10 Best Thigh Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Mark

Looking to get your thigh tattooed and not spend hours to find the perfect one? We got you covered. Discover some of the trendiest thigh tattoos with us.

Thigh Tattoo
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The thigh is quickly becoming a popular location for customized body art designs.

Thigh tattoos may make a statement or be personal and meaningful depending on where they are positioned on your body. The upper thigh offers expansive space, a considerably large pain tolerance, and can be usually concealed or exhibited depending on the specific scenario, making it the ideal location to illustrate your tattoo ideas.

Tattoo artists find it highly convenient and easier to get creative when the accommodation space for a tattoo is larger and thigh tattoos provide just that. They are popular choices among men and women. The thigh is a new go-to zone for both inexperienced and ardent tattoo aficionados, whether it’s a massive thigh piece tattoo sleeve or a more intimate sensual tattoo.

You can always make choices between the fronts, backs, and inners. There are various thigh tattoo designs for the front thigh, the back thigh, and the inner thigh and they provide enough space too.

Because of the thick skin and muscle, the spot is relatively low on the pain scale, and you may show it off or keep it hidden away when you choose. It’s up to you, but we can all agree that this is a seductive and trendy spot for ink.

So, how much is a thigh tattoo? It is determined by the design’s intricacy, size, and colouration. Also, how long does a thigh tattoo take? To answer your question, this too depends upon the size of the tattoo, the larger the piece, the longer the time.

Now, that you have caught up with some of the important parts of getting a thigh tattoo, you will probably want to decide on which one you should get. Should you get a large tattoo? Should it be on the side, the back, the front, or your inner thigh? Or are small tattoos more ideal, they are less time-consuming after all?

If you have decided on that part of getting tattooed, have you decided on which thigh tattoo designs you would want? Fret not, fellow tattoo enthusiast!

We’ve scoured the internet for you and curated a list of some of the most popular thigh tattoo designs, thigh tattoo placement, and other shenanigans to go with it. Read on and take your pick.

Side Thigh Dragon Tattoo

Side Thigh Dragon Tattoo
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Vertically designed tattoos are ideal for the side portion of the thigh seeing as they provide support or large space for a large tattoo and they sync with the natural curves of the thigh, giving them a sensuous and beautiful look.

Other than that, the location is concealable and you can easily conceal or hide with when you choose or display it at your own convenience and will.

In this piece, the tattoo artist uses Fineline work to create a beautiful dragon tattoo, a popular choice of thigh tattoo designs and ideal for the side thigh portion.

Dragon tattoos have always been a trendy and fashionable tattoo idea compared to other animal designs. It covers the lower portion of the hips, also covering the hips, highlighting the feminine curves. The thin lines that create the dragon are minimal, sleek, and very meticulously detailed.

If you prefer such large thigh tattoos, then this beautiful thigh tattoo inspiration is just for you.

Wildflowers And Butterfly Thigh Tattoo

Wildflowers And Butterfly Thigh Tattoo
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Another popular thigh tattoo design includes butterflies.

They are so well-received because they are considered unisex designs. Both men and women can have butterfly tattoos and the variation of designs is endless. Because the flying butterfly lends itself beautifully to a variety of forms and hues, you may choose to use vividly colored graphics or keep it basic with only black ink.

Aside from being visually pleasing, the butterfly represents beauty, change, and freedom. While some represent beautiful endings and hopeful beginnings.

In this gorgeous piece, the artist uses a lighter shade of black and thin lines to create a beautiful butterfly together with small wildflowers and leaves surrounding the butterfly. It is a simple and elegant tattoo and very visually appealing.

If you appreciate tattoos that are more on the delicate side then this one is sure to tickle your fancy.

Beautiful Skull Artwork Thigh Tattoo

Beautiful Skull Artwork Thigh Tattoo
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This stunning artwork is probably one of the most appealing among all the tattoos on this list. It is edgy and vividly gripping and is sure to grab a lot of attention when displayed. The more you look at the tattoo, the more details you recognize.

The dark-toned colours give the tattoo an animated and almost magical look. It is sure to charm any tattoo enthusiast with its eccentric and outlandish design. Skull tattoos have always been a major hit among tattoo enthusiasts and when a design as unique as such is created, it is sure to sell.

If you are someone who appreciates the fantasy genre and are fascinated by all things magical and paranormal, then this skull tattoo will surely appeal to you.

Neo-Traditional Crescent Moon And Flower Thigh Tattoo

Neo-Traditional Crescent Moon And Flower Thigh Tattoo
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This beautiful piece of artwork is ideal for tattoo enthusiasts who appreciate a good neo-traditional look. The dominant colour used here is black and a lighter shade of pink to highlight the flowers. The contrast between the skin tone and the pitch-black colour sets a beautiful look for the tattoo and the flowers are just added bonus to its beauty.

Usually, men would probably choose a dragon thigh tattoo over such designs however, it is rather gender-neutral and cannot truly be categorized as feminine. The intricacies of the artwork are probably one of the most common tattoo ideas among both men and women.

Upside Down Goddess Front Thigh Tattoo

Upside Down Goddess Front Thigh Tattoo
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Thighs are popular spots among men to get a tattoo, seeing as thighs provide wide spaces for them to get a unique tattoo design with large or full coverage.

One such great example is this piece of artwork that a tattoo artist has done on the front of the thigh. It is a unique design of a Godessʼ face that and what makes it a popular tattoo idea is the flip face design done on both legs. While the outer frames have been drawn with thin lines, the insides of the tattoo are lightly shaded which gives it an edgy look.

If you find such quirky tattoo ideas appealing, then you have probably found your choice of design for your thigh tattoo.

Red Snake And Flower Thigh Tattoo

Red Snake And Flower Thigh Tattoo
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A floral design for thigh tattoos is probably the most popular tattoo or one of the most popular trends. A flower thigh tattoo can be placed in the front, side, or inner positions, which makes them ideal choices to have.

Thigh tattoo designs give attention to the legs and upper torso, and they may be subtle and sensuous or flamboyant and gorgeous. But a flower thigh tattoo adds to the beautification of a natural curve and while it is feminine, some tattoo designs are also created to flatter the male population and make them look as gorgeous as they do on women.

In this tattoo, the artist has created a beautiful Fineline work with the simplest of designs and yet it looks intricate and stunning. The contrast between the red snake and the black flowers blend beautifully with each other, giving the tattoo a classy and chic look. The vertical coverage of the tattoo flatters the upper thigh and moves with the curves, fitting right in with the natural curves.

Neo-Traditional Thigh Tattoo

Neo-Traditional Thigh Tattoo
@ninaloreishi via Instagram

Neo-Traditional designs are some of the best thigh tattoo designs in the tattoo community. They are vividly beautiful, vibrant, and also a very popular choice among men. However, many women prefer to have neo-traditional tattoos too.

This is another design that is ideal for a spooky season or all of you who are into horrifyingly gorgeous tattoo designs.

The work is done in black with greyish undertones and a background created with blood-red colour. The skeleton hand that wraps around the womenʼs throat is created with thin line curves and a light shading done inside. The darker tone of the tattoo gives it an edgier look while at the same time, the bright colours make it beautiful and bold.

Japanese Inner Thigh Tattoo

Japanese Inner Thigh Tattoo
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Because the inner thigh is not something that the general public sees every day, it is a really sensuous location and an inner thigh tattoo needs to be just as sensually beautiful.

It’s the place to go if you want to show off your physique or if you are going to the beach. Many guys love this area for tattooing. There are several options for what you may choose, such as your partnerʼ s name or a moving quote.

Other than that, Japanese Tattoo designs are one of the most popular tattoos in the tattoo community. Not only are they great to look at, but they also hold special meanings. Different tattoo designs with different meanings are profound, uniquely, and culturally beautiful.

Many women and men choose some of the most sought-after tattoo designs which include Japanese Temples or Shrines for their thigh tattoos.

This piece of work highlights one of those very tattoos. The artist creates a beautiful Japanese temple with Fineline inking and also incorporated Sakura or the Cherry Blossoms floating around the temple. While it is a large tattoo, it is also a beautiful piece that is much flattering than any small tattoo.

The Lovers Tarot Card Thigh Tattoo

The Lovers Tarot Card Thigh Tattoo
@chelseaspeirs_tattoo via Instagram

In Tarot, one of the Major Arcanas includes The Lovers Card.

This tarot is all about the art and craft of the partnership, whether it’s between two souls or two sides. This card depicts the perpetual duet between two people, face-to-face and hand-in-hand, and all the inner effort that each person must do to keep it alive. This card emphasizes the notion of interpersonal relationships as a transformational event.

The artist has created a very unique and quirky Tarot Card in this tattoo, the illustration of two skeletons gives the tattoo a whimsically quirky look. The entire tattoo is done in Fineline work and a lighter shade of grey is used to shade the flowers framing the card.

It is ideal for tarot card readers as well as for couples.

The Lantern Of Foresight Thigh Tattoo

The Lantern Of Foresight Thigh Tattoo
@raphael.stanley.tattoo via Instagram

A lantern tattoo is one of those tattoos that people love to acquire since it is both visually appealing and contains numerous meaningful meanings for them. It’s also less common than other tattoos with similar connotations, which makes it an even more appealing option for some individuals.

The lantern tattoo denotes guidance, thus it is one of the best tattoos to have if you find delight in providing guidance through life. This is an important and rather uncommon attribute, so if you have it, the lantern tattoo may be ideal for you.

The artist creates a simple blackwork style of tattoo that is neither too large, nor too small. The beautiful intricacies of a Foresight Lantern have been perfectly captured in the artwork.

With that, the list of some of the most sought-after thigh tattoos has come to an end and we hope that our curation has helped you decide on which tattoo design to get for your thigh. While women commonly get thigh tattoos, men are also included in the mix.

Thigh tattoos are a fantastic place for males to get tattooed, especially if you find the correct design. This portion is large enough to allow for elaboration, allowing you to be creative with your artwork and personalize.

We have another shortlist of thigh tattoo designs that can help you explore more tattoo design:

  1. Lion Thigh Tattoo
  2. Simple Jellyfish Thigh Tattoo
  3. Wedding Garter Thigh Tattoos
  4. Large Tiger Tattoo For Upper Thigh
  5. Elephant and Bear Tattoo For Upper Thigh
  6. Dream Catcher Tattoo for Upper Thigh
  7. Feathers and Dream Catcher Thigh Tattoo
  8. Indian Thigh Tattoo
  9. Mermaid Thigh Tattoo
  10. Tribal Tattoo For Upper Thigh

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