8 Best Underwear Brands For Men – The Ultimate Guide!

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Some of the best underwear brands for men are actually listed down below! Guys who love comfort will need this guide in their life. The perfect pair of underwear and some boxer briefs can change your entire appearance. Underwear can be fun, classic, and will allow you to enjoy top-performance in some sports & athletic events. Follow this guide & you will enjoy some of these boxer briefs!

What Is The Best Brand Of Men’sMen’s Underwear?

Every guy will recommend different underwear & different brands. However, some of the best pairs & comfortable clothing pieces often come from some athletic or athleisure brands. However, the most comfortable & breathable material is cotton. It is absorbent, breathable & very easy to find, purchase + it is not expensive. This underwear is soft & feels amazing once pressed against your skin.

What Is The Best Underwear For A Man To Wear? Top 8 Options

1. Calvin Klein

Calvin underwear @calvinklein

Calvin Klein is one of the most known brands. Their underwear is amazing, high-quality & very fashionable. It is a luxury yet a breathable piece of menswear that guys love to wear. Also, women think of Calvin Klein as a sexy brand, which is why guys love to wear it. This brand has been around since 1968. The name Calvin Klein originated in New York, and believe it or not; this was firstly a coat shop! Nowadays, Calvin Klein has all the items that one could wish for. They have clothes for men & women, a fragrance line, as well as an amazing lingerie collection.

You can find many different colors & fabrics, such as mesh – that are also very budget-friendly.

If you are a customer looking for amazing boxer briefs, you will definitely find some amazing underwear that you can wear if you are off to a sporty event, or in your day-to-day life. Remember that Calvin Klein has a lot of different short & long briefs, just make sure you enjoy your chosen design before you purchase it. 

2. Armani

Armani underwear @mg_scots

Another huge fashion brand is Armani. You can find a lot of their underwear on Amazon, and everyone loves wearing some high-end brands from time to time. This is a well-known Italian brand that is massive worldwide. Many celebrities have been loving Armani. If you are trying to search for something that your favorite stars wear, you will love Armani. David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo & Rafel Nadal always wear Armani! Since these big names swear by this brand, wouldn’t you enjoy wearing something like them? Seeing such big names wear Armani products on television can have a massive impact on men, and it can be a bit hard to resist their boxers.

3. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren underwear @dmv.models

Ralph Lauren is a fantastic luxury brand. Every expert will tell you that Ralph Lauren is super comfy while screaming glamour. You probably know Ralph Lauren for their amazing shirts, polo tops, as well as sweaters, right? However, Ralph Lauren is a brand that does amazing boxer briefs. Ralph is a brand from NYC, and they have similar prices to Calvin Klein. If you want underwear that has a specific cut and a pouch, you will enjoy this underwear. Make sure you look into a huge range before you commit to one pair in particular. Ralph Lauren has many different styles, high-rise & simple cut designs that you could wear & still feel comfy.

4. Under Armour

Under armor underwear @allananthonywilliams

The most common go-to brand for many athletes is Under Armour. Their category of underwear is mostly lightweight, comfy, as well as easy to move around in. Under Armour has been around since 1996. This is a U.S. brand that creates sporty pieces. Nowadays Under Armour is available worldwide in many different bigger & smaller shops. Their underwear has a specific technology that athletes prefer. It is called the moisture-absorbing technology that will allow their customers to feel dry 24/7. In fact, Under Armour was the first brand to use this technology. They even did this before Nike, Adidas, or Reebok.

5. MeUndies

MeUndies underwear @meundies

This is a newer brand that men love. Boxer briefs by MeUndies will feel comfy over your trunk. They will take care of your sweat, as well as private parts. This is because this brand focus is on comfort. This is because their underwear is made from 100% Lenzing modal fabric. The brand has a unique technology that will allow you to cool down when it is too hot outside. But they will also keep you warm if it is too cold out. The best part is that their boxers and underwear are a lot softer (3x softer than cotton). And lastly, they are perfect for men who are on a budget. They are not too expensive and will suit everyone’s style & preference.

6. Derek Rose

Derek Rose is a brand from London that has been around ever since 1926. Nowadays they have a lot of clothes for both men & women. They specialize in underwear & pajamas that everyone will feel comfortable in. However, their brand is a bit pricier, but it is perfect for men who want to enjoy comfort. A single pair of their underwear is around £35. However, you will experience top-notch & high-quality since their underwear is made out of cashmere, silk, and wool!

7. Hanes

Hanes underwear @thezacharysolomon

We know Hanes for their pretty simple & basic shirts & jumpers, right? Well, Hanes also produces boxers for men. They are pretty simple, straightforward & easy to wear & style. This pair of underwear is excellent for men who love simple white color options, as well as guys who don’t want to stand out in their underwear when at the gym. These boxer shorts have got that practical pouch. You can purchase a pack of 7 for under £15 which is an amazing deal. If you are looking into a low price and you don’t need a specific look, go for these trunks.

8. Adidas

Adidas underwear @fit_magician

Adidas is one of those underwear brands that is mostly worn by men who love their label. Every customer will tell you that Adidas is well-known for their amazing gear. Adidas is very fashionable and somewhat pricey, but they have a lot of different styles. Also, they can give you amazing support & have a practical pouch at the same time. Adidas underwear will help you power through a sweat-wicking run or a tough training practice. Adidas has developed these climate-changing boxers in 2000. 

What Is The Best Underwear For Men’sMen’s Health?

Boxers and briefs are the most common go-to underwear types. You can wear a blend of cotton and polyester, but try to invest a bit more of your budget when finding the perfect size & stretch underwear. The best boxer briefs are those that never irritate you, and that have a slight pouch while feeling lightweight on your body.

On That Note

This guide will help you find your perfect men boxers! If you are on a lookout for comfy, stylish, and not too expensive underwear – you will enjoy any of these eight brands. What is your top pick? And what brand do you prefer the most from our list? Before you make a quick decision for your new pair of underwear, make sure you are okay with their price point. Men who need something new to add to their style will enjoy this list!

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