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101 Best Unique Small Sun Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Unique Small Sun Tattoo

Looking for some amazing small tattoo ideas? Then we offer you some of the best unique small sun tattoo ideas for your next body art.

Unique Small Sun Tattoos
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Sun tattoos look very beautiful on the body, they come with an uplifting message.

In many cultures, the sun is considered to be holy, it helps in overcoming the bad omens. Therefore sun represents strength, life, and light.

The sun tattoo designs may vary from simple and small to large and intricate. Here we offer you some small sun tattoo designs that you will find the best. Find a suitable piece for yourself from the list of best and unique small sun tattoo ideas.

Small Simple Sun Tattoo

Small Simple Sun Tattoo
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Sun tattoo ideas are versatile but this tattoo shows the sun in its simplest form. This is the most common image of the sun which is imprinted in the minds of almost every person since childhood. This design commemorates the innocence of childhood yet manages to look classy always. This old-school style simple outline sun tattoo is an evergreen one, and if you have been meaning to get a sun tattoo without any meaningful designs, then you should definitely opt for this idea. The sun tattoo is inked on the upper in the image however, it will also look attractive on the wrist, back, and ribs.

Small Simple Sun Tattoos
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If you want to opt for a bit of modern sun tattoo ideas, then this simple and fun sun tattoo might be perfectly suitable for you. The tattoo artist has presented the sun’s rays in such a playful way in the tattoo that it makes a great example for a simple sun tattoo. The circle in the center of the sun is a tiny one. More interestingly, the sun’s circle has no border, it is defined by the rays protruding in a spiraling manner. The spiral nature of the sun rays tattoo increases the artistic appeal of the tattoo. If you are also looking for an artsy and simple sun tattoo, then get this design inked.

Floral Small Sun Tattoo

Floral Small Sun Tattoo
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It would be a great miss if we didn’t include a sunflower collaboration and a sun tattoo design. These two two tattoo symbols go exceptionally well with each other just like their names. A large circle is drawn at the center which is shared by both the sun and the flower. The suns rays and the flower’s petals surround the circle. The idea behind the tattoo is half sun and half sunflower. To make the tattoo more vibrant, you can also color the sunflower if you like colorful tattoos. In the circle, the number 111 is tattooed, this number refers to a transformation in a numerological sense.

Cosmic Eye Small Sun Tattoo

Cosmic Eye Small Sun Tattoo
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An eye tattoo within the sun has intricate spiritual meanings. People with spiritual beliefs typically tend to get such a tattoo design, however, this visually interesting idea is open to all. Black ink is drawn on a sun tattoo with bold rays on the sleeves. the details on the sun tattoo are not too elaborate but the design is tempting. The eye within the sun’s circle makes the tattoo more artistic. The sun’s eye on the other hand is minutely detailed. It is made as realistically as possible without leaving any imperfection. The eye almost looks like a reflection in a sun-shaped mirror.

Cosmic Eye Small Sun Tattoos
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Contrasting to the above sun tattoo design, the eye in this tattoo looks evil. An eye tattoo within the sun resembles the omnipresent eye of a higher power in the sky and how it watches every action we take. The above sun tattoo looks unique just like the unique idea of adding an eye to the sun. The circular portion of the sun is represented by the cosmic eye while the rays appear as tentacles coming out of the eye. The way the tattoo is inked, it gives off a 3D effect the.

Small Sun And Moon Tattoo

Small Sun And Moon Tattoo
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Sun and moon tattoos top the chart when we talk about aesthetic cancellation tattoo collections. The tattoo in this design proves how pretty a sun and moon tattoo looks side by side. The bright colors used in the tattoo increase the cuteness of the tattoo idea further. This moon and sun tattoo represents the constellation of the zodiac sign Sagittarius. So, alternatively, it can also be used as a Sagittarius zodiac tattoo. The sun is inked in bright yellow and red colors resembling daylight while the crescent-shaped moon has cooler night hues giving it a standout design. The tinkling colorful stars add to the beauty of the tattoo and the piece is a great piece for the shoulder.

Small Half Sun Tattoo

Small Half Sun Tattoo
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The half sun tattoo is a great design if you want a small tiny sun tattoo idea. A rising sun over the sea waves is presented effortlessly with the help of a few lines in the tattoo. What makes this tattoo exceptional is its ability to depict elaborate scenery simply through a few line strokes. The ankle is an uncommon place to get the rising sun tattoo. This versatile design will fit perfectly in any place on the body like the sleeves, chest, and side thigh.

Small Half Sun Tattoos
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Here is another half sun tattoo if you love the half sun symbols. This sun tattoo also gives off a beach vibe. A tall beach coconut tree is inked on the inner sleeve. A half sun appears behind the tree probably hinting at sunset on a beach. The overall grey and black sun tattoo design is simple and is great for first-timers.

Couple Sun Tattoo Small

Couple Sun Tattoo Small
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Couple tattoos are a new trend that everyone follows, and if you are a tattoo lover then you should also get a couple’s tattoo with your partner. This sun tattoo is an excellent choice if you wish to get inked with your partner. This tattoo features two faces inside the sun representing two opposing forces of both the partners. The sun face tattoo is cut in such a way that it looks like a crescent moon is hidden inside the sun.

Another aspect of this tattoo is that the sun and moon appear to kiss each other passionately in the tattoo. This makes the tattoo a romantic one and perfect for couples. The sun and moon tattoo meaning is quite deep when used as couple tattoos, it symbolizes the mix of masculine and feminine energies in a body.

Skull Small Sun Tattoo

Skull Small Sun Tattoo
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The sun tattoo is associated with something good generally since the sun forecasts the break of day and end of darkness. So, connecting it with dark elements such as the demonic skull is rare. This makes the design a unique and rare one. If you are also overwhelmed by unique tattoo ideas, then this tiny skull sun tattoo is a great piece for you. Skull tattoos, representing strength required to overcome bad experiences, look very trendy. The common symbolism of the sun is strong. Combining the two images together gives rise to a meaningful tattoo which will also attract more people to your design. The rays of the sun, coming out from the skull-shaped sun’s center looks like the mane of the skull. This powerful symbol with an impressive finish is a stunning piece.

Watercolor Small Sun Tattoo

Watercolor Small Sun Tattoo
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This watercolor tattoo is a great one if you want to dedicate a tattoo to your best friends. Generally, the clouds and the sun have a corrosive relationship, when the sun appears the clouds disappear, and vice-versa. The tattoo shows how the sun befriended the clouds and are residing in the sky happily together. By looking at the smiling faces of the sun and the clouds, it can be said that they are having a good time. If you also want a cheerful happy tattoo of this design, then the sun and the clouds tattoo is perfect. The expression of the elements in the tattoo, says it all. The bright yellow color of the sun and the blue patches in the clouds make the tattoo pop on the skin.

Small Tribal Sun Tattoo

Small Tribal Sun Tattoo
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Tribal tattoos are very versatile, almost all tattoos look good when designed in tribal art. The sun tattoo is not an exception. This colored tribal sun is your go-to piece if you are also a tribal body art enthusiast. The tattoo is inked in the original color of the sun and bordered by black. A mystic face is drawn inside the sun, perhaps it resembles the sun god. The face in the tribal sun tattoo looks like it has Chinese origins since such art is seen in Chinese feng-shui. The element that gives a tribal look to the sun tattoo is the way its ray is designed in black and yellow ink.

Small Sun Tattoo With Rose

Small Sun Tattoo With Rose
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Rose tattoos look pretty and elegant in almost any form. The beauty of the flower embraces each and every tattoo design it combines with, like this sun tattoo. The sun and the rose are interconnected with each other in the tattoo. It looks like the flower’s stem is holding the sound and the rose together in space. This rose in the tattoo gives it a feminine touch making it a lovely piece for all female sun tattoo seekers.

Now that you are aware of so many simple unique small sun tattoos, it is time for you to choose a visually impressive design for yourself. Sun tattoos come in many variations therefore it is normal to get confused between so many designs. If you are still struggling to pick the perfect piece for yourself, we recommend you carry on the search. We offer some additional small sun tattoo designs that might help you to find a suitable piece.

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How much does a small sun tattoo cost?

The cost of a small sun tattoo will depend on the size, complexity, and location of the tattoo as well as the artist’s skill level. Generally speaking, small sun tattoos can range in price from about $50 to over $200. However, it is important to remember that prices vary depending on factors such as size and detail. Therefore, it is best to consult with a professional tattoo artist for an accurate quote. Additionally, many shops offer discounts and other deals that can help reduce the overall cost of your sun tattoo.

What are some unique small sun tattoo ideas?

Small sun tattoos are a great way to express your personality and show off your creativity. There are so many unique designs available, from classic tribal styles to more modern shapes. Some unique small sun tattoo ideas include:

1. A black and white sunflower with rays of sunlight in the background
2. A sunset landscape on the inner wrist
3. A watercolor sun on the side of your thigh
4. A small crescent moon and sun with stars around them
5. An abstract geometric design in bright colors
6. A mandala-like pattern featuring rays of sunlight.

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