101 Best The World Is Yours Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
The World Is Yours Tattoo

Reviewed & updated: November 23, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Discover a series of legendary Scarface tattoos that is sure to entice your fascination with anti-heroic characters. The world is yours, come have a look at it.

World Is Yours Tattoo
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“The World is Yours” for the taking, how much of it will you take?

The global cultural icon and Al Pacinoʼs most acclaimed role of all time, Tony Montana from Scarface had once found his inspiration in an airship advertisement that said: “The World is Yours”. Clearly, it had been an inspiration for Montana however, this phrase holds different meanings for different people.

One dreams of becoming the next big icon, or someone the world will come to know. While others are survivors. In this race, the world has much to offer and it depends on us to take and make something out of it. Tattoos, tattoo ideas, or tattoo designs have been used for ages to beautify oneself and some use them to express their desires or engrave their dreams as a reminder to themselves. Like, Tony Montana had found his inspiration in an airship and soon after, the entrance to his luxurious mention showcased a statue with the same words “The World is Yours”.

It goes on to show that having a reminder of what inspires you can take you a long way and keep you motivated. The World is Yours tattoos are inspirational to some, while to others it is to pay homage to one of the most celebrated anti-heroic characters of his time. The bearer of a “The World is Yours” tattoo is the only person who is aware of what the phrase means to them.

If you find inspiration or are reminded of a certain time in your life or even just want to honour your favourite characters from Scarface, then this collection of tattoos will surely appeal to that side of you, the one that wants to take the world and make it their own. Read on and discover, some of the most sought-after tattoo designs and tattoo ideas featuring your Tony Montana from Scarface.

The World Is Yours Statue Tattoo

The World Is Yours Statue Tattoo
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Since we are discussing our iconic anti-hero, Tony Montana, it is only fitting if we begin our curated list of tattoos with the famous The World Is Yours globe tattoo from Scarface. The most famous movie characters of all time had a statue that had the words “The World is Yours” and ever since the movie has released, this statue has become a prominent presence when it comes to such tattoo designs.

The artist has beautifully and accurately captured every crease and detail of The World is Yours statue in the artwork done on oneʼs forearm. The black and white tone of the tattoo along with the Fineline work gives it a neat and clean look. Ideal for those who are looking for The World Is Yours tattoo that refers to Tony Montana or Scarface.

Neo-Traditional The World Is Yours Tattoo

Neo-Traditional The World Is Yours Tattoo
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Neo-traditional tattoo designs are popular among people who prefer bold aesthetics. Usually, neo-traditional aesthetics features bold lines, illustrative looks, dramatically bold colours. A beautiful style of tattoo artwork.

In this tattoo design, the artist uses bold colours like red, black, and a magenta hue to bring out the girlʼs features. A girl who shares a similarity with Elvira Hancock from Scarface. While Tony Montana became one of the most famous movie characters of all time, Elvira Hancock, too, garnered her own fan following. The quality of work can be seen in every straight and curved line, and the glossy and vibrant work. This style of art is perfect for people who like their tattoos to be bold and loud. It can also be said that the tattoo design is comics-inspired if one acknowledges the animated look it holds.

Tony Montana The World Is Yours Tattoo

Tony Montana The World Is Yours Tattoo
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Montana was a force of nature till the very end when he succumbs. Tony blazes a corrupt, rich, and violent path and becomes an anti-hero for his age, walking a thin line between saviour for those who he cherishes and a sinner for those you dare to cross his path. Many are inspired by his charming personality and find his anti-heroic tendencies appealing enough to get tattooed. However, tattooing the famous quote is not enough. Here, the artist enhances the tattoo design by incorporating a small portrait of Montana holding a gun. A reference to one of many scenes from the Scarface movie.

Another neo-traditional piece, this artwork has a vintage look. Guys will definitely appreciate this style seeing as it gives off a cool and fun vibe. Other than Montana, the tattoo design also has roses that possibly and subtly showcase a tender side of Montana, with thorns to protect it.

Al Pacino As Tony Montana With The World Is Yours Tattoo

Al Pacino As Tony Montana With The World Is Yours Tattoo
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This small The World is Yours tattoo features a portrait of a young Al Pacino as Tony Montana from Scarface, the ultimately redeemable and a worldwide cultural icon. The character was iconic not only because of the charming personality but because it was a role played by the iconic Al Pacino. The movie had garnered Pacino immense popularity and tattoo designs have found inspiration from it.

In this tattoo, the artist used a reddish hue and created a movie reel design. Such terrific ideas are rare and one needs to explore and search for hours on the internet before one can visit a studio for tattooing. The tattoo design also pulls a reference from Scarface with the drawing of a small airship, the very one Montana see the famous quote in, for the first time. Altogether, the tattoo is unique, satisfies people who are interested in Scarface and Pacino and his character.

Portrait Of Tony Montana And The World Is Yours Tattoo

Portrait Of Tony Montana tattoo
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This particular tattoo design is simple and yet so bright and vibrant, featuring the worldwide cultural icon. The bright yellow and the reddish hues used to frame the portrait of Montana gives the tattoo a beautiful lively look. The close-up view of Montana grabs all the attention and of course, a Scarface tattoo is never complete without the globe and the famous quote of The World is Yours. It is perfect for those who want a tattoo solely dedicated to the anti-hero of the Scarface era.

The “TM” And The World Is Yours Tattoo

The “TM” And The World Is Yours Tattoo
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While most of the tattoo designs and ideas were focused on Montana and his life-like portraits, this piece of work focuses on the famous quote and is one of the simplest styles. It is cute, ideal for oneʼs forearm or arm, or even the wrist if it is sized down. Such styles are popular among tattoo enthusiasts who prefer minimal and simple tattoo designs tattooed on them. The “TM” tattooed next to the famous quote clearly references Montana and Scarface and works just fine as a way of honouring the anti-hero. The whole idea of incorporating both the references from Scarface and keeping it small and simple at the same time is what makes this tattoo a popular choice.

Elvira Hancock And The World Is Yours Tattoo

Elvira Hancock And The World Is Yours Tattoo
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This particular tattoo design is nothing short of cute. It is done in a Fineline style of work featuring another iconic character from Scarface, Elvira Hancock. Every internal and external line used to create the tattoo design has been etched neatly, giving it a minimalistic and aesthetic look that will appeal to many in the tattoo community. The quote is etched beneath Hancockʼs silhouette in a thin and simple font. If you like minimalistic tattoos for your forearm, then this is definitely the one you should pick.

Montana In Miami City And The World Is Yours Tattoo

Montana In Miami City And The World Is Yours Tattoo
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Such blackwork tattoos are largely popular among the men population and are ideal tattoo designs for men. You have to explore several sites and spend a certain amount of time before you can find such tattoo designs, specifically when it comes to tattoos inspired by movies. Fandom tattoo ideas get a little monotonous with the same designs, therefore, such ideas are ideal for people who cannot afford to spend time deciding on the perfect tattoo. Fret not. We got you covered here.

This blackwork tattoo highlights the infamous Montana, his world the Miami City, and the airship with the quote. He controls his world and takes everything it has to offer. If that is not inspirational enough, the quote “The World Is Yours” is etched on the airship. All the simple details in the tattoo highlight the essential facts of the movie, including the quote. It is ideal for oneʼs arm or forearm or even the legs.

The World Is Yours Tattoo

The World Is Yours Tattoo
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As the name suggests, it is a simple tattoo that takes its inspiration from the famous quote. The bold calligraphy is minimalistic and neat. It does not feature any characters or references from Scarface, however, the quote itself is forever symbolic. Montana was inspired by these very words and it had meant a great deal to him. He took what the world had to offer and built a world of his own. Likewise, this quote holds different meanings for different people and tattoos have always been a popular choice for etching a reminder on oneʼs body, something to look at and be inspired. Such simple tattoo designs are ideal for the back or the chest.

Large And Loud The World Is Yours Tattoo

Large And Loud The World Is Yours Tattoo
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This gorgeous workpiece is all things sophisticated and elegant, ideal for those looking for a large black and white piece that is loud and an eye-catcher despite its greyish tones. Everything about this tattoo screams tasteful and polished. The globe and the famous quote together make for a complete picture that relies upon the significance of the quote and a reference to the movie, whichever you are willing to accept it as.

We scoured the internet for tattoo ideas that and we hope that you can explore the list and decide on your ideal pick for your next services. While there are many other tattoo ideas floating on the internet, these are some of the most sought-after designs and inspirations that are sure to whet your appetite for tattoos.

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What does the world is yours tattoo mean?

The world is yours tattoo is a popular design that conveys the idea of having limitless potential and ambition. It represents the notion that you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it, no matter what obstacles or limitations may be in your way. In essence, it serves as a reminder to never give up on yourself and to strive for greatness. Furthermore, this tattoo can be interpreted as a symbol of freedom and independence from societal norms, signifying that you are your own master and capable of crafting your own destiny. This motif has become increasingly popular due to its connection with modern hip hop culture and the inspirational messages associated with it. In addition, the world is yours design conveys the idea of global citizenship, representing a belief that the world is open to anyone with the courage and determination to make their mark upon it. Ultimately, this tattoo serves as an empowering reminder that you are capable of anything if you believe in yourself.

What is the history of the world is yours tattoo?

The phrase “the world is yours” has been used in various contexts throughout history. The inspiration behind the tattoo likely originated from classical literature, specifically a line in Virgil’s Aeneid that reads: “If you want it, it is yours.” Additionally, this motif can be seen in the Biblical book of Psalms, with King David declaring “The world is mine and all that is in it.” This strong sentiment of self-determination has since been adopted by various hip hop artists such as Nas, who popularized the phrase in his 2001 song “Hate Me Now”. The tattoo has also become associated with entrepreneurial and ambitious individuals striving to make their mark on the world. Ultimately, it serves as a reminder and source of motivation to never give up in pursuit of your dreams.

How do I design a world is yours tattoo?

When designing a world is yours tattoo, it’s important to consider the size and placement of the design. Smaller tattoos tend to look best on areas such as wrists or ankles, while larger designs may be better suited for arms or chests. You can customize this tattoo to your personal style by adding color, various font styles, and other design elements. Additionally, you can incorporate other symbols or words that represent your goals and ambitions. When getting this tattoo done, make sure to find a professional artist who has experience with such designs. Ultimately, the world is yours tattoo is a powerful symbol of boundless potential and ambition – craft your own unique design to embody and celebrate these values!

What are some popular world is yours tattoo designs?

Popular world is yours tattoo designs range from minimalist to intricate. Many designs incorporate the full phrase “the world is yours”, either in a scripted or block font. Additionally, this motif can be adapted to incorporate other symbols such as globes, maps, compasses and more. Colorful designs featuring lettering often have an inspirational and empowering feel to them. Further, tattoos with the phrase “take it” or “make it yours” can be used in a similar way. Ultimately, choose a design that reflects your personal style and ambition!

How much does a world is yours tattoo cost?

The cost of a world is yours tattoo can vary depending on the size, complexity and placement of the design. Generally speaking, smaller tattoos tend to be less expensive than larger designs. Additionally, tattoos with multiple colors may cost more than single color pieces. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50-200 for a world is yours tattoo. It is important to note that the cost of a tattoo can also change depending on the artist and studio. Make sure to do your research when choosing an artist and shop!

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