10 Best Valet Trays To Organise Your Life

by Joseph Birch
Best Valet Trays

Reviewed & fact checked: March 28, 2023 by Jamie Wilson (BA)

Valet trays, also known as dump or EDC trays are fast becoming a necessity in the home of every self-respecting man. 

While it’s now commonly just used to mean a parking valet – someone who parks your car for you – the word ‘valet’ essentially means personal servant, and that’s exactly what these trays will be to you. EDC stands for ‘everyday carry’, which is a short form for whatever you carry with you consistently on a daily basis such as your phone, wallet, keys, watch and pens. 

They’re called dump trays because they’re the perfect way to empty out your pockets and dump your things into one spot when you get home after a long day. 

Traditionally, men would put their leather valet tray either near the front door or in the bedroom as a nightstand organizer tray. The choice is ultimately down to personal preference, depending on whether you’d rather empty your pockets as soon as you enter the house, or wait until you hit the hay. Either way though, you’ll want the right kind of valet tray to suit your needs, as they come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and materials. It’s an item that you’re going to be using on a daily basis so we would definitely recommend not rushing into this one, but we’ve helpfully done some research for you to make your decision a little bit easier. 

Valet Trays
Image Credit: Oliur Rahman

When compiling our guide of the best valet trays on the market, we’ve made a wide variety of selections that include everything from marble, acrylic and steel to your more typical leather valet tray. Modern iterations of this timeless home accessory can come with all sorts of features and capabilities such as wireless charging, built in clocks and multiple compartments for your everyday carry. Others remain simple and clean, with pretty basic construction and a focus on material, build quality and function. 

At the end of the day, the valet tray has a single purpose, to hold and to organize. The important thing when choosing a valet tray is to keep your own personal style at the forefront of your mind. If you’ve got a black leather wallet, phone case, keyfob and watch strap, then you’ll likely want to choose a black leather tray valet to hold them all in. If your possessions are more on the eclectic side of things then you may want to opt for one that is better suited to the room you’re keeping it in. 

1. HAY Marble Tray – White

Coming in hot to start off our list is this elegant marble tray from Danish homeware experts HAY. On the larger side of most valet trays, this HAY option comes in a sleek Carrara marble with unique grains that means no two trays are the same. The raised edges and minimal style make this a great addition to your bedside table if leather isn’t really your thing. Due to the size and weight of this valet tray you’ll want to keep it in a semi-permanent location, so as to lower the risk of damage during transportation. We suggest a light coloured room on a sturdy table as your best bet, and once it’s in its place it’s sure to become one of features of the room all by itself. 

2. HOBO Aluminium Tray With Leather – Beige

A sublime circular tray combining traditional japanese metalwork with brown pigskin suede, this HOBO tray is a neat and beautifully crafted choice of mens valet tray if you want the luxury of tanned leather with a more rigid build structure. The base object is a sleek, brushed aluminium which is sure to last and give the product a high level of build quality over other vegetable tanned key trays, while retaining the feel of leather with the embossed branded inside. The suede leather will naturally age over time with use, taking on the items thrown into the tray and exposure to the air as part of its character as it changes into an evidently well-loved object in your home. 

3. Tre Product Moln Wood Tray

If you’re after a wooden wallet and key tray, look no further than this from Tre Product. Measuring 30cm in diameter, this perfectly smooth wooden tray features three carved circles of different sizes to split your possessions among. The smallest crater is perfect for any pocket change you have managed to collect, while the larger ones are great for a set of keys or a phone. At Outsons we believe that a wood valet tray provides a good compromise for those of you that want something different from the usual leather, but wish to keep on the side of traditional materials in terms of build. This wooden tray is the perfect match for any other wooden home objects and furniture you might have such as lamps, plant pots or tables and combines form and function together effortlessly in a single valet tray.

4. Edie Parker Acrylic Vanity Tray

When it comes to excellent craftsmanship, it doesn’t get much better than the hand-poured acetate used in this men’s vanity tray from Edie Parker. The high quality acrylic gives a lovely smoky effect, providing a perfectly moody environment for your everyday carry to be kept in. With a slight focus on cosmetics and jewelry, this tray is large enough and robust enough to hold your keys and the rest of your EDC as well so you can situate the tray whichever way you want to take care of everything in one go. We recommend this if you’ve got more of a stone based home interior compared to a wooden one, as the colour and material will fit more appropriately.

5. Courant Catch 3 Wireless Charging Accessory Tray In Black

Half way through our list of the best valet trays and we come to the high-tech kid on the block. The Courant Catch 3 valet for men is nothing if not glorious. Coming in a pebble-grain Italian leather with wireless charging capabilities and a spacious accessories compartment for your items, the Catch 3 has a aluminium alloy base to provide a sturdy yet gentle choice of leather valet tray for your everyday carry. If you’ve been contemplating delving into the wireless charging pad market anyway, then why not kill two birds with one stone and pick up this sleek watch valet tray that showcases as the heavy hitter of Courants ever-improving range of accessories.

6. Billionaire Boys Club Multicolor Space Camp Tray

For the man who is into leather valet trays with a bit more character, this multicolor leather tray from Billionaire Boys Club is a sure one to look out for. When it comes to eccentric all-over prints and fun motifs, Billionaire Boys Club is basically as good as you’ll get, and that same energy runs throughout this product to create a vibrant outcome which quickly catches the eye. With extended panels and press stud fastenings in each corner it provides a fun alternative to your traditional vegetable tanned leather if you’re still in touch with your youthful side. The one standout feature is the padded interior, which helps to give the camouflaged construction some extra depth and sets it apart from others if you’re specifically after a leather valet tray. 

7. Puebco Large Aluminium Tray Grey

Some men don’t want all the bells and whistles of the modern electronic valet tray and aren’t really into leather, and that’s okay. Here at Outsons, we’re a stickler for simplicity, and the next two on our list are excellent minimalist choices for a mens catchall. First is this mottled aluminium tray from Puebco, a large and no-nonsense industrial design that will happily stand up to having keys thrown onto it every day, but can also act as an elegant drinks tray if the occasion arises. On the larger side of things, it’s an easy place for all your pocket items alongside a small candle or plant to use as a semi-permanent fixture. 

8. HAY Large Kaleido Tray Black 

Continuing the moderate aesthetic is this Kaleido tray from HAY. Designed by Clara von Zweigbergk, it provides a large and hard wearing trayspace for all your belongings. The black steel construction of this tray gives it a modern and uncomplicated appeal that will have a top level of synergy with your keys, phone, wallet and anything else black that you have in your everyday carry. It fits seamlessly with the rest of HAY’s tray range if you fancy buying into their lifestyle a little more, and having a couple around the house for different purposes can really tie together your home aesthetic. 

9. SPSHENG Valet Tray PU Leather Organiser Coffee

Sweet and Simple, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this coffee coloured leather catch all tray for men. The PU faux leather is sure to please any vegans among us, and the handy compartment divider makes it easy to use dual-purpose, such as for a leather jewelry tray on one side and a pocket dump tray for the rest of your items on the other. It’s affordable and comes in a range of colours for you to take your pick from and brass rivets to hold the piece together during use, which then easily flatten down if you need to transport it anywhere. Brown leather has long been a favourite of so many wallet choices and wristwatches, so be sure to do them justice with a colour-matching valet tray like this one. 

10. HappyDavid Jewelry Leather Storage Tray

If you want a no-fuss, cheap and cheerful leather valet tray then our final pick on this valet tray list could be the one for you. Comprising a 7” square when standing, this simple yet elegant design is a good alternative to some of the more expensive valet trays on the market. The stitching and tone of the material give the impressions of a luxury vegetable tanned leather at a fraction of the price as an affordable option for a mens nightstand valet tray. The snap buttons allow it to easily be raised and flattened in a heartbeat, making this valet tray one for those of you who take regular business trips around the world and need something light and easy to take with you.  

Best Valet Tray – Staff Pick

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to the best valet trays for your everyday carry. You have seen the variety on offer and should now be able to make an informed decision about which is right for you. The best valet tray in our opinion is the Courant Catch 3 Wireless Charging Accessory Tray In Black. If you want to opt for something a bit less traditional then there are excellent options available in materials such as acrylic, marble and aluminium so it’s well worth investing in one that is a suitable match for your home.

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