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101 Best Trippy Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Trippy Tattoo Ideas

Hung up on getting a funky piece of body art? Take a look at our top 10 trippy tattoo ideas and embark on a journey that will blur real and imaginary!

Trippy Tattoo Ideas
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Trippy tattoos are all about incorporating fun into your body art and providing an additional edge to your personality.

These tattoos are heavily inspired by psychedelic trips and attempt to bring about a magical perspective to the idea. Needless to say, psychedelic tattoo designs are a mix of all sorts of random elements, vibrant colours, and cool tattoo tropes to shape reality in a sublime mould that will keep you on the hook!

Why should you get psychedelic tattoos? Trippy tattoos are some of the most trending tattoo styles causing all the hype in the tattoo community. Tattoo artists vouch for this evergreen tattooing genre for its capacity to blend magic and reality in the contemporary age. You can practically ink a psychedelic tattoo design with whatever inspiration strikes and get yourself a bold body art to show off to the world. Moreover, who does not like a trip that surpasses the definitive realm of life? With psychedelic tattoos, you get to experience a wholesome dose of surrealism without any bad trip to spoil the vibe! Eager to see what this tattoo design has to offer? Keep reading to find inspiration for your next tattoo that promises a trippy mood forever!

Trippy Tattoo Ideas With Skull

Trippy Tattoo Ideas With Skull
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The versatility of a skull in tattoo designs is unmatched. The skull can pair with any and everything to get you a rad bunch of styles to have fun with. Take this trippy tattoo design as a reference. Here, the tattoo artist frames a grim reaper but with all shades of colours of the rainbow. The flowers, colours, rainbow, and smileys completely jeopardise the bleak notions associated with a grim reaper, getting you a fun psychedelic tattoo!

Trippy Tattoo Ideas With Skulls
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Or you can take the shapes of a skull and include neon ink to include the psychedelic elements. Here, the skull is etched within the framework of a butterfly using neon green and purple. The progressively 3D image made out of colours adds a cool contrast visual to further promote the beauty of the design. You can place these psychedelic tattoos on any site of your choice and cherish trippy tattoos at their best!

Fractal Trippy Tattoo Designs For Guys

Fractal Trippy Tattoo Designs For Guys
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Fractals are in themselves quite trippy to focus on. When inked on the skin, fractal and sacred geometry can make up for ideal psychedelic tattoos in black. This tattoo artist opts for a downward spiralling pattern in black ink that creates the illusion of continuous looping towards the centre.

Fractal Trippy Tattoo Designs For Guys ideas
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Similarly, this psychedelic tattoo features mandala patterns inspired by sacred geometry. The contrasting patterns here equally point out the beauty of the image as they draw attention to each of their intricacies. Both these patterns are heavily dependent on dot work linking the patterns of nature with mathematics and geometry. You can ink these psychedelic tattoos on your sleeve or on the upper arm for a grand show of your taste in tattoos.

Space Themed Trippy Tattoos

Space Themed Trippy Tattoos
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Speaking of the ways of the world, why not transcend outwards to the great void? This custom rocket tattoo is your ticket to cross the bounds of the earth to the worlds that are overflowing with colours and vibrance. This rocketship will not only feed your curious brain but also showcase how much you think about human existence and life in a cool way!

Space Themed Trippy Tattoos ideas
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Digging a little deeper into the nitty-gritty of space, this psychedelic tattoo exhibits a wormhole that acts as a gateway to the far away parts of the cosmos. The melting planets and stars along with the colours filled to the brim form the key attention-grabbing elements of this psychedelic tattoo. Place these space trips at any sites of your choice and watch their charisma unfold.

Trippy Mushroom Tattoo

Trippy Mushroom Tattoo
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It is a sin to talk about psychedelic tattoos without mentioning magic mushrooms. Albeit this is not a pitch-perfect representation of these trippy mushrooms, here the artist opts for a plain black mushroom with loopy patterns all over. As weird as it can get, the stem is crowded with a host of eyes creepily looking here and there.

Trippy Mushroom Tattoo ideas
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Adding a touch of earthy shades, the artist here has created a statement piece with a number of mushrooms on the arm. The variety of colours and the precision of shading complement each other to such a degree that it seems impossible to separate any of the components from the image.

Portrait Trippy Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Portrait Trippy Tattoo Ideas For Guys
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Psychedelic tattoos do not necessarily have to have colour. These tattoo designs can put forth monochrome optical illusions and still be as edgy as the neon trippy tattoos. For example, this dark portrait tattoo design captures the motion of a well-dressed man in the same fashion as the surrealist painters. The rapidity of movement contributes to the trippy visuals even though the idea is a fairly simple one.

Portrait Trippy Tattoo Ideas For Guys ideas
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Yes, your eyes and brain will start hurting now with this trippy dual-toned Alice. Tattoo artists often use two shades of ink that are closely related but not the same to achieve a holographic effect on the design. If you look closely, it is a thin-lined portrait of Alice but the trip begins when there are two inks in play. Using these simple tools can get you easy trippy tattoos without any hassle!

Hip Trippy Tattoo Ideas

Hip Trippy Tattoo Ideas
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The most amazing thing about trippy tattoos is you don’t need to jump in with meaningful tropes or personal ideas that matter on some level. In fact, you can opt for a number of bizarre components and punch them together to make up a rad piece of body art. This octopus looks like it has swum across a trippy sea to have its brains blown out with ecstasy. The peppy colour palette is so against the sea animal but makes up a funky psychedelic tattoo design with mere splashes!

Hip Trippy Tattoos Ideas
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How do you feel under the influence of psychedelics? Head in the clouds, right? So does this unicorn woman! The dominant use of pink, purple, blue, and yellow inks help form a majestic visual of this euphoria and duly depicts your perspective on your skin. You can get these designs on your arm or leg-sleeve for maximum chances of exposure.

Small Trippy Tattoo Designs

Small Trippy Tattoo Designs
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Since psychedelic art begins from your perception, how about a trippy eye tattoo inspired by the visuals of a trip? Here the artist etches an eye that looks into nothingness and cries black tears. The idea of getting an eye inked is especially trendy for you can experiment with a bunch of motifs and it will produce a stunning psychedelic tattoo every time!

Get these compact pieces on the back of your forearm or any other sites offering good exposure.

Badass Trippy Tattoos For Guys

Badass Trippy Tattoos For Guys
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If you were looking for a sign to get a rad psychedelic tattoo design to express your true colours, this is it! This one brings to you a superb combination of the beautiful and the ugly amalgamated in an attractive psychedelic tattoo. The melting face of the woman merges with the overall melting background, narrowing down the focus to her exposed skeleton.

Such hidden motifs in psychedelic tattoos are much appreciated as they stand for the wearer’s control over their personal being even when it is coated superficially with all the fun stuff. You can get this standalone body art on your limbs to show off your true self.

Trippy Tattoo With Classical Motif

Trippy Tattoo With Classical Motif
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Bring the charm of the age-old artists to your body for an edgy psychedelic tattoo drawing to showcase your superior sense of art. Here, the artist laterally dissects Michaelangelo’s David to reveal a trippy maze made out of the fine lining and dot work.

The treatment of this design might seem simple but includes heavy detailing to sustain the image of a 3D surrealist idea. Exhibit your love for the classics using the tools of something entirely modern and redefine the tattoo genre.

Abstract Trippy Tattoo Patterns

Abstract Trippy Tattoo Patterns
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A psychedelic tattoo sleeve featuring crazy patterns is by far the safest option if you are running low on your creative juices. This full sleeve design is crowded with small circular patterns in the sea of black ink. Though the image might seem intimidating, all it demands is your time and patience!

Abstract Trippy Tattoo Patterns ideas
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Or you can confine these patterns within a small frame for a compact psychedelic tattoo. The design here is inspired by Ponderosa’s bark and looks crisp because of the rectangular canvas that holds together the many intricacies. You can get this psychedelic tattoo on your forearm or the upper arm as is shown here to increase the possibility of flaunting a cool style.

If you are a person with a taste for all things weird, a psychedelic tattoo will definitely match your style! Psychedelic tattoos can be cool, cute, funky, creepy, and so much more depending on how you decide to wear them. Love the idea? Check out these suggestions for your next tattoo with some rad trippy designs:

Still looking for inspiration, then checkout this blog post about trippy tattoo ideas

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What is a trippy tattoo?

Trippy tattoos are those that feature designs that are unusual, bold, and eye-catching. They often include elements that are meant to be visually stimulating, such as bright colors, geometric shapes, or abstract patterns. Trippy tattoos can be found in a variety of different styles, from traditional Japanese to more modern neo-traditional designs.

What are some popular trippy tattoo designs?

Some popular trippy tattoo designs include geometric patterns, mandalas, sacred geometry, abstract patterns, and optical illusions. Trippy tattoos often incorporate bright colors and bold lines to create an eye-catching design.

How much will my trippy tattoo cost? 

The cost of your trippy tattoo will depend on the size, complexity, and location of the design. Smaller, simpler designs may start at around $50, while larger, more detailed tattoos can cost several hundred dollars.

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