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101 Best Tomato Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Tomato Tattoos

Are you tired of shuffling through various tattoo ideas but not getting satisfied by any? Get yourself inked a tomato tattoo and have a shift from monotony.

Tomato Tattoo
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Planning to get your first tattoo but not sure from where it is to be inked, what should be your tattoo based on, and who should be your first tattoo artist?

You can give this responsibility to us and continue reading the article till the end. When it comes to getting the best tattoo idea, people always tend to follow others and go with the usual tattoo arts.

The reality is you can have unique tattoos that look cool and out of the world. One such tattoo option is tomato tattoos. You can connect tomatoes with love, compassion, and food, and also, the bright red color replicates the human heart. If you love tomatoes, get a sweet, super nice tomato tattoo design and flaunt it on your skin.

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Tomatoes With Leaves Tattoo

Tomatoes With Leaves Tattoo
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First of all, let us accept that not every tattoo should have an inner meaning, and it can just be inked because you liked it. Tomatoes can be your favorite, and this reason is enough for you to forget about everything else before getting it done. This tomato tattoo has an addition of green leaves that makes it more attractive and fuller. Go to the right tattoo artist, and you will find your tattoo to be the most beautiful one.

This design can be done on your upper arm as this will need a wider space. You can make a small version of it as well and have it done on your shoulder. Make sure you feel comfortable with your tattoo artists, and they make you aware of the entire process.

Tomato Vine Tattoo

Tomato Vine Tattoo
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If you do not want that bright red color of tomato in your tattoo, then this tomato vine can be the right thing. The little tomatoes are going to replicate your love for tomatoes, and the unamused facial expression of the last tomato is just the right gesture from you to those who do not like it.

You can have this one on your upper arm, ankle, and even on your shoulder as well. You can increase or decrease the number of tomatoes hanging with the vine. The number may also give the people around you an idea about how much you are interested in tomatoes.

Tomato Plant Tattoo

Tomato Plant Tattoo
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The meaning of tomato does not only stand for love and compassion, but it is often also regarded as the ‘forbidden fruit’ or often replicated as evil. This tattoo is somewhat similar to this symbol because of its black and intricate design. If you are someone who wants to boast their darker side through your tomato tattoo, then you must not set back from getting this one done.

Certain parts of your body, like your thighs and back, will be the most appropriate space for this art. Shoulders are also preferable if you already don’t have one tattoo there.

Tomato With Magpie Tattoo

Tomato With Magpie Tattoo
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Magpie is a little bird that is known for its chirps. Pairing it with a tomato vein may have many symbols. A magpie can be used as a symbol to define someone’s presence with whom you have walked through the streets and seen magpies fly. Your grandparents, parents, or your partner can be that one person, and you can keep them with you always through this tattoo. The way a tomato holds the seeds together, this artwork will keep all the moments preserved that you have spent with your loved ones.

The tattoo is a bit larger, so you can have it inked on your back, upper arm, the cuff of your leg, or at a place where it looks cool. Or you can also ask your artist to make a smaller version of it on your neck, wrist, or waist. This sweet tattoo will take a lot of time. Hence, be patient, as this one won’t come super quick.

Paired Tomato Tattoo

Paired Tomato Tattoo
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A great tattoo always signifies the thoughts of its owner. This artwork is for a person who wants to signify their togetherness with their partner. This tomato tattoo has two tomatoes that are similar to the association of two souls.

If you want to make your partner happy with a tomato tattoo, then you must have this tattoo design done. To have colors on your tattoo, you can ask your tattoo artist. This design will look great on your arm, shoulder, back, waist, or anywhere you feel comfortable enough flaunting it. Also, if you want to dedicate a tattoo to your parents, this one may be the best one. The two tomatoes can replicate the presence of both of your parents.

Matching Tattoos

Matching Tattoos
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When you get a tattoo as a sign of love, that is the most precious thing one can have. And if they are matching tattoos, the value gets doubled. This little tomato is inked on the arm of a mother and her daughter, showing a special bond between them that is going to last forever. So all you need to have is just the right artist to have it done.

This is suitable for partners as well. You can have the small tomatoes on your ring fingers. It is better for both of you to choose the same spot to get this.

Cherry Tomato Tattoos

Cherry Tomato Tattoos
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Cherry blossom tattoos are well-known, but if you want to walk the not-so-trodden path, you can go with the cherry tomato tattoos as well. Cherry tomatoes are smaller tomatoes, and they are favorites of many of us. This one with branches and leaves intensifies the art more. If you already have one inked but want another option to make your look more impactful, then you can have this as your next tattoo.

This can be done on your chest, shoulder, back, and ankle as well.

Tomato With Flower Tattoo

Tomato With Flower Tattoo
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Tomato flowers have a bright yellow color that compliments the red color of tomatoes when placed together. Also, they replicate the constantly changing course of nature and life. If you love nature, then this small replica can be your tattoo.

This amazing artwork can be traced to any wider part of your body.

Tomato Tattoo On Shoulder

Tomato Tattoo On Shoulder
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Your shoulder can be the best place for your tattoo as you can show it off very easily. In Victorian times women used to have tomato roots as necklaces to show that they were single. You can take this symbol and have this design on your shoulder or around your neck area.

However, this amazing art should not look good only on your shoulder. But you can also have it done on your leg and arm as well as on the back portion of the neck.

Black Ink Tomato Tattoo

Black Ink Tomato Tattoo
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Black ink tattoos are very popular among tattoo lovers. These are simple yet look very attractive and effective. If you also have such an obsession with black ink tattoos, then nothing can be better than this one for you. This black ink tomato tattoo has leaves, and the tomato has a little face that gives life to it. If you are confused between many options, then this can never go wrong.

This small tattoo can be traced on your wrist, upper arm, ankle, thigh, and also on your neck.

A tattoo defines your personality and also your personal choices. You are always free to choose your preferable thing to have as a tattoo. You can relate a tomato tattoo with food which symbolizes how much one loves tomatoes in their food. Often it is related to mother nature for having multiple seeds and also to evil, as we have already mentioned. So, we have tried to present the tomato tattoo meaning and hope you liked it. Some of the other options that you may also check are –

  • Tomato with a knife
  • Half-cut tomato
  • Garden fresh bunch of tomatoes without leaves
  • 3D tomato on the arm
  • Funny tomato character for a fun person
  • A small bunch of cherry tomatoes

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What does a tomato tattoo represent?

A tomato tattoo often symbolizes growth, fertility, and abundance. It is believed to bring good luck and health to the wearer, as well as represent life’s beauty and fleetingness. In some cultures, a tomato tattoo can also stand for strength and courage. This representation is based on the idea that tomatoes are strong plants that require a great deal of care and attention to grow. The tomato is also seen as a symbol of love, friendship, and loyalty. Additionally, the tomato can represent the cycle of life, with its ripe red color representing maturity and growth.

How much does a tomato tattoo cost?

The cost of a tomato tattoo will vary depending on the size and complexity of the design. The artist’s experience and reputation can also play a role in determining the price. Generally speaking, small, simple designs may cost anywhere from $50 to $200 while more complex and intricate designs could range from $200 to $500 or more. Consult your tattoo artist for a more accurate estimate.

Are there any celebrities with tomato tattoos?

Yes, there are a few celebrities who have chosen to adorn their bodies with tomato tattoos. Singer Rihanna has a small tattoo on her ankle featuring two tomatoes in the shape of love hearts. Actress Emma Stone also has a tomato tattoo on her right arm, which features a black and white illustration of the vegetable. Other celebs with tomato tattoos include Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and singer Dua Lipa.

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