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101 Best Tool Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Tool Tattoos

Want to try something fun or just looking to get a tool tattoo because why not? Check out these tool tattoo ideas that you might be interested in.

Tool Tattoo
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Getting yourself inked with a tool tattoo could be something fun as well as personal.

For tool fans who knows what and each and every tool is used for. The fact that tools are helped in creating and making of something could be a deep meaning that they might relate to.

Isn’t it ironic how a tool is used to make another tool? We all need something to be something. The tool controls everything. From your visit to the nearby sweet store or listening to music, everything has links to the usage of tools. If you like the services of tools and tattoo interests you, then you should give this article a try. Let’s begin the journey and dig deep.

Praying Hands And Wrench Tattoo

Praying Hands And Wrench Tattoo
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This super clean work by the artist is really admirable! The three drops in the bottom and the red palms adds quality and look to the tattoo. The hands are holding a wrench which is used for gripping, tightening and loosening things. Just how a wrench is in the control of keeping things tight or not, we can try to tighten good stuff in our mind and loosen the bad stuff. This tattoo looks super normal, but you can get your own meaning if you think with your own perspective. This will look super cute on your hands or your neck.

Rosemary Wrapped Around A Hammer Tattoo

Rosemary Wrapped Around A Hammer Tattoo
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A hammer is used to fix anything and rosemary signifies love and remembrance. This tattoo design is generally done by using a tattoo machine or a tattoo gun. This is to make sure it is super detailed and neat. The wood carvings on the handle and the main face, the perfect pointy claw makes the hammer look so realistic, while the rosemary looks like it has been grown from the wood handle. It’s very cute, isn’t it?

To improve yourself and make a better version of yourself, the hammer may remind you to keep fixing things that you think might need getting fixed, and the rosemary may remind you to embrace it while you do it. Because you look so divine doing it, creating a better you.

Cool Style Ball-Peen Hammer Tattoo

Cool Style Ball-Peen Hammer Tattoo
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This has to be one of the most awesome qualities and realistic tattoo designs you will ever come across in your whole life. The raw and not so shaped wood-handle and the colour combination of light brown and dark brown as natural as carvings on wood, the use of white colour and giving an outline with black colour to give the effect of natural wood like it is freshly made, all of this makes the tattoo very gorgeous. The silver-steel look of the main claw and head, even the reflection of light is drawn so beautifully that makes it look more authentic.

The whole styles are just made especially for the simple aspects admired in life and may interest people who like to do their own work.

Beautiful Piece Of Clamp Tattoo

Beautiful Piece Of Clamp Tattoo
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Even the continuous circle of screws and the cute top handle makes this tattoo tool looks content. The frame with three divisions and the moveable jaw is detailed if you notice. Tool admirers, this one is for you. Clamps are generally a versatile tool and are used for securing something temporarily. So think of a person with a good heart who knows how to secure the secrets of someone who put their trust in them, and to secure the good parts of our lives to make it look more cheerful. It is truly astounding how you can just learn from literally anything, even an object if you have the right perspective. So if you do and wish to get yourself inked with a simple looking object or tool that made you learn something, go for this tattoo!

Aesthetic Tool Tattoo

Aesthetic Tool Tattoo
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It is amazing how this tattoo fits into both categories. This includes doing something spontaneous randomly at 3 am and getting yourself inked with something personal and relevant. The single needle wrench is generally used to tighten nuts or bolts. Also provides grip to the bolts. This tattoo design is a finely detailed one from the top profile to the shaft to the bottom profile, and very appealing to your eye. You can see that the artist has given the 3D effect in the shaft to make the middle look a little deep in level.

Aesthetic Tool Tattoos
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This turnbuckle tattoo will steal your attention. This black and white tattoo is the new steal. If you are an engineer or have anything related to do with tools, you should once probably get something related to your profession inked right? The detailing and perfect use of leaving the space and the combination levels from lighter to darker inks make every inch of this tattoo so realistic.

Classic Nail Tattoo

Classic Nail Tattoo
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This cute little chisel is the perfect meaningful tattoo for people with plants or who are connected to plants. This might remind you of how you help in contributing to nature by shaping the woods sometimes. Guys with a good eye will surely go for it. The artist has also provided shadow and multiple layers of tones, to make it look very authentic. This kind of form of resources or tool is used on different metals and objects too.

Classic Nail Tattoos
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We can see a red coloured-rusty wrench. On the handles we can see some numbers and letters, making it more detailed. If you ask me, at a glance, it looks like someone has really kept a wrench there. And it is not inked but is really there. The white colour ink used at the bottom of the handle is making sure it looks like light reflecting on the metal. It will look good on your hands and legs and calves.

This tattoo design usually necessitates a fair bit of effort. The numerous layers used to develop and enhance tones and values might take a long time to complete. But it is completely worth it.

Cool Hand Saw Tool Tattoo

Cool Hand Saw Tool Tattoo
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This could also be used as the matching tattoo ideas that you might like to get with your best friend, lover or anyone you like. This nail looks like it has a sharp point as it should. The three lines join at the bottom of the point, giving you a side view of the nail. Objects are considered to have magical and mystical values. They also have a fixative trait, which allows them to tie one item to another, either for good or for worse. It is also called a will of iron. This signifies great hardness and strength. Who knew a small nail could hold so much power?

Cool Hand Saw Tool Tattoos
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The handle is coloured with a subtle vibrant orange colour, whereas the main blade is a mixture combination of sea green to rose pink colour. The cute little circular dots on the handle and the three lines on the blade adds on additional features. A saw is normally used for cutting wood, many people in the rural areas use that to chop off firewood. This tattoo will go anywhere on the body, but hands and neck are preferable.

Traditional Tool Tattoo

Traditional Tool Tattoo
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This is one of the coolest tools you will ever see. Every single amount of money you spend on it would be worth it. The well-detailed padlock cutter is no doubt very amazing. It will go well on legs and arms. If you have always been a rule-breaker this one is for you! The silver chains that seemed unbreakable, were broken. The artist made sure to make this one of the coolest tool tattoo sleeve ideas. The purplish-grey colour gives out a proper strong iron look. The golden locks look so heavy, the screws on the top and on the side. The handle with the coppery-brown colour makes it seem as fresh as you can imagine. And the red circular background just like the movies is enhancing the message that tattoo design is trying to convey.

Tool Chest Tattoo

Tool Chest Tattoo
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The shaping of the wood, making it smooth on the top and layered from the sides, make the metals look strong and rusty on this tattoo. One of the strongest and coolest tattoos for the guys out there. We can totally see and say that the handle is made up of strong wood and so does the head and the top of the hammer, and the axe looks like it is made of pure iron. The texture and the style on the metal are just WOW. This can go on your back, lower waist or anywhere on the body. A true fan who knows how to play with these tools, and want to look like a badass in the town shouldn’t wait to get this tattoo!

Old School Surgical Saw Tattoo

Old School Surgical Saw Tattoo
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Ouch! Those blades feel very pointy, that’s how realistic it is.

The handle looks like a gun, doesn’t it? Well, the vintage stuff is antique for a reason. You can see the rusty look on the handle and the top of the saw, the multiple lines on the blades and the use of orangish-brown colour to make it look rusty and old school for real. The surgical saw was invented in the late 18th century. You should definitely go for this if you are an old school kid! It will go on anywhere on the body, although thighs and legs are preferable.

Some people also get tattoo toolbox or tool tattoos, to represent that they are for the middle class. They are what they are and it reminds them how each day they have survived bravely.

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What is a tool tattoo?

A tool tattoo is a permanent marking or design that is applied to the skin using ink, dyes, and pigments. Tool tattoos are typically associated with the industrial arts and automotive industries, as they often feature tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, and other machine parts. Although tool tattoos can be creative or decorative in nature, they often represent a person’s connection to their craft or career. Tool tattoos typically feature mechanical elements like gears, cogs, and pistons in order to create the desired design. Additionally, tool tattoos can also be combined with other symbols or images to further express an individual’s profession or interests.

What are some of the best tool tattoo designs?

Some of the best tool tattoo designs include: a wrench bearing the words “labor of love”, a hammer with a working man or woman silhouette, or a set of pliers and screwdrivers inked together to create an interesting motif. Additionally, there are many other tool-inspired tattoos that can be used to express a person’s passion for their craft such as a gear wheel with the words “never give up,” a set of cogs forming the shape of an infinity symbol, or a pair of screwdrivers and bolts forming a heart. No matter what design you choose, tool tattoos are sure to be a meaningful addition to your body art collection.

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