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101 Best Traditional Neck Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Traditional Neck Tattoo

Are you looking for a sign to get a traditional neck tattoo style inked on you? Is there an ideal place to get traditional tattoos? Here is your cue.

Traditional Neck Tattoo
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Neck tattoos have been on the list of body parts that entertain tattoos beautifully.

A traditional neck tattoo looks magnificent on the neck skin. Usually consisting of tribal tattoos and done by a tattoo enthusiast, these tattoos carry bold lines and cover the front neck.

At times, a side-neck tattoo does the job equally. Traditional neck tattoos for men have always been the norm. A neck tattoo, however, does not do well on thin skin. Tattoo artists usually recommend angel wings and treat the whole tattoo as one tattoo with highly visible illustrations that easily cover the full tattoo. Back neck tattoos also ensure their own meaning. Love tattoos are an excellent way to jumpstart any good traditional neck tattoo.

Neck tattoos set a straightforward example for appearance. The first instinct is to look at the placement of someone’s tattoo when it is in sight. Setting aside the hair is a popular choice for impact. Compared to a chest tattoo or other body parts, a neck tattoo takes the lead and almost always tells a tale of defiance.

Most people don’t find the need to hide who they are as a person. A traditional neck tattoo goes on to ink that idea. In a way, neck tattoos are a statement of style and art combined into a cool piece of tattoo. The neck is also a perfect example of intricate designs. While traditional neck tattoos for men are rampant in history, tattoo ideas for women also emerge with time and tide.

Ornamental Front Neck Tattoo

Ornamental Front Neck Tattoo
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This tattoo artist has taken the liberty to ink a neck tattoo that showcases an ornamental tattoo design generally found on wood. The decorative carving styles include imitating wood carvings on the neck, revealing waves, lines, spirals, and crosses.

At times, dots are used to give off a cool pattern while tattooing. Carving is a delicate art in itself that requires extravagant dedication. These tattoos generally spell awesome if you are looking for neck tattoos for women.

A good tattoo represents excellent placement and appropriate use of color in places that need it the most. These neck tattoo designs indicate old-school tattoo styles with the most romantic forms of tattooing available.

Medusa Neck Tattoo Ideas

Medusa Neck Tattoo Ideas
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The quintessential full-neck tattoos dictate that a tattoo of unmatched and paramount value has to be tattooed to keep up with the trend. The tattoo artist has chosen the Greek reference of Medusa, also known as Gorgo, and ensures that it reaches down to the chest. This traditional tattoo is a perfect example of a highly contemplative presence.

Medusa indulged in her day-to-day life, keeping in mind that she had serpents growing out of her like hair on her body. The tattoo artist has taken quite a bold approach in displaying the delicate effort that has gone into building the awesome art.

Medusa ponders here while her hands lay around her chin with tattoos engraved. Such a tattoo only represents fearlessness and a desire to go farther than hide in the dark. Call it a tattoo within a tattoo.

Flower And Weeds Neck Tattoo

Flower And Weeds Neck Tattoo
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A traditional tattoo design is incomplete without a rose tattoo or different sorts of flowers. This neck tattoo implements both the flower as well as the weeds that surround it.

This tattoo features an elaborately drawn floral structure that drops down to the shoulder. In its awesome display, we find the ink settled in places of the body that define art well. While this may have been a task that includes a good measure of pain, it has also yielded a good result, thereby honoring the efforts of the tattoo artist.

The ink has touched the skin and birthed an almost unreal effect on them. At times, neck tattoos act similarly to clothes. The artist has made significant efforts to cover the side of the neck as precisely as possible. It is another old-school tattoo idea that never dies down. Whether an American traditional neck tattoo or a modern neck tattoo, this one indeed creates the trend.

Serpent Black Traditional Neck Tattoo

Serpent Black Traditional Neck Tattoo
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This neck tattoo features a regal servant swirling on the body, particularly around the shoulders and the neck. As it aims towards the head, it shows a sense of alertness. An attractive trait of this neck tattoo is its focus on details.

Being a line art tattoo design in itself, it draws attention to the neck with its charm and fierceness. The serpent is also surrounded by flowers which give off an old-school vibe since many traditional tattoos use flowers for a classic impression.

What appears to be lotus makes its way onto a tattoo design. It is tattooed on the neck and near the ear and can be seen as visual imagery. Another place to have this tattoo would be the back and torso.

The tattoo looks glamorous in its simplicity and almost seems to spread wings for the person holding the neck tattoo. While we didn’t find a rose on this one, it has left no stone unturned, or shall we say snake, in choosing the right flowers for the sweet display of class.

Traditional Rose Neck Tattoo

Traditional Rose Neck Tattoo
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A rose is the epitome of love and romanticism of the highest kind. This rose tattoo is a symbol of a traditional tattoo design that holds roses as supreme counterparts to any other designs. At the same time, it represents all that equals pain and suffering. In such a context, a rose becomes the emblem of resistance and insubordination.

The fact that a tattoo lover has decided to get a neck tattoo shows aversion to the conventional ways of pondering ink on their skin. A rose is, therefore, a mark of supremacy and depicts the need for all things of equal standard. Thus, a rose tattoo shows dedication toward the stream of thoughts.

Neck tattoos may not be directly vogue in a world that believes in the ideals of subtlety. A neck tattoo is attractive because it doesn’t take sides but rules on its own. It is an independent idea and stands on its own accord, free of judgments.

Beetle Neck Tattoo

Beetle Neck Tattoo
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Here, the classic neck tattoo dramatically slides to the chest. While it takes up a considerable portion of the shoulder and the chest, it defies usual norms and settles for the anti-adage –more is less. Talk about tribal neck tattoos, and ‘trajva’ is here. For those who look for cultural references while getting any tattoo, a ‘trajva’ is a tattoo form in India that relies on extensive dotting and creating bold shapes to intensify the tattoo.

These neck tattoos have one thing in common – a defining feature. In this case, a tattoo design of a beetle has taken the lead. The beetle tattoo has many meanings, including strength, prosperity, creation, and even immortality. These neck tattoos are combined with flowers of the same or different kinds and have two trajva designs across the center.

Rose Tattoo On The Neck

Rose Tattoo On The Neck
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Such neck tattoos take extra effort and persistence. These neck tattoos are usually done to provide a design different from the facile kind. Such a tattoo, however, tests the skills of the tattoo artist. Since the tattoo requires partial head shaving, added measures have to be taken to ensure the skin’s safety and the precision of the ink.

Neck tattoos such as these feature a rose shaded with bold colors and give off an effect that surpasses the simplicity of the tattoo. While it may not exemplify the features of an actual rose, it sure brings out a traditional turn. Once again, these tattoos are best considered side neck tattoos.

Traditional Viking Tattoo

Traditional Viking Tattoo
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Viking tattoos are the highest form of worship and reverence held for the Viking warriors of the Scandinavian region. They are drawn on symbols, including Thor’s hammer, Odin’s horns, and the Helm of awe.

The Vikings were renowned for their savagery and a sense of warriors that never left their blood. Therefore, it is only assumed that the Viking neck tattoo is a way of life. Many people hailing from the region also get it tattooed in keeping with the Viking blood.

Dark Arts Neck Tattoo

Dark Arts Neck Tattoo
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This neck tattoo is an example of a tattoo committed to the dark arts and all things pagan. It can be easily interpreted as the devil and its doings. While this neck tattoo may very well signify an angel, we are forced to think of the opposite.

A few words are embedded above the tattoo in bold colors and fonts. The raven confirms the presence of mortality and all things earthly yet unearthly. The face of the devil rests in a coin-shaped hollow. Minimal shading has been ensured to provide a more realistic portrait of the face tattoo.

Pictish Neck Tattoo

Pictish Neck Tattoo
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This neck tattoo covers the tribal tattoo depicting Pictish culture. The Picts were natives of Scot during the iron age. In their lifetime, they sculpted stones, swords, and armor with designs verifying their existence and the culture in their era. Interestingly, the Picts were among the first people to get tattooed.

The Pictish tattoo is usually a symbol of elements and celestial objects. Not just that, they were heavily linked to the point that Julius Caesar mentioned them in one of his books centuries later. In this tattoo, we find spirals that go beyond the tattoo artist’s imagination, thereby leaving the onlooker in a sense of illusion.

Have you quenched your thirst for traditional tattoos of the neck yet? Or are you still in search of the tattoo of your dreams? In either case, we have made a list to guide you in your journey.

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What is a traditional neck tattoo?

A traditional neck tattoo is a style of tattoo that has been around for centuries and generally features bold, colorful line-work in tribal or cultural motifs. These tattoos typically feature designs created with black ink and can range from simple patterns to intricate and detailed artworks. Traditional neck tattoos are often placed along the sides or back of the neck and often symbolize a person’s culture, heritage, or identity. Some people may use these kinds of tattoos to honor their ancestors, while others may use them for decoration and self-expression. Whatever the reason behind getting one, traditional neck tattoos can be beautiful pieces of art with both cultural and personal significance.

What is the history of traditional neck tattoos?

Traditional neck tattoos have a long and varied history. They were originally used in cultures around the world for thousands of years for both decorative and spiritual purposes. In some cultures, these tattoos were seen as symbols of strength and protection from evil spirits, while in others they served as symbols of status or achievements within a tribe or society. In modern times, traditional neck tattoos still have the same cultural and symbolic meaning but are now primarily used as a form of self-expression. No matter their purpose, these kinds of tattoos provide a unique and creative way to display art on the body.

How are traditional neck tattoos done?

Traditional neck tattoos are created using a hand-poked tattooing technique, also known as stick and poke. This is an ancient method of tattooing where the artist uses a needle to manually insert ink into the skin, creating designs with thin lines and often vibrant colors. This process can be much slower than machine tattooing, but it allows the artist to create intricate and delicate designs. The process is typically done by a professional tattoo artist in a tattoo parlor, but some people have been known to do their own traditional neck tattoos using this method. No matter who does it, making sure the area is properly sterilized and cleaned beforehand is essential for safety.

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