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Best Tips for Growing Your Instagram Account

by Cressida meale
Tips for Growing Your Instagram Account

Instagram has become the world’s third-largest social media platform, including over 1 billion daily users. Instagram has evolved into a vital tool for company growth. In addition, many people use it to communicate with friends and share photographs from their life. Whether you own a company, are a brand manager, or are an influencer, Instagram is a fantastic way to get more followers. Why wouldn’t you want to develop your account on this platform?

When you’re just getting started with an online company, it might be thrilling to think how you’ll be able to sell the product or earn popularity via Instagram after you’ve created a following. But the million-dollar question is how to attract followers on Instagram. The very first 10,000 Social media followers are the most difficult to get. Why? Nobody knows who you are.

Establishing yourself as a profitable business model and influencer would be challenging. But it doesn’t imply it can’t happen.

Let’s look at how to grow an Instagram account and increase interaction while steadily developing a large fanbase.

Post Often and Consistently

Your viewers’ expectations and interests will decrease if you do not regularly update posts. If you post each day for some time and then don’t post for a week, your viewers will be disappointed or have entirely forgotten about you. They may no longer follow you when you decide to publish again.

Try Instagram Live

Did you know that 82% of consumers prefer to watch a live video rather than look at a post on social media? For starters, Instagram Live streams put you at the top of your followers’ story feeds. Instagram Video streams also send push alerts to your friends to notify them that you are active. Last, Instagram’s network tends to favor business accounts by increasing organic interaction and making their profiles more discoverable.Instagram Live makes this feasible, and there are several advantages why you ought to try it to get Instagram followers. It’s important to note that having a large number of fake followers can actually be detrimental to an Instagram account’s performance. So, you should check fake followers if you intend to increase your followers fast.

Run Contests

You might be thinking about how to get more followers on Instagram, here is a simple method. An Instagram giveaway is another technique for growing your Instagram account and to increase awareness of your page and help it grow. Why? For one reason, people like giveaways! People are more inclined to follow you if you’re going to give away Stuff. Competitions and prizes work exceptionally well to get Instagram followers due to the numerous methods. Another advantage is that these competitions or giveaways can be moderately organized and easily successful.

Risk of Fake Instagram Followers

When utilizing fake followers, people always use VPN servers for security purposes. You may enhance your internet security by using a VPN tool to encrypt the data. Therefore, neither your network operator nor government organizations can monitor your online activities, such as those made via the Instagram app. Although individuals already have nothing to hide, Singapore users who value privacy always surf the web using the best Singapore VPN.

On Instagram, there is a significant distinction between real and fake followers. It could be tempting to buy followers using a VeePN to accelerate your profile. However, the disadvantages far exceed the advantages. Why? Because fake Instagram followers gained by VeePN might confuse your prospective organic real followers. Your account receives no financial benefit from fake followers. Consider this. Can your fake fans gained by VPN for Singapore purchase your products?

How many of your 10,000 fake followers will interact with your posts? Real people may share, like, remark, and connect with your Posts on Instagram. Furthermore, real fans appreciate how much time you spend talking with them. 

Make Money With Your Personal Instagram Account

Growing your Instagram account is another common technique to expand your Instagram following, for example consider yourself an influencer. Using both corporate and personal accounts may help you enhance brand awareness, follower numbers, and sales. Pro tip: You can also employ this strategy to boost your stats on TikTok.

Use the Appropriate Hashtags

You can use appropriate hashtags and look reviews to engage your present followers routinely while increasing your real followers. Posting fresh, fascinating, and engaging photographs will meet the first criteria, but adding hashtags to your photos will help you in growing your Instagram followers. Adding hashtags allows users to look for relevant phrases to locate your photographs easily.

So, what hashtags should you employ? Users on Instagram, like those on Facebook and Twitter platforms, prefer some hashtags over others. When you utilize popular Instagram hashtags in your images, you increase your chances of reaching new people and being noticed.

Highlight Your Stories in a List

You have a limited time to convince prospective followers to follow you once they arrive at your business profile. Many Instagrammers are left with only one question, how to grow your Instagram account; one method to do this is by arranging your Instagram Stories to convey the theme of your account, utilizing the Highlights tool on your profile. Because Stories only last for 24 hours, you can use Highlights to prolong their life and encourage individuals to visit you so they will experience future Stories.


We have discussed the best strategies to utilize Instagram to increase your Instagram following in this piece, but it is sometimes a game of luck. Like any social media network, the best content approach is to be friendly and honest. Instagram can be a terrific place for your items and brand if you prioritize interaction rather than simply the quantity of followers. 

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