101 Best Thin Cross Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Thin Cross Tattoo

Reviewed & updated: December 26, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Looking for some trending tattoo ideas that will never go out of style? Then we offer you some thin cross tattoo ideas that you will definitely cherish.

Thin Cross Tattoo
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Cross tattoos have been around in the tattoo market for quite a long time and the trend does not seem to fade in the near future.

The cross sign is a universal symbol having a deep meaning in the catholic culture. Traditionally, the cross is used as a religious symbol however, the meaning of cross tattoos have been modernised to meet the culture.

The cross tattoos come in different styles and genres. You can choose from a large variety of cross tattoos curated for both men and women and each of the tattoos will have a meaningful story to tell. Apart from its versatility, the depth and meaning of cross tattoos also attract a huge deal of crowd towards the tattoo designs. Thin cross tattoos are dainty in nature, they can be designed in numerous ways. It can be experimented with several elements and motifs to make it look enchanting. The intricate details and deep meanings of a small cross tattoo intensify the tattoo idea. A beautiful and well designed small cross tattoo can have a lasting impression on anyone who catches a glimpse of the tattoo.

Thin cross tattoos look more compact on a smaller canvas however, they can be placed anywhere on the body. Some common places where you might locate a small cross tattoo are the wrist, neck, ankle, and behind the ear. Contrary to the popular belief regarding cross tattoos, a small cross tattoo need not have religious connotations always. Therefore, whether you have faith in religious beliefs or not, a small cross tattoo will always go with your disposition and make your tattoo a charming one. Check out some of the best thin cross tattoos for men and women that are curated to match every personality.

Simple Thin Cross Tattoo

Simple Thin Cross Tattoo
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A simple and chic cross tattoo looks niche on everyone. The tattoo in the above image does not require any extra details. A thin and simple cross tattoo is inked with black ink on the sleeve. The length of the tattoo is, however, moderate so it cannot be included in the category of small cross tattoos. If you are aiming to get a small cross tattoo, then this design can also be a perfect match. Inking a smaller version of this piece on the wrist or the ankle looks adorable.

While the tattoo is made only using two simple lines, we notice a chic design at the top of the cross which gives an element of style to the cross tattoo. The lines on the top left of the tattoo are curved and at the intersection of the cross, it seems as if the two lines are joined together by a knot. This little detailing makes the tattoo a unique one in the genre of simple cross tattoos.

Small Thin Cross Tattoo

Small Thin Cross Tattoo
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Currently, chic and simple tattoos are ruling the market of tattoo industries. The trend of small cross tattoos is, therefore, on a rise. Small cross tattoos are a favourite of women although, several men have also given into the trend of getting small cross tattoos. The image above is a perfect example of how you can bring uniqueness to your small cross tattoo.

The cross does not look like the typical cross tattoos of Christianity. With changing generations, the outlook of people has also changed which resulted in bringing variety in designs of small cross tattoos. In the above tattoo, the cross does not intersect, four arrowheads move in four directions giving a cross-like structure to the tattoo. The tattoo looks good on the neck and ankle too.

Elaborately Designed Thin Cross Tattoo

Elaborately Designed Thin Cross Tattoo
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When a thin and small cross tattoo is designed using different elements, it is bound to catch the glimpse of many. Adding a few motifs to the tattoo will not only make the tattoo a gorgeous one but also brings life to the tattoo. The cross tattoo inked on the lower arm is a part of a much more elaborate and abstract tattoo design.

The long thin cross tattoo in the background is tattooed using two single lines. The large recent shaped moon at the centre of the thin line cross tattoo looks magical. The fine details inside the moon and its tinkling nature make the tattoo look real and mesmerising. Flowers are also inked aside from the moon making the tattoo a truly abstract one.

3D Thin Cross Tattoo

3D Thin Cross Tattoo
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It is difficult to ink a thin tattoo with a three-dimensional effect with fitness. However, this cool cross tattoo proves the myth wrong. If you are looking for a thin and small cross tattoo with a 3D effect then don’t look beyond this piece. This 3D small cross tattoo fits compactly on the wrist. Even though it looks real on the skin, the design is pretty simple. Only black ink is used to complete the tattoo with a 3D effect and it reflects the efficiency of the tattoo artist.

A closer look at the tattoo reveals that only a few dark lines are used to complete the whole tattoo. Yet the details are minute and the outcome looks more real than several other 3D tattoos on the market. The tattoo is inked on the wrist but feel free to place and explore different parts of the body with this versatile body art for this piece fits in all places.

Thin Cross Tattoo With A Text

Thin Cross Tattoo With A Text
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Although the concept and meaning of cross tattoos have been modernised with evolving culture, many Christians around the world still perceive the symbol as a crucial part of their faith. The outcome is this cross tattoo with the phrase ‘faith’. The cross is completed using the term ‘faith’ which makes the small cross tattoo an intelligent one. The simplicity is retained in the tattoo so that the term ‘faith’ subtly balances off the design and fits as a part of the cross,

This small cross tattoo idea is a perfect inspiration for those who have their beliefs in the Christian culture. This piece is therefore a popular choice within the Christian community as well as beyond. If you are looking to combine other types of texts, like the name of a loved one, with your small cross tattoo, then this particular design can also be used as an inspiration.

Thin Rose Cross Tattoo

Thin Rose Cross Tattoo
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A thin cross tattoo looks beautiful on itself when inked in a perfect way. However, when they are combined with other matching elements, their appearance, as well as meanings, intensifies. In the case of the above image, the thin and small cross tattoo is combined with a beautiful rose. The purity and beauty of both the symbols enhance the gracefulness of any simple cross tattoo design.

The tattoo is not only a crowd’s favourite because of its unmatching beauty, the depth of the combination of symbols also makes it one of the most popular designs. In England, a rose cross tattoo is a symbol of patriotism. Rose is their national flower while the English flag bears a cross sign, therefore it’s no surprise that many choose to combine these beautiful flowers with their crosses.

Thin Mandala Cross Tattoo

Thin Mandala Cross Tattoo
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The mandala effect is a very popular theme which can be incorporated into various tattoo designs. The thin cross tattoo genre is not any exception. Incorporating the mandala art into your tattoo piece only enhances the beauty of the design. For instance, in the image above, the cross tattoo is designed humbly but is decorative on its own. The thin lines of the cross are drawn using things like dots and arrows. On the side of the tattoo, the cross is highlighted using leafy motifs.

The main attraction of the tattoo lies at the centre of the cross. The beautiful mandala effect adds to the aesthetics of the tattoo and makes the tattoo a serene one overall. Those who are a fan of the mandala effect should definitely put their hands on this thin black cross tattoo idea for this piece is really unique. The tattoo is placed at the back of the arm since it is longer than other traditional small cross tattoos. However, this thin long cross tattoo will also look good on the side wrist, sidearm, back of the neck, and even on the legs.

Floral Thin Cross Tattoo

Floral Thin Cross Tattoo
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Floral tattoos have been one of the most popular choices in the tattoo industry, they are incorporated in almost every other tattoo design. The market for floral tattoos will never go out of tren so getting a tattoo of this sort is a safe option too. The thin cross tattoos also fall in this category. No matter what the design is, incorporating floral elements can never go wrong.

In the tattoo above, the thin cross is made more lively using the floral elements encircling the cross. The tattoo is inked on the sleeve since a larger area helps in a larger span of the tattoo. However, for smaller floral cross tattoos, the neck, ankle, and wrist are suitable places.

Thin Cross Tattoo With Crucified Jesus

Thin Cross Tattoo With Crucified Jesus
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Unlike other thin cross tattoos, this cross tattoo is not drawn using only lines. The design is a bit more elaborate than other tattoos however, the tattoo is fitted in a very narrow area making it one of the thin cross tattoos. The Christian cross is in the name of the holy spirit of Jesus Christ, it symbolizes life and death. The artist has efficiently inked the crucified Christ on a wooden cross.

The cross with a crucified Jesus is the most recognisable sign of Christianity in the world. Therefore, if a person wants to portray his or her devotion to the religion, then this tattoo is an ideal one. On the other hand, some people now promote the cross sign as a religion-less symbol now, for them, this thin cross tattoo design is a poor fit, there are several other designs from which they can choose.

Colourful Thin Cross Tattoo

Colourful Thin Cross Tattoo
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Now that you know the successful outcome of combining crosses with floral elements, adding a little colour to the tattoos will only make the tattoo better. The simple crossed line is highlighted with a pop of coloured floral elements.

The floral elements do not only look pretty, but they also make the tattoo far more jovial. A tattoo like this on hand will never fail to catch the attention of everyone on the street.

Now that you know so many ideas on how to design thin cross tattoos, you can easily choose one for yourself. However, we understand that picking a tattoo can be of immense pressure. Therefore, we have compiled a list of a few other thin cross tattoos which will help you to find a suitable one for yourself.

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What is a thin cross tattoo?

A thin cross tattoo is a small, minimalist tattoo design featuring a single line or two lines crossing each other in an X-shape. This type of tattoo is often seen as a symbol of faith or religious devotion and may be used to represent one’s belief in Christianity, Judaism or any other religion that honors the cross. It can also be used to express a variety of other meanings, such as hope, resilience or protection. Additionally, it can be used in memory of a loved one or simply as an aesthetically pleasing design. Regardless of its meaning, thin cross tattoos are growing in popularity for their chic and understated appearance.

What are some of the best thin cross tattoo designs?

Thin cross tattoos come in a variety of sizes and design variations, making it easy to find one that suits your individual style and aesthetic. Some popular thin cross tattoo designs include Celtic Crosses, Greek Crosses, Latin Crosses, Iron Crosses and more. Additionally, many people choose to add personal touches to their thin cross tattoo by incorporating symbols or elements that are special to them. Some people may choose to incorporate a birthstone, a zodiac sign, a meaningful quote or even their favorite flower for an extra personal touch.

How much does a thin cross tattoo cost?

The price of a thin cross tattoo will depend on several factors, including the size and complexity of the design, the location of the tattoo, and the artist’s experience level. Generally speaking, small designs are generally cheaper than larger ones, with most thin cross tattoos costing between $50-$150. However, more complex designs may cost more. When choosing an artist for your thin cross tattoo, be sure to research their work and read reviews from past clients to ensure you get the best quality work.

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