10 Best Tattoo For Someone Who Passed Away Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Finding a tattoo for someone who passed away can be tough, but we’re here to help you. Go through our list of memorial tattoos to keep your lost loved one close.

Tattoo For Someone Who Passed Away
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People are irreplaceable, and the void their absence creates is something we struggle all our lives to fill, but small things like getting a tattoo dedicated to that loved one can bring some comfort.

The grieving process varies with people, and so do their ways of coping with grief, but loving gestures like memorial art can help you keep them close. Getting memorial tattoos is one such way to cherish the loving memory of a close one for life.

Nothing is more valuable than a beautiful tribute to a lost life through art. Art has the power to immortalise things and people through colours, words or a creation. A remembrance tattoo is one such way to immortalise the memory of your loved one on your own skin. Memorial tattoo designs contain personalised details of loved ones which people prefer looking at times when things get hard, a reminder they should move forward for the sake of their lost loved ones. A loving father, mother, baby, best friend, lover or a fur baby, memorial tattoos may not help reduce grief but will keep reminding you of the fond memories you created with them.

A memorial tattoo does not have to be a certain way. As long as you have shared a memory with your loved one and a skilled artist to draw it, your memorial tattoo can be one of the most cherished art pieces on your body. Treasuring memories of a deceased person is the best way to honour their lives, so if you are looking for memorial tattoo recommendations, we are here to help you out.

Memorial Tattoo Ideas Dedicated To Father’s Love

Memorial Tattoo Ideas Dedicated To Father's Love
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The memorial tattoo above is dedicated to the wearer’s father, who opted to show off his love for his lost father in an ignorant style tattoo. The ignorant style is not what it seems and sounds like. The style steps away from standard practices and uniquely pays homage, like this eccentric tattoo with a skeletal and human hand, depicting the never-ending touch in each other’s life.

The tattoo artist chose a graffiti-like artwork to depict the immortal bond of the wearer and his father with simple, bold black colour to keep it as simple and effective as it can be. The quoted ‘Dad’ within a wreath made with leaves depict the wearer’s relation with their father and how they hope to remember their dad in a quirky and special way!

Optimistic Tattoo Designs For Someone Who Passed Away

Optimistic Tattoo Designs For Someone Who Passed Away
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A memorial tattoo does not always have to be melancholic, does it? Among other familiar tattoos remembering loved ones through wings, portraits or flowers, this one is unique and optimistic for a grieving person to keep holding onto hope. The tattoo depicts a dancing skeleton with quotes reminding the wearer to keep trying toward a hopeful start over and over.

Such tattoos hold greater meaning than just a fun addition. It describes the grieving person’s effort to experience the world without their loved ones. It’s a beautiful dedication wearer can play around with in terms of design and colour. Additional elements like flowers and stars can also be added to add a bit more joy to the tattooed piece.

Remembrance American Flag Tattoo Ideas For Someone Who Passed Away

Remembrance American Flag Tattoo Ideas For Someone Who Passed Away
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People who lost their loved ones serving in wars can use the American flag in their memorial tattoo to honour their sacrifice. Instead of using a simple flag, the tattoo artist above incorporates the idea of an American flag with a cartoon character in military uniform to describe the memorial tattoo as a dedication to the wearer’s grandfather.

Tattoo designs like these add personalised meaning to the artwork, making it closer and more cherished. As much as you miss your beloved person, try to include little aspects of their personality or your shared memories to make it more personal.

Butterfly Tattoo For Someone Who Passed Away

Butterfly Tattoo For Someone Who Passed Away
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As a symbol of remembrance, Butterflies make the perfect symbol to add to memorial tattoos. The tattoo captures a delicate feel to it through vibrant blue colour and a quote promising the presence of loved ones after their departure to heaven. The butterfly tattoo design can be used to remember a loved one through symbolisms like freedom and transformation, hoping for a safe afterlife journey through delicate wings.

Get inspired by this tattoo and opt for a design that speaks most to you. Add different colours to wings, include a quote your loved one would have cherished or any other detail that reminds you of the deceased person. Celebrate a life well-lived through gorgeous body art.

Roman Numerals Birth And Death Dates Tattoo Design

Roman Numerals Birth And Death Dates Tattoo Design
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The above birth and death dates comprising memorial tattoo is different from the ones simply adding numbers to their tattoo. Adding Roman numerals is a way to signify the importance of any number inscribed. It increases its honour and makes for a perfect tattoo design idea to ink a significant event., including the birth and death dates of family members or any other beloved.

Date tattoos are a great idea to immortalise the time you cherished with the person you lost on your body. Instead of using too many words, simply tattoo artwork and add dates to honour the time they spent sharing joy with people in the world.

Praying Hands Memorial Tattoo To Pay Tribute

Praying Hands Memorial Tattoo To Pay Tribute
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Praying hands tattoo is a revered symbol of honour and respect one can offer on their beloved person’s death. Mother, father, or an elder, often people decide to dedicate a tattoo to these beloved guiding entities, and the given tattoo design describes the same through its colours and various aspects.

For people looking to dedicate an honouring memorial tattoo to an elderly close person like a mother, father, or grandparent, this tattoo will surely deliver respect to the deceased. Meaningful tattoos are hard to find, but this one really hits the mark. The tattoo also has a few other elements, making it more personalised and respectful than ever. You can also include the birth or death date of the person in the memorial tattoo.

Semicolon Tattoo For Someone Who Passed Away

Semicolon Tattoo For Someone Who Passed Away
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Semicolon tattoos are usually drawn to exhibit solidarity towards mental health issues, and people who have dealt with them often get semicolon tattoo designs to keep being reminded of their courage to make it through. While the semicolon represents the strength to survive, it can also be a grieving symbol for people who lose their loved ones to mental health issues. A small ink on the wrist or a symbol of pride and remembrance for a close friend, a semicolon tattoo design works well for everyone hoping to defeat mental health issues.

The tattoo design can include angel wings or flowers to add a more delicate touch. Semicolon tattoo in memory of a lost life can be painful to watch, but adding personal, memorable elements can turn it into a fond artwork.

Paw Print Pet Remembrance Tattoo Design

Paw Print Pet Remembrance Tattoo Design

Pets are no less than a family, and losing one can bring enormous pain, but being reminded of their fond memories can also bring back a smile on your face. So, why not fondly remember them with memorial tattoos!

Paw-prints are adorable elements to use as a remembrance body art in memory of a lost pet. The tattoo above uses soft black to shade a paw print, which is quite different from usually tattooed artwork. If your memorable tattoo is dedicated to a pet, you can take inspiration from this tattoo.

Portrait Tattoo In Memory Of A Loved One

Portrait Tattoo In Memory Of A Loved One
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Portrait tattoos are one of the most widely used ways to cherish a deceased person’s memories. Although you cannot take a picture frame everywhere, portrait tattoos accompany you in all spheres of life, offering strength and a sense of guiding presence. Portrait tattoos are intimate, valuable and require an extremely skilled professional to get the job done, so if you are hoping to get one try consulting an expert tattoo artist.

A portrait tattoo can range from a small silhouette to an enormous piece, just like the one mentioned above. Portraits don’t often have to be realistic; let your artist know your desired art style for the perfect results.

Memorial Ink Tattoo Quotes For Someone Who Passed Away

Memorial Ink Tattoo Quotes For Someone Who Passed Away
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Quotes written in memory of a close person used as memorial tattoos can be one excellent way to remember them through words. If the quote is written in the handwriting of the deceased person, then what more can you ask!

Quotes can be extremely personal and emotional, so getting one in memory of a person can always lead you to have a piece of them through words. Memorial tattoos with words are far more acknowledged than other art pieces as words of dedication as it keeps reminding the wearer to follow the message for the sake and love of their lost member.

Memorial tattoo designs are a constant reminder for the wearer that they never lost touch with the person they love. Tattoos are forever, and so is our bond with the souls we lost on our way through life, so why not immortalise them through tattoos! Here are some more tattoo recommendations for people who would like to get a memorial tattoo.

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