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101 Best Tattoo On Side Of Foot Designs That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Tattoo On Side Of Foot Designs

Do you want to get inked with an amazing tattoo on side of foot? Spend a few minutes on the article and get hold of some amazing foot tattoo designs.

Best Tattoo On Side Of Foot
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Side foot tattoo designs are much popular and you can always select some fantastic designs for yourself. 

Nowadays tattoos are popular all across the world and people are using body art to reflect their values and thoughts towards life. No matter whether you are having ankle tattoos or tattoos on any other locations tattooing process is extremely painful and you are going to face intense pain if you do not get the body art with experienced tattoo artists. 

Getting a foot tattoo is easier. Be it a simple tattoo like a koi fish tattoo or a small tattoo like a heart tattoo on the back side of the foot you need to undergo the healing process else the foot tattoo will fade quickly. Foot Tattoo pain is common, foot tattoos hurt but you need Foot Tattoo Aftercare else it will fade quickly. You can always go for a cute star tattoo or heart tattoo.

Girly Foot Tattoos

Girly Foot Tattoos
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Foot tattoos are always interesting and one can wear them with different types of dresses. These give a discrete appearance to all and the onlookers remain awestruck. The girl has inked her skin with a star tattoo. The tattoo artist has well used the new ink and covered the side of the foot with many stars. It is worth mentioning that the beauty of the tattoo is well displayed and is extended to the upper part of her leg. Several stars can also be used by you as a coverup tattoo. Once the tattoo heals it will give you a distinguished look.

When it comes to a star tattoo, it is one of the popular themes liked by women. Besides, a star tattoo beholds a different set of meanings. Be it a single star or a series of stars covering different parts of the body a star tattoo always unleashes simple to complex meanings. A star tattoo generally stands for hope, honor, and intuition. Besides, it stands for guidance and desire. Star tattoos hurt though but are cool enough to be inked by any. You can always get yourself inked with a star tattoo.

Ankle Tattoo For Most People

Ankle Tattoo For Most People
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People who are close to the sea or are sea animals are prone to getting themselves inked with a fish tattoo. Fish tattoos when drawn on food always reflect the essence of marine life in this world. It also helps the onlooker to understand the person’s closeness to see. The goldfish tattoo has been drawn on the feet of the girl, giving her a fancy look. 

A goldfish tattoo is famous all across the world as it symbolizes improvisation in Fortune along with prosperity. In addition to this, it also stands for Kodakara, which is a child’s treasure according to Japanese belief. It also reflects household harmony along with the accumulation of wealth. 

Although fish tattoos are famous, many prefer to get koi fish tattoos as it represents perseverance. Moreover, Koi fish often symbolizes struggles that one has overcome in his life. 

Flowers Larger Designs Foot Tattoos

Flowers Larger Designs Foot Tattoos
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A beautiful rose flower has been designed on the side food of the girl which is giving her an ethereal appearance. Flower design tattoos have always been a favorite of girls and getting a food tattoo like this is always a dream of many. 

Many get worried about tattooing as it might hurt but the beauty of a tattoo is well reflected when it is completed. A Rose tattoo symbolizes a love that is born or lost. It is popular for ages as it reflects passion. Roses are examples of beauty with emotion and can we know other flower designs that can replicate the beauty of the Rose along with its historical significance. 

 Tattoos On The Side Of Your Foot

 Tattoos On The Side Of Your Foot
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Well inked on the skin of the person the dragon tattoo exemplifies a large tattoo design that can be worn by any who shares similar perspectives towards life.

According to Chinese tradition, dragons are the symbols of strength, good luck, protection, power, and wisdom. Many consider it to be lucky as it is believed that dragons enhance wealth and skills.

Fire On Foot Tattoos

Fire On Foot Tattoos
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Covering the entire foot of the man, the fire tattoo is symbolic of both life and destruction. When it comes to the flames, they represent both. 

Since the discovery of Fire around million years ago, it has been symbolic of both creativity along with remembrances and represents life and death. The flames are also symbolic of a burning passion. Besides, owing to the placement of the tattoo, the meaning changes.

Tattoo Quotes On Side Of Foot

Tattoo Quotes On Side Of Foot
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The perfect tattoo to pair a sexy pair of shoes is to get a side-foot tattoo just like the woman who is wearing it and add an extra charm to her physical appearance. The girl has written that she loves her feet and that displays her fondness for her body.

Quote tattoos are worn by individuals just to showcase that they have got the power to create their own story. Those who do not want to live a normal life can always say yes to a quote tattoo as it will reveal their uniqueness.

Detailed Design Foot Tattoo

Detailed Design Foot Tattoo
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The detailed and intricate design of the healed tattoo is not only glorifying the foot of the woman but is also displaying her fondness for ornaments. Besides the black ink that has been used is simply creating a mesmerizing look. 

When comes to ornamental tattoos these contain waves, lines, crosses, and spirals. It contains numerous patterns that are generally large. Ornamental tattoos or to say ornamental art has their origin in the Roman Empire and falls under the genre of decorative patterns. From there it spread to various parts of the world. These designs are eternal and according to some cultures these stand for protection or a sign of prosperity and social status. 

Foot Tattoos For Women

Foot Tattoos For Women
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The picture of a perfect move can easily be witnessed on the upper part of the foot of the girl that is well reflecting her ideas to life. 

Moong tattoos are always unique. A moon tattoo is significant for change and growth. Moreover, a moon tattoo is a very popular image when it comes to tattoo art. It is quite unlike sun tattoos that represent eternal life and permanency. A moon tattoo is always symbolic of night. 

Moon also reflects the rhythm of time and is a feminine symbol. It portrays the enlightenment of the dark side of nature. On the other hand, when it comes to Crescent moons represent fertility and motherhood. Adhering to different cultures these are also symbolic of manifestation and creativity. 

Large Tattoo Idea For Women

Large Tattoo Idea For Women
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The girl got herself tattooed with a floral design that is covering the front part of her foot.

Besides, the foot tattoo is continuing from her right foot to her left and is looking like a floral band. Over the years, floral designs are famous and quite popular among womenfolk.

Floral tattoos execute multi-layered meanings as different sets of flowers indicate discrete meanings. Floral foot tattoos are unique. Getting a foot tattoo that contains flowers represents the love that breathes between two individuals or one’s fondness for nature.

In the primitive days, flowers represented god’s containment. When it comes to other tattoos that contain colorful flowers, it should be mentioned that white flowers stand for purity and innocence whereas, pink represents grace. You can always select a floral foot tattoo and let it fully heal and feel the magic of flowers around you.

Heart Tattoo On Back Side Of Foot

Heart Tattoo On Back Side Of Foot
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Tattoos hurt always and you need to go through a proper healing process to make a foot tattoo long-lasting. It is not a bad idea to get your foot area inked with small tattoos but all you need to do is to provide appropriate healing time to get rid of the painful toes and get hold of cute small tattoos that are filled with deeper meanings.

There is a trend that person get their thin skin or body inked with heart tattoos. Tattoo artist always comes up with unique designs and this is visible in this particular tattoo where the person has got foot tattoo that can easily be worn with flip flops, and closed shoes. Even you can also wear shoes and wear socks if you feel like it as the cute heart is located at the side of the foot. You can always get this tattoo on the back of your feet too. The person has designed the foot with cute hearts that is predominantly setting a happy note.

When it comes to a heart tattoo, the question might arise in your mind how bad does a tattoo on the side of a foot hurt? Whether it’s a large tattoo or a smaller one, it will hurt because of the needle. A heart tattoo exemplifies several things. It signifies passion as well as love. The heart is also synonymous with affection and is well connected to emotions. It stands opposite to wisdom and is symbolic of that as the heart is the focal point of spiritual being and compassion. You can always get yourself new ink with a heart tattoo and color it to reveal various emotions.

Tattoos changes meaning from cultures owing to their placement in the body. Tattoos are a reflection of an individual’s thoughts and perception of life. Side Foot tattoos are quite uncommon. Below several choices have been provided to be inked on feet.

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How big should a tattoo be on the side of the foot?

The size of your tattoo on the side of your foot should depend on the design and concept you are looking to achieve. Often, small tattoos tend to look best, as they can be more subtle and elegant. Generally speaking, a maximum size of 3 inches by 3 inches is recommended for any one piece. It’s also important to consider the placement of the tattoo and make sure it does not interfere with any bones, tendons or ligaments in your foot. It’s best to consult a professional artist who can help you determine the most flattering size and placement for your desired design.

What is the pain level for a tattoo on the side of the foot?

The pain level for a tattoo on the side of your foot can range from mild to moderate. It all depends on the area being tattooed and your own personal pain tolerance. Areas like the inner ankle tend to be more sensitive than other parts of the foot, so they may experience more discomfort during the procedure. The intensity also varies depending on what type of needle the artist is using. If you’re looking for a less painful option, consider getting a tattoo on the top of your foot or calf instead.

How long does it take for a tattoo on the side of the foot to heal?

The healing process for a tattoo on the side of your foot can typically take anywhere from two to three weeks. During this time, it’s important to keep the area clean and moisturized in order to promote healing. It’s also recommended to avoid direct sunlight or swimming while the tattoo is healing, as these activities can delay the healing process and cause infection. After the initial healing period, it’s recommended to use a good aftercare product for several weeks in order to keep your tattoo looking its best.

What are some of the best designs for a tattoo on the side of the foot?

When it comes to choosing a design for a tattoo on the side of your foot, there is no shortage of options. Some popular choices include floral designs, geometric shapes, animals, and cursive lettering. There are also many unique ideas that can be tailored to fit your personality and style. Before deciding on a final design, be sure to consult a professional artist to help you pick the perfect one.

How much does a tattoo on the side of the foot cost?

The cost of a tattoo on the side of your foot can vary depending on things like size, complexity, and location. Generally speaking, small tattoos tend to be cheaper than larger ones. The artist’s experience level can also factor into the overall cost. It’s best to consult with multiple artists for quotes and compare prices before making your final decision.

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