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101 Best Tattoo For My Son Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Son tattoo Ideas

Family is the most important thing in one’s life. If you want to show off your love for them, we have a list of amazing tattoo ideas dedicated to your son.

Best Tattoo For My Son
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Parents spend their entire life trying to become role models for their children.

Tattoos for their son are something that is very common among mothers and fathers alike. It is a special bond that they share with their children and incomparable to any other bond one has in life.

Ahsan thinks of his father as a superhero and his mother as a superwoman. The relationship between a father and son is a little difficult to describe. However, a relationship between a mother and son is very simple as it is full of love and fun moments. There are many mothers who have matching tattoos with their son that describes special moments between them and is very heart-touching. There are many sons who like to honor their mothers by getting their names or dates tattooed on themselves. This kind of relationship is very similar to that of a father and son as well. A father and son may not get matching tattoos all the time. However, their love and respect for each other are mutual. The current times are changing. Today, a father likes to show his love for his son by getting a tattoo of his name, and the son likes to pay respects to his father by doing the same.

In this article, we will say the different types of tattoos that a parent can get for their son. Pick up the best design that you like and make your next body art.

Portrait Tattoo

Portrait Tattoos
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Getting a portrait tattoo is a perfect way to show off your love for your child. This is a sweet and simple tattoo. These tattoos are extremely personal and each tattoo has a different story. There is a certain uniqueness of these tattoos because you decide to get the portrait of your child at their cutest stage, something that you want to remember for life. People who are passionate about tattoos, love getting portrait tattoos of their loved ones.

The tattoo artist has done an incredible job with the detailing of this design. They have used black and grey ink to finish this tattoo. Some different shapes and elements have been added as a border to the baby’s face. The name of the baby has been written underneath her portrait. If you are looking to make a sweet tattoo for your son, then this is something that you can go for.

Kid’s Name Tattoos

Kid's Name Tattoos
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A kid’s name tattoo is one of the most popular design choices when it comes to making a tattoo for your child. The name of the child can bring back a lot of childhood memories. It can also help you remember your kids at all times, even if they are staying far away from you. This is also a great way to honor them and show your love for them.

If you have a creative mind, the best way to make a kid’s name tattoo is by using colorful ink and also adding certain elements like balloons or birds, or even a small heart with it to make it look more appealing. This particular design has the words Adam written with small hearts around it and a little boy holding a balloon. Simple strokes of black have been used to make this design. Under the name, the date of birth of the child has been written.

Son And Father Tattoos

Son And Father Tattoos
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A father and son share a very special bond. A father is always there for his son at all points in life. Be in his career, be it growing up, studies, anything. This particular design has a beautiful story behind it for the wearer. It describes a special memory shared between the father and the child. You can see the father is holding his son’s hand and they’re watching the sunset together. Beside them are his pet dog and some coconut trees and birds. Search scenery tattoos are meant to bring back fond memories whenever you look at them. The tattoo artist has used artwork, art, and fine line work to complete this design. Black and Grey Inc have been used for the status. Underneath the design, other words ‘forever in my heart’. This is one of the most special sons and dad tattoos.

Mother And Child Tattoo

Mother And Child Tattoo
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A mother’s life is surrounded by her children. She works day and night spending time with them, educating them, and catering to all their needs. Her love for her children is unconditional and a way of showing off that love is getting a tattoo for them or matching tattoos with them.

This particular design shows a mother sitting on a slab holding hands with her son. Beside them is their pet dog. The tattoo artist has used bright colors to complete this design. Different inks like red, punk, blue, green, brown, and white have been used in this tattoo. This is a perfect way to demonstrate how a family is wholesome and important.

Picture Tattoo

Picture Tattoo
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A great way to keep a memory forever is by making a permanent tattoo of it on the body. Many people have used such a method of converting a picture into body art and the outcomes have been outstanding. This particular design is an outline of the picture given to the tattoo artist by the wearer. In this picture you see a mother holding her son. The tattoo artist has created the perfect outline of this tattoo with black ink and fine strokes. The name of her son Lucas has been written below the portrait. A beautiful way to honor the special relationship between a mother and son.

Name Tattoos

Name Tattoos
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A simple and sweet tattoo that you will cherish forever A simple name of your child with a font of your liking and a small beautiful red heart made beside it. This tattoo is not limited to a mother or a father, anybody can get the name of their loved ones inked on them. If your child stays far away or you have not seen them for a while, this design is perfect for you. It will always keep them in your memories and they will be close to your heart. This tattoo includes simple lines and can be a great idea to demonstrate your love.

Heart Tattoo

Heart Tattoo
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This is a very cute tattoo idea that you can get. This design shows the symbol of a heart made with a mature pair of hands and a baby’s hands holding each other. This design is to honor the people we love and that love can be spread in our daily lives. Getting such a tattoo on a very visible part of the body can help us keep the presence of our loved ones with us. On the left side is the hand of the father, on the right is the hand of the mother, and their two children complete the heart. All family members can get this simple and cute tattoo made with simple black strokes.

Footprint Tattoo

Footprint Tattoo
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A baby’s footprints are taken when he is an infant at the hospital. The footprints are marked right after the birth of the child as a source of memory as well as identification. That footprint mark is often used as tattoo by parents. Such designs are a way to pay tributes to the person’s child, a great way to keep them close to their heart forever. This particular design is a footprint of the person’s child, Emilia. The artist has done a great job to copy the exact imprint of the child on the hand. Black ink has been used to complete this design.

A Mother’s Love Tattoo

A Mother's Love Tattoo
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A mother’s love is pure and unconditional. She always wants to keep her child close to her heart. And a great way of honoring that commitment is by getting a permanent tattoo on the body. This particular tattoo design is a very special and simple tattoo. It shows the outline of a mother holding her child and a small red heart beside it. It is made with simple strokes of black ink. The date of birth of her child has been written below the portrait. This is a very beautiful and special design and if you are looking to get a tattoo that shows the bond between you and your son, this design is the one to go for.

Handwriting Tattoo

Handwriting Tattoo
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Another very special and unique way to show your love for your child is getting a handwritten tattoo. This particular tattoo design is very special. It says the words ‘I love you mommy’ in the It says the words I love you, mummy in the child’s handwriting. These handwriting tattoos are a great way to show off your love for your child. There are small simple hearts made beside the quote. The tattoo artist has used black ink to complete this time. You can customize this design in your own way and ask your child to write something special for you so that you can get a tattoo that stays with you forever.

Getting a tattoo for your partner or your boyfriend might be questionable, but getting a tattoo for your child is very special. It is such a bond that stays forever. We hope that you like the ideas given above, and if you would like to explore further, you can check out the options given below –

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What are some ideas for tattoo designs for my son?

Tattoo designs for your son can be as unique and creative as you’d like. Some popular ideas include: quotes or phrases, a portrait of someone he admires, tribal designs, religious symbols, nature elements such as trees or animals, nautical themes, geometric patterns, and abstract art. He may also want to consider something meaningful to him, such as his favorite sports team or a special memory. With the right artist, your son can create a unique and personal tattoo that will last for years.

How much will it cost to get a tattoo for my son?

The cost of a tattoo for your son will depend on the size, complexity, and placement of the design. Many artists charge by the hour or per session; however, some may have different pricing models. It’s important to do research and shop around to find an artist who fits within your budget. Generally speaking, smaller and simpler tattoos tend to be less expensive, while more complex pieces may cost more. You can also look for specials and discounts from local tattoo shops.

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