Best Watches for the Office

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As with most elements of your outfit, you’ll likely have different watches for smart vs. casual occasions. When looking for something suited for the workplace, the best approach is to keep things classic and unoffensive. Check out some of our picks below.

Best Watches for Men’s Office Wear

The office can be a sartorially restricting place at times, even though the office culture might be relaxed, sometimes the uniform isn’t. In this kind of situation, small accessories can help elevate the standard uniform and help you add a little of your own stylish flair to an otherwise restrictive ensemble.

Of course, your office mightn’t require you to get suited and booted every day. With this in mind, we’ve also selected a few options for those in a smart casual setting that’ll allow you to show a bit of personality, without breaking dress code.

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Best Watches for Smart Office Wear

Let’s start with the most well-known work uniform – the suit and tie. It’s a pretty standard outfit, and one that can be customised in various ways, from the colour, fit and of course accessories you choose to pair it with. You can go for a full on gentleman look with something like a pocket square, lapel pins and other more extravagant accessories, or you can tone it right down by matching it with trainers or more casual pieces.

Generally, however, if your suiting up in an office environment you’ll be keeping things smart. Luckily there’s a good range of nice watches that lie in between the £10,000 models and the ones that fall apart after the first wear, so you can easily afford a good quality watch with a clean and elegant style as well.

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  • Larsson & Jennings – Lugano: The Larsson & Jennings Lugano watch is a great way to add a little character to an otherwise subdued ensemble. The pop of gold, alongside the real calf suede strap of this Swiss-made beauty, will elevate even the simplest of suits to a suitable level of office-wear polish.
  • Unknown – The Classic: Minimal, understated and subtle in colour; this London designed watch from Unknown is the perfect starting point for an office ready watch. Made from stainless steel and with a real leather strap – it’s great value for money.
  • Daniel Wellington – Sheffield: Zeitgeist brand Daniel Wellington didn’t become so for no reason. Great with a black suit, the chrome / black leather watch combination gives an incredibly chic finish, perfectly suited for pairing with some smarter bits.

Best Watches for Smart Casual Office Wear

Not everyone wears a suit to work of course, and the smart casual look needs some attention as well. In general, even if you’re going for a more relaxed outfit, it’s best to keep it simple if you’re in the office.

Anything too bright or patterned is going to come across as a little too laid back, or worse, unprofessional, and a meeting about your outfit is the last thing you need on a Monday morning. Take a look at the men’s watches we’ve selected for the perfect finish to a smart casual office ensemble below.

mens silver watch black sweater


  • Simple Watch – Earl: Living up to the brand’s name, the Earl from Simple Watch makes a great addition to any smart-casual work getup. Clean, contemporary, minimal and smart enough to give a little pizazz to any office outfit.
  • Larsson & Jennings – Lugano: Once again, the Larsson & Jennings Lugano is a great option for a number of situations. The all-black finish of this particular design would work well with a monochromatic ensemble, so no better time to get your all-black-everything on!
  • Daniel Wellington – Oxford: Another brand of the moment, Daniel Wellington’s watches, while quite classic by design, still maintains an air of casual with the nylon strap and minimal design. Pair with some navy chinos, a white shirt and a simple bomber for a superior smart-casual finish.

The Best Watches for the Office

When looking for an office wear suited watch, the key is all in keeping things relatively smart and understated, even if you’re not planning to don a full suit. Go for classic stripped back designs like those from Daniel Wellington or contemporary, minimal options like a Larsson & Jennings if you’re a little lost as both options will work well for both office settings, as well as out and about on the weekend.

black suit brown strap silver face

On That Note

There’s plenty of ways you can wear a watch to the office, with so many different styles and looks to play around with. If you don’t want more than one, ensure the watch you select is versatile enough to match with all of your outfits, going for a warm tone brown leather strap watch if you’re a fan of lighter colours or a cool tone black leather strap watch if you’re a fan of more muted looks.

Remember, the best watches for men are ones that are comfortable, versatile and able to work in both casual and formal looks. Men’s luxury watches aren’t necessary, and you can easily get a quality, long-lasting model for a third of the price. Follow the link below to shop our collection of men’s digital watches, smart and casual watches, big face watches and a plethora of other cool watches for men.

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