entwined in their souls. Likewise, a wedding band is like a physical manifestation of promise and probably the only thing made out of gold to indicate the purity of thought.

Roman Numerals Ring Finger Tattoo

Roman Numerals Ring Finger Tattoo
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This fantastic tattoo is one of the most beautiful wedding ring tattoo designs and represents a wedding band with personalized roman numerals to engrave your love in the skin. The roman numerals can be personalized according to your choice to denote the numbers that hold significance in your life, like your wedding date. The careful linework and the intricate detailing make this tattoo a piece of art. The wedding date is inscribed between two black lines going around the finger. This would be an excellent gift for your significant other as a token of love to mark a great day in both of your lives. Roman numerals give the feeling of something vintage and look for more eyecatching. So if you are thinking of surprising your spouse with a tattoo, this could be an excellent way.

Labyrinth Wedding Ring Tattoo

Labyrinth Wedding Ring Tattoo
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If you are looking for elaborate designs for your wedding ring tattoos, take a look at this design. This beautiful ring tattoo band with a labyrinth design is one of the best men’s wedding ring tattoo designs. The labyrinth symbolizes wholeness, and it signifies a journey to a predetermined destination. You can notice the design consists of densely packed black ink. A wedding ring indicates that no matter which way you dwell, or even if sometimes you get lost, you will always lead toward one goal- the person you love, and now there is no other destination than them in your life. This tattoo has such intricate detailing and a beautiful design that it is sure to be a showstopper and a definite conversation starter wherever you go. You can also get the traditional vows as visible tattoos on your ring fingers or as a noticeable ring tattoo design after consulting tattoo artists about it.

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