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101 Best Three Star Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Three Star Tattoo

Are you planning to get a three-star tattoo? Here are a few interesting, and impressive designs that will make your tattoo design selection process much easier!

Three Star Tattoo
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Starting from our childhood stars have been associated with supremacy, success, and excellence, and it has been a part of our very lives.

But when talking about stars as a tattoo, a star tattoo represents a multitude of meanings like they symbolize hope, ambition, protection, guidance, destiny, and more. Whereas three stars could be for just a designer purpose, and could also mean or symbolize a journey of life, especially when in an aligned sequence.

A star tattoo is a design that can mean or symbolize multiple aspects, it all depends on the reason why you are getting the tattoo. There are numerous designs that you can choose from when you want a three-star tattoo. A few of the most popular tattoo choices include a gold star tattoo, a Russian star tattoo, a tribal star tattoo, a geometric star tattoo, an astrological stars tattoo, three-star, and a sun tattoo designs, and much more. But getting a tattoo is done once, and it remains with you your entire life. So, it is necessary that we get a little more creative than usual. Here are a few stunning three-star tattoo designs that you never regret getting tattooed on your skin.

Beautiful Taurus And The Three Stars Tattoo

Beautiful Taurus And The Three Stars Tattoo
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This tattoo is definitely one of its kind. This tattoo shows the image of a beautiful lady with horns and represents the constellation named”Taurus”. The lady is shown to be covered with flowers and has three sparkling stars above her head. If you wish for three-star tattoos but also want them to look completely different than most star tattoos, then this is one of the best choices.

This tattoo if done properly is an impressive piece of body art, and this has been done using simple black ink lines, and minimalistic shading. If you want the tattoo to pop, you can also go for a few colour shade touches. This tattoo will look the best when done on your upper arms, but you can also try it out on spots like your calves, and thighs.

The Moon And Stars Tattoo

The Moon And Stars Tattoo
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This tattoo is made to represent the night sky, and it involves a very simple and small-sized moon, and three twinkling stars. This design is most suited for a girl with strict parents because it does not pop in the crowd but instead looks gorgeous when you look closely.

This simple tattoo is made with small and delicate lines and shades of maximum precision. This tattoo is just perfect for people who are getting their first tattoo because this small star tattoo cost is very minimal, and it almost does not hurt. If people choose this tattoo, they will be out of the tattoo parlours in almost no time. These kinds of tattoos are to be made in spots that are visible so go for your shoulder, inner wrist, ankle, or your neck.

Ornamental And Fine Line Star Tattoo

Ornamental And Fine Line Star Tattoo
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The tattoo world of tattooing has come a long way. Nowadays people and various tattoo artists find different creative tattoo ideas that are much better than previous traditional, and neo-traditional styles of tattooing. This tattoo design is also one of such kind, popularly known as ornamental tattoos. Made especially for young girls, they are meant to decorate your body.

This tattoo is an ornamental and fine line-based three-star tattoo with one star right in the middle, and two smaller sparkling stars by its sides. Other than the stars, numerous delicate, and symmetrical fine lines, and dots are made from a single needle that helps the tattoo look incredibly beautiful. Tattoos like this are meant to be shown to people so choose body spots like the forearm, upper arm, neck, shoulder, or ankle to get this done.

The Colourful Three Shooting Stars Tattoo

The Colourful Three Shooting Stars Tattoo
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The shooting star tattoos are tattoos with meanings. They represent common meanings of what people think when they see a shooting star. This tattoo represents luck and excitement, and a few other people link this tattoo with achievement, prosperity, destiny, and the strive for betterment. So, anyone who has hope for a better life, and is working hard to achieve that as well as anyone looking for colourful tattoos that symbolize something about life can get this done on your skin.

This tattoo is a highly-detailed, colourful, and beautiful piece of body tattoo. This design has three consecutive, and similar-looking shooting stars, and this has been made to look as if a child’s crayon drawing. Tattoos like these are smaller in size so get this done on your wrist, shoulder, forearm, collar bone, or shoulder blades.

Minimalistic Small Star Tattoo

Minimalistic Small Star Tattoo
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Very minimalistic star tattoos are popular tattoo choices because a few people especially girls are more fond of simplicity rather than huge explosive tattoos. If you are one of them or if you are on the way to getting your first tattoo then this is one of the best options. You may have a question “What does three-star tattoo mean”, three-star tattoo meaning differs, and this design is meant to represent a fate guide and to believe in yourself.

The stars are made using small black ink line strokes that are perfectly accurate. These tiny tattoos are not meant to hurt, and also required almost no time to get done. They are very small so the perfect spots for them would be your wrist, more preferably the inner wrist, upper arm, above your elbow, neck, collar bones, or ankles.

Three Black Work Nautical Star Tattoo

Three Black Work Nautical Star Tattoo
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A nautical star has two meanings that are guidance, and protection. Nautical stars were popular among sailors, and they believed them to be a good luck charm. Even today, a nautical star is a symbol of guidance to achieve your dreams, and a few people get them tattooed as a remembrance star. This ink design is very popular among both boys and girls. If you wish, you can also include quotes and names above or below the star.

This particular nautical star design is quite on the smaller, and simpler side. It also has very well-created lines, shades, and the dot work on the stars are just perfect. Tattoos like this look the best in horizontally longer places like on the ribs or on the hips, and they do not belong elsewhere.

Colourful, Small, And Minimalistic Shooting Star Tattoo

Colourful, Small, And Minimalistic Shooting Star Tattoo
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A shooting star ink design has different meanings, all starting from excitement, and luck, and ending with meanings like prosperity, achievement, destiny, and an attempt to betterment. Now if you can relate your life to such meanings then your body is waiting for this ink design. There are several designs you can go for, and this is something on the smaller, minimalistic, and cuter side.

This particular ink design has a red star, blue star, and a shooting green star which are tiny, and are made using very simple strokes of line. This is also a design that, if necessary or if you wish for, there is lots of place for your own creativity. If you are thinking about this design, your wrist, ankle, and neck would be just perfect.

Ace Of Cups Tattoo With Three Stars Tattoo

Ace Of Cups Tattoo With Three Stars Tattoo
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This ink design is a combination of two very different tattoos with a strong meaning. Star tattoos symbolize success, ambition, hope, honour, protection, goals, and sometimes remembrance. Whereas the meaning of the ace of cups tattoo is love, joy, inner peace, feelings, imagination, and sometimes fantasy. Go for this design only if it has a meaning for you.

There are various methods to get this done but not all people are fond of the modern styles of tattooing. This design, in particular, is for the group of people who are interested in the traditional cum colourful style of tattooing. This tattoo would require a vertically longer skin area to get it done so it is recommended that you go for your forearm, upper arm, thighs, chest, and maybe your calves.

Behind The Ear Three-Star Tattoo

Behind The Ear Three-Star Tattoo
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Most people think there is no meaning for a three-star tattoo when it is done behind the ears. But, in reality, a three-star tattoo behind ear meaning is to follow your self-made path and listen to yourself. There are various creative designs you will find for behind ear tattoos but the three stars is undoubtedly one of the best you can choose.

Well, this ink design shows three bigger stars made with black ink and ultimate precision, and there are also a few small black dots made around the which represent the far away stars. There is no compulsion in using only black ink, you can also try out various colours. This design is best done as behind ear tattoos but since it requires a very small skin area you can get it anywhere else.

Simple Stars Lined Up Tattoo

Simple Stars Lined Up Tattoo
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A tattoo on wrist meaning is literally uncountable because it depends on the tattoos you are getting but when we particularly talk about three stars on your wrist, the meaning is the journey to success. People intend to get the three-star on their wrists or anywhere else to show that they started from the lowest point, and now they have achieved the best.

This ink design is the simplest form with only stars made of perfectly straight lines. There are multiple possibilities for making it look even more creative. You can get this tattoo in most places on your body but the best places you can get this tattoo would be on your wrists, collar bones, and ribs.

Whether it be a star tattoo or a three-star tattoo, there are countless options available. It all depends on the creativity of the tattoo artist, and a little bit on the creativity of yourself. The star tattoo designs I mentioned above are just a drop from the entire ocean, so here are a few more astonishing three-star tattoos just for your convenience.

  • Polynesian tribe three-star and sun tattoo
  • Celtic knot three-star tattoo design
  • Stars with alternating colours glitter trail tattoo
  • Russian star on nautical charts tattoo with dimensional depth
  • Gold stars tattoo as a symbol of achievement

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What is the three star tattoo meaning?

The three star tattoo has many different meanings, depending on who is getting the tattoo and the context of its placement. Common interpretations are strength, guidance, protection, and spiritual power. Other interpretations include ambition, honor, courage, determination, and success. In some cases the three stars may represent a connection to faith or religion. They may also be used to symbolize a past, present, and future. Additionally, they can be seen as having an important relationship with the universe or the cosmos. Regardless of the meaning you choose, the three star tattoo is sure to be a meaningful addition to your body art collection!

Who should get a three star tattoo?

The three star tattoo is perfect for anyone who wants to represent strength, guidance, protection, and spiritual power. It is also a great choice for those who want to express ambition, honor, courage, determination, or success. Additionally, this tattoo can be seen as having an important relationship with faith or religion. The three stars can also serve as a representation of the past, present, and future. So regardless of what you want to represent with your tattoo, a three star design may be the perfect choice!

How much does a three star tattoo cost?

The cost of a three star tattoo will depend on the size and complexity of the design, as well as where you choose to get it done. Generally speaking, smaller tattoos tend to be cheaper than larger ones. Prices can range from around $50-$300 depending on the artist’s experience. It is best to do some research online to find an artist that fits your budget and style. Always make sure to check reviews and portfolios before booking an appointment!

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