10 Best Virgo Constellation Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

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Virgo Constellation Tattoos

Are you looking forward to getting a Virgo tattoo to match your sun sign? Here is a list of 10 awesome Virgo tattoos ideas you should check out!

Virgo Constellation Tattoo
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In the Zodiac, the sixth astrological sign is known as Virgo.

Virgo is a symbol for a maiden. Virgos are represented as astrological signs in newspaper horoscopes.

According to Greek mythology, Virgo was the last immortal to abandon the Earth. This gives the sign an association with the zodiac element earth. Different symbols represent different star signs. The symbol of the Libra sign represents “scales”. The meaning of the symbol Pisces is two fishes. The Scorpio sign means the Scorpion. The Capricorn symbol represents the horned goat. The symbol Leo represents a lion. Taurus is the symbol of a bull. The Virgo element symbolizes an animal bear. A geometrical tattoo with lines and shapes is the best tattoo for a Virgo. If you’re a Virgo, you can consider getting a Virgo star constellation tattoo!

Read this article to find out the symbols and meanings of different Virgo tattoo designs.

Small Virgo Constellation Tattoo On Rib

Small Virgo Constellation Tattoo On Rib
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This is a Virgo constellation tattoo. It’s a small virgo tattoo on the rib of a woman. Nowadays, rib tattoos are getting popular among women. This tattoo is dotted with geometrical lines to form a star sign as a constellation. With only black lines, dots and stars, this virgo tattoo looks quite elegant. As shown in the picture, the Virgo constellation tattoo can be done on the rib or on the shoulder.

Such virgo tattoos are the perfect choice for a minimalist who is born under the Virgo constellations. If you would prefer a dainty design, you can opt for tiny Virgo tattoos rather than flashy or big tattoos. You could also personalise this design in this design. If you love the cosmos and outer space, you should try this constellation tattoo.

Arm Sleeve Virgo Constellation Tattoo

Arm Sleeve Virgo Constellation Tattoo
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Virgo is known as the Greek goddess of Purity. The little Saturn with its rings is a nice touch in this tattoo. Beautifully done on the forearm, the tattoo is simple, captivating, and says a lot about the owner. Such Virgo tattoo designs are more favorable to a young girl. From one look, one can say it’s a neo-traditional tattoo. This Virgo tattoo has an illustrative look to it. It is a black-grey tattoo with some dotted work.

According to the Greek Goddess meter, the sixth zodiac sign in the zodiac wheel is Virgo. Diverse imagery is used to make the portrait of the goddess. This Virgo goddess tattoo can also be classified as a new school style popular as girl tattoos. This tattoo is well placed between the wrist and the elbow.

Floral Virgo Constellation Tattoo

Floral Virgo Constellation Tattoo
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This is a beautiful combination of floral motifs and night sky motifs. In ancient Greek mythology, Astraea, the Goddess of Innocence and Purity, is the sign of Virgo. Pandora was sent to Earth by Zeus as a punishment for man, according to the creation story. She opened the box the gods had instructed her not to open, releasing the plagues of hate, jealousy, disease, and other calamities into the Earth. Of course, Hope did not manage to flee, but life on Earth had become miserable. The gods returned to the skies one by one to live. The last to go was Astraea. The aesthetic design of the tattoo is what makes it unique, with its curly line and its artistic style.

Inside the floral wreath, there is a splash of pink, blue and purple depicting the night sky and stars. The virgo constellation is inked completely in white inside this design. The floral wreath surrounding this design is completely in black ink with dot shading. This captivating virgo tattoo is placed on the thigh.

Virgo Constellation Tattoo As Flowers

Virgo Constellation Tattoo As Flowers
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This is an elegant collar bone tattoo. Beautiful flowers are outlined on the lines of a Virgo sign and it is titled the Horoscope of Mongolia flower. These Virgo tattoo designs can be specialized for anyone. It is a very delicate and detailed tattoo. Some of the leaves of the flowers are colored in a yellowish tone. Such tattoos are trendy among girls or women. The flowers are tattooed in black ink. There are some symbols of the moon where the two lines join each other.

One of the meanings of a Virgo tattoo is purity. The descriptive meaning of a Virgo tattoo is a shy maiden standing and carrying wheat or corn. This picture is the symbol of harvest. It is a sign of productivity and prosperity. Similarly, it is a sign of blooming for the flowers.

Unique Constellation Virgo Tattoo On Ankle

Unique Constellation Virgo Tattoo On Ankle
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This is a Virgo constellation tattoo inked entirely in black with dotwork. The closest planet to the sun is mercury. Along with Taurus and Capricorn, Virgo is considered an earth sign. The tattoo is placed about the ankle. It is a single-lined tattoo with some symbols and lines. The tattoo artist must have enough patience to draw such a small minimalist tattoo. This is a unique tattoo as it is straightforward and eye-catching. The Virgo element is wheat. If you want a minimal design, you can pick this one or add some other elements to this virgo tattoo design.

Space Virgo Tattoos

Space Virgo Tattoos
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This small Virgo constellation tattoo is done on the arm. It looks simple and minimalistic but is very fashionable. The tattoo shows Earth surrounded by a simple version of the constellation of the star sign. The 15 prominent named stars of the Virgo constellation are Elgafar, Flegetonte, Heze, Kang, Porrima, Spica, Syrma, Vindemiatrix, Zaniah, Khambalia, Lich, Malmok, Minelauva, Mönch, and Zavijava. The Virgo constellation is placed inside a triangle and circle, far from the Earth, but visible from the Earth.

The stars of the constellation are shown as they surrounded the entire Earth in all ways. It is believed that Virgos are perfectionists and practical people, and the tattoo shows that aspect of the personality of a Virgo person. The tattoo’s artistic design makes it look good, but it is also straightforward to draw and small, so the pain while getting it is manageable.

Handpoked Virgo Constellation Tattoo

Handpoked Virgo Constellation Tattoo
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This is a straightforward Virgo constellation tattoo. Such simple tattoo designs are much suited for arm tattoos, behind-the-ear tattoos, collar bone, or behind the shoulder, as shown here. Different Zodiac Tattoos represent other Zodiac signs and hold special meaning and symbolism for the owner. For example, the Leo zodiac sign represents the constellation of stars.

Similarly, the Virgo sign, which is a letter m in a curly font, represents the nature of Virgo as Earth bound. Virgo is known as the second-largest constellation. If you’re looking for an earth sign, you should get this glyph symbol. This constellation tattoo is done with a hand poke tattoos technique, where no machines are used in the design.

Flowers As Stars Virgo Tattoos

Flowers As Stars Virgo Tattoos
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If you love flowers and identify as someone born under the Virgo constellation, then this design is for you! In this virgo constellation tattoo, each star is shown as a different flower. The flowers are painted in different colors and it is these tiny details that make this a stand-out tattoo. You can replace the stars of the constellation as flowers like it is done here or some other motifs.

You can also write the word Virgo indicated the owner is born under the Virgo sign. The detailing on the floral motif is fascinating. This tattoo is placed on the front of the shoulder blade.

Ornamental Virgo Constellation Tattoo Designs

Ornamental Virgo Constellation Tattoo Designs
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This tattoo is an amalgamation of the theme and symbol of Virgo constellations with five elements of the living. This blackline tattoo is great for both sexes as it is as good as an abstract painting. The tattoo is mesmerizing yet straightforward, subtle yet conveys a lot of information about the owner, who could believe the astrology and symbolism. The tattoo is done with single and straight strokes with not much shading making it an outstanding piece of art. This Virgo tattoo will grab attention even if the tattoo placement is on the back or leg of the owner.

Geometric Virgo Constellation Tattoo

Geometric Virgo Constellation Tattoo
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This is a Virgo tattoo done beautifully on the side of the torso. The bold lines and shading give this Virgo tattoo a very highlighted view. Bold geometric lines bound these Virgo tattoos. There is a series of triangles shown here which look like borders within which the tattoo design is created. Virgo tattoos are known as a symbol for the Virgin, harvest woman, or Maiden. Earth’s Maiden of the zodiac signs is Virgo. Hence, these tattoos have stunning depictions for women. If you’re looking for big tattoo ideas with scenes, including the earth sign, this would be a perfect choice among all Virgo tattoo ideas. You can go for any zodiac tattoo symbols that you like.

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