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101 Best Teacup Tattoo Ideas You Have to See to Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Teacup Tattoos

If you are planning on inking your next tattoo, below are some beautiful teacup tattoo ideas and designs to choose from.

Teacup tattoo ideas are often unique and a fun new design to try.

What is the meaning of a teacup tattoo? After a google search find one might find various reasons, of which these two are the most important.

Tea cup tattoo are a tribute to tea. This tattoo is a delightful gift and tribute for a tea lover. Teacup tattoos are used to signify British tea parties; and the friendship that comes with it. The Japanese also host a traditional tea ceremony to celebrate the drink. This shows how tea has been an emblem of culture, tradition and friendship for generations. However, many choose newly made designs like saucers and pots tattoo to follow newer trends. Hence, a simple teacup tattoo and tea tattoos can go a long way in making a cute permanent gift to a tea lover and a bond for friends. Here are the top 10 tea tattoos that we like best.

The Traditional Chinese Teacup Tattoo

The Traditional Chinese Teacup Tattoo
@qhoul.friend via Instagram – Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo

Teapot tattoos go a long way in making a good impression of celebrating culture. This particular saucer and teacup tattoo is a wonderful tribute to the traditional tea ceremony with teapots and green tea, called chanoyu in Japan and depicts the building it is held in, much like the British tea parties. With extremely detailed and intricate inkwork with the background and trees, this tattoo is an attention-grabber on the body. The black and grey gradient shading, beautiful nevertheless, provides customizable ideas for coloured tattoos as well. The finer dotwork in the inner rim of the traditional teacup tattoo uses dark and light ink to create bold, deep lines.

The Floral Teacup Tattoo

The Floral Teacup Tattoo
@clarawelshtattoos via Instagram – Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo

Who does not love little flowers on a tiny teacup tattoo? This floral teacup tattoo provides a different mixture of a neotraditional teacup and saucer with a delicate bluish-black floral design. White dotted inkwork representing tiny little shimmering light and shade dots add to the majestic beauty of this tattoo. It would be best to get this tattoo done next to the collarbones for the perfect gift to a love of teacups, tea and so much more. This teacup tattoo also moves away from the usual black and grey decorations and replaces it with a navy blue shade.

The Teacup And Saucer Arm Tattoo

The Teacup And Saucer Arm Tattoo
@alexisethomson via Instagram – Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo

This teacup tattoo is so gorgeous. But here it is, in reality, without the Pinterest pins and all ready for you to ink it in! The unique tattoo uses colours and is shaded in such wonderful shades that the colour scheme is really next to beautiful. Lovers of tea tattoos get their new designs through this one surely. The essential Fall colours like blackened shades of indigo, red and yellow deserve attention. The teacup tattoo represents flowers growing out of the teacups and one growing down below the saucer. Much detail is inked in the teacups as well, with hints of gold for the rim cover and a smooth red, graceful line that uses flowers and leaves. With perfect shades and the correct size, this unique teacup tattoo will look wonderful on the body.

Clouds Over A Teacup Tattoo

Clouds Over A Teacup Tattoo
@rachktattoo via Instagram – Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo

Storm tattoo ideas are the new trend styles for teacup tattoo designs. And storm in a teacup is something we all love, both the movie and the designs. This rainy season special teacup tattoo is the go-to choice in between the modern rainy day tattoo and a traditional teacup tattoo. Ornate design skills are the key here. The teacup and saucer are floral, with light grey and blue shades, and the rim is covered by crochet with an eye of Ra teabag handle slinging from the sides. The drops of water falling on the top create a ripple effect that seem almost like three-dimensional. This tattoo reminds us of a warm cup of tea on a rainy day; what a small yet grand way to show off a perfect representation!

The Tiny Minimalistic Teacup Tattoo

The Tiny Minimalistic Teacup Tattoo
@kellyneedles via Instagram – Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo

This teacup tattoo is the best way to pay a hassle-free minimalistic tribute. With inkwork with a single and bold black line, this small tattoo is easy to get done on the body, and customizable due to its small size. Usually, teacups and teapots are not this small, but this one looks almost like a traditional Japanese teapot cup used in the tea ceremony. Flaunting a partial flower and nothing else, this teacup tattoo design is unique in itself and looks best on the collarbones or arms.

The Alice In Wonderland Teacup Tattoo

The Alice In Wonderland Teacup Tattoo
@disnerd_momma via Instagram – Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo

We all remember the Mad Hatter’s tea party from Alice in Wonderland. And here is an elegantly colourful Alice in Wonderland tattoo featuring a pile of teacups, with a range of motifs and symbols from the book as well as the Disney films. You can find this teacup pin on Pinterest and Tumblr, sought after for its weirdly lovely inking skills and colour scheme. Donning bright red, pink and blue, these tattoos make us woo over them instantly. This teacup tattoo features the four cups stacked almost like a giant and long teapot, with motifs like the Chesire Cat, the Rabbit’s pocketwatches, the Chess card signs and stickers called “Try Me” placed beside the stacked saucers; all from the book. With unique colour combinations of bright purple and golden, and a surprisingly bright voodoo doll, this teacup tattoo is certainly a twist to tradition.

Storm In The Sea In A Teacup Tattoo

Storm In The Sea In A Teacup Tattoo
@alexduequettetattoos via Instagram – Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo

You can often find this design with a pin as “storm in a teacup” ideas on Pinterest and Tumblr, or a wishful google search find. And here it is, an inkable tattoo on your arm. This tattooable tea cup (more of a teapot tattoo) design is inked solely in black and white colours and features a traditionally designed teapot. On the top of the teapot, the tea represents the stormy sea with an ship battling to find shore at night, with torrential rains. The teapot tattoo design is richly inked with floral motifs in black and white with a hard, possibly stone base. The ship, too, is detailed with its sails. This teapot tattoo can be tattooed on to your arms and legs, and serves as a bold fashion statement. An ideal storm in a teacup or teapot tattoo.

The “Tea-Storm” In a Teacup Tattoo

The "Tea-Storm" In a Teacup Tattoo
@harringtontattoo via Instagram – Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo

The colourful teacup tattoo is yet another storm in a teacup tattoo you can recreate on your body. Inked with bold and beautiful blue and gold; a royal combination, this storm in a teacup tattoo does not change the tea colour, which is a deep brown, but takes on the form of a sea of brown tea posing to be a storm in a teacup. The teacup and saucer are rimmed in blue and gold with a stylish teabag slinging out from the sides. Due to its bigger size, it is advisable to ink this on the back, arms or thighs.

The Skull Inside A Teacup Tattoo

The Skull Inside A Teacup Tattoo
@kmacktattoos via Instagram – Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo

A deadly colourful teacup tattoo. A dark take on the classic British tea parties as the teabag flaunts the British flag. However, we have red blood instead, and a skull right inside. Not matching with the interior, the exterior of the teacup is coloured in floral designs and leaves. The super clean finish over the inklines, even with colours is extremely commendable.

The Pottery-Inspired Teacup Tattoo

The Pottery-Inspired Teacup Tattoo
@potterytattoos via Instagram – Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo

We have kept the best for the last, and here it is. This pottery-coloured tattoo is so pretty that is surely manages to steal our breath away. The colours are mud-like, with some intensely mind-blowing shading of the teacup and the drink inside, in addition to the bold, black rim and the shades of sunlight that seems to fall right behind the objects. The colours used are also stacked and inked in circles down below the tattoo, a win-win situation.

With this myriad of elegant yet cute teacup tattoo designs to choose from, inking out new teacup tattoos just got better. All the tattoos are unique, pretty and provide the true teacup tattoo meaning often represented in art and popular culture. The tattoos also symbolise a mix of tradition and modernity. Teacup tattoos also often provide customizable templates to ink out; beginning with floral to storms and clouds. The range is unbelievable, and so are the designs! Teacup tattoos have all our votes. If you are looking for more suggestions for a teacup tattoo, then check out the suggestions below.

  1. Storm in a teacup
  2. Colorful tiny teacup tattoo
  3. Mad Hatter and Teacup tattoo
  4. Floral Teacup tattoos
  5. Teacup tattoo with Alice in Wonderland quote
  6. Teacup tattoo with hearts

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What are some ideas for cattle brand tattoos?

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