101 Best Symbol Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Symbol Tattoos

Reviewed & updated: December 29, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Are you enthusiastic about inking a symbol tattoo based on some ancient symbols? No worries! Get an amazing curated list of these tattoos in a nutshell.

Symbol Tattoo
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By a symbol, you can depict it as an object, person, event, place, or action which has a much deeper significance than just its literal meaning.

Tattoo symbols are a prime epitome of its identity with a very deep meaning. From ancient symbols to modern symbols, tattoos have a lot of diversity in every way possible.

The evolution of tattoos can be related to the evolution of human civilisation. From the Paleolithic Age to the Neolithic Age, the usage of symbols was prevalent throughout. Owing to which there has been a drastic change in the application of various ancient symbols in many places like interior designs, architecture, even tattoos as well. Moving forward to the modern era, these symbols hold deep meaning. From religious tattoos to anchor tattoos, you can observe that every tattoo design has a symbol, irrespective of any variety.

Nowadays, you will find each and every tattoo are meaningful tattoos. In western cultures, symbols like Christian fish rose into prominence whereas, in Chinese cultures, the symbol of Yin Yang came into the limelight. Inking these symbols as modern-day tattoo designs will simply add an artistic and aesthetic touch to your whole body. Since you are inking something that will be forever with you, make sure that you ink tattoos that have deep meanings. At the same time, tattoos these days also imbibe a cohesive aura that attracts many reclusive as well as other creative souls out there who love to get inked.

People from all over the world hope to create peaceful alternatives for day to day problems by inking symbol tattoos on their bodies. The concept of inking tattoo symbols is a pretty popular choice of sending a message to the masses who are associated with them directly or indirectly. These tattoo symbols can be both small tattoos as well as large tattoos, simple tattoos as well as complex tattoos. Thus you can opt for any sort of symbol tattoo, provided you need to have a clear idea about yourself.

Thus, without any further ado, choose the best symbols tattoo designs for yourself that will instigate your love and interest in tattoos as a whole. You can choose any one of the best symbol tattoos from the list.

Vibrant Cross Tattoo Design

Vibrant Cross Tattoo Design
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Keep up the tradition of medieval ages by inking this sparkling tattoo on your body. This tattoo symbolises passion, death and rebirth.

Since medieval times, Christianity has had a lot of impact upon the masses, either spiritually or psychologically. Deriving inspiration from medieval incidents, these cross tattoos rose into the limelight. Legends say that the holy spirit from the cross represents strength.

In ancient times during the times of Jesus Christ, the holy cross was marked as a sign of threat for the Romans. Since then, Christianity rose into prominence by the passage of time. Many tattoo artists from all over the world promoted medieval art by implementing these ideas as various tattoo designs, especially as a cross tattoo. These tattoos also represent strength and wisdom.

This design has a very colourful framework that will act as a bonus to your overall style statement. This tattoo is suitable for both men and women. This tattoo can be inked almost anywhere on your body as an arm tattoo, chest tattoo, bicep tattoo and tricep tattoo.

Peace Symbol Tattoo Design

Peace Symbol Tattoo Design
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Pacify your restless and hasty soul by inking this calm and peaceful symbol of peace tattoo. Peace symbol tattoos are generally small tattoos but with a big meaning behind them. The symbol of peace came from the hippie culture where men and women used to protest during the US-Vietnam wars during the ’60s. Moreover, this symbol of peace has led to various successful protest movements during the ’70s and ’80s. This tattoo delivers a very strong message to the masses – the message of eternal peace.

Now coming to its design, this compact yet simple design on the neck feels really cool primarily because of its small size. Since the tattoo design does not have any intricate details, this tattoo will suit a person who is simple-minded in nature. Other than your neck, this peace tattoo will also suit well on your chest, hand, wrist, fist, etc.

Nordic Mushroom Tattoo Ideas For Men

Nordic Mushroom Tattoo Ideas For Men
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Now, what does this tattoo symbol mean? In Nordic history, these mushrooms had a lot of importance in their day-to-day life. These mushroom tattoos might look way too intimidating and robust in the first place, but these cool tattoos are symbolic enough to hold meaning. The blackish hue of this tattoo makes it much bolder.

If a person has a bold and daring personality, this tattoo will be perfect for the one! The trident like look also has a very significant impact upon the youngsters who tend to ink symbol tattoos on their bodies. Tattoo symbols derive lots of inspiration from things used in our daily life. Nonetheless, this piece of artwork can be used in your back area, arm as well as legs.

Feet Ornament Tattoos For Women

Feet Ornament Tattoos For Women
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Flaunt your beauty by inking these ornament tattoos on your feet. These light stroked tattoos appear very subtle and calm. As a result, this tattoo becomes aesthetically pleasing for women. The delicate factor of these tattoo symbols is the sole reason why it attracts women more than men.

These ornament tattoo symbols represent strength, elegance and beauty. Moreover, these tattoo designs are very much prevalent during these modern times as a symbol of aesthetics. People from all over the world love ornaments just to elevate their beauty and style to an optimum level. Similarly, one can also ink such ornament tattoos to keep up the tradition and beauty.

This tattoo can be applied to your body as an arm tattoo, fist tattoo or wrist tattoo.

Triangle Symbol With Sea Waves Tattoo

Triangle Symbol With Sea Waves Tattoo
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This unique piece of tattoo has a very intriguing element into it, the sea! Often times you will notice how the sea can put a lot of psychological impact on your lives, definitely in a positive approach. Just as the sea is endless, similarly, our minds and level of imagination are endless, if you can increase your level of imagination. Thus in this regard, you can ink this super beautiful sea tattoo to get a new essence of life to its fullest. Since the sea is always lively in nature, you can also be able to keep a jovial and lively mood in your daily life by inking this tattoo.

Shoulder Ornament Symmetrical Tattoo Design

Shoulder Ornament Symmetrical Tattoo Design
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The concept of minimal tattoos has a lot of hype these days because of its cost-effectiveness as well as compactness. These tattoos are very small in nature. There is a certain category of people who are very much into minimal tattoos. In comparison, there is also a section of people who loves bigger tattoos.

If you believe in the holy spirit, this tattoo can also be a go-to option because of certain religious significances too. Generally, ornaments were considered as a symbol of purity and elegance in the Roman Catholic churches. Their sheer elegance had an innate capability to ward off evil spirits by means of a holy spirit. The first sound of the bell also helped to ward off evil spirits too. This tattoo has the power to provide you with positive energy over time.

Om Tattoo Symbols

Om Tattoo Symbols
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Reverberate your spiritual self by inking these energetic om symbol tattoos on your body. The word ‘Om’ has a very engraving impact upon the people, especially those who are ardent believers of the Hindu faith. The word comes from three letters. One means creation, another means preservation and the last one mean destruction. Similarly, in our daily life, modern tattoo designs have got a lot of inspiration from these ideas themselves. Besides, Om is also a symbol of balance. The tactic of balancing is an integral part of our day to day lives nowadays. Owing to which you can get more confidence to balance their hectic schedules in life if you ink this tattoo on your body.

In terms of design, this tattoo is a deep monochromatic tattoo with bold strokes that makes these tattoo ideas encapsulate their tattoo symbol meanings. Unlike other tattoo designs like anchor tattoos or lotus flower tattoos that are a bit bigger, these are smaller and compact tattoos. These Om symbol tattoo designs can be inked on your body as chest tattoos, arm tattoos or back tattoos.

Ancient Symbols For Religious Tattoo Designs

Ancient Symbols For Religious Tattoo Designs
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This tattoo has a very fine pencil sketch type look and feel. This appearance of a tattoo design is widely revered by people who are into simple and wholesome designs. These designs can literally be inked anywhere on the upper part of your body since it is very minimal in nature.

Looking into its meaning, these tattoo symbols represent strength, faith and perseverance. The star in this tattoo denotes enriching vision and far-sightedness. At the same time, the moon symbol represents calmness and tranquillity. Thus, from here, you can say that this tattoo has a lot of religious as well as other significances altogether.

This tattoo can be inked on your body as a neck tattoo, hand tattoo, wrist tattoo, arm tattoo, chest tattoo and many more.

Three Interlocking Triangles Satan Tattoo

Three Interlocking Triangles Satan Tattoo
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Unleash yourself from the entanglement of life by getting inspired by the idea behind this tattoo. These tattoos represent strength as well as wisdom. To look into the bigger picture, the idea of Satan in this tattoo is somehow adding an intriguing factor to it. Since Satan is considered evil, you can also find an intimidating touch to this tattoo. Owing to which this has some pretty simple tattoo ideas.

Sometimes, these triangles can also be directly associated with a ‘symbol of love’ tattoo. Since these triangles represent strength, this tattoo will also be appropriate for those who have a strong determination towards something positive.

Ornamental Moon Tattoo Symbol Ideas

Ornamental Moon Tattoo Symbol Ideas
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Another small tattoo on the list, this moon-shaped ornamental tattoo, is one of a kind. It is because this tattoo has a separate fanbase that attracts the whole new dimension of people who tend to love subtleness to their lives. Other than that, this tattoo is so minimal that it can even be inked on your neck! Apart from your neck, you can ink this tattoo on your chest or back.

Thus, some of the honourable mentions for some other symbol tattoos are as follows.

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What does a symbol tattoo mean?

A tattoo can be a powerful and personal way to express your beliefs, values, and feelings. Symbol tattoos can be particularly meaningful, as they often represent important concepts or ideas. If you’re considering getting a symbol tattoo, it’s important to understand the different meanings associated with popular designs. This will help you choose a design that is right for you and that accurately reflects your own personal beliefs.

What are some popular symbol tattoos?

There are a wide variety of symbol tattoos to choose from. Some popular designs include:

1. Celtic symbols
2. Tribal symbols
3. Asian symbols
4. Religious symbols

What are the benefits of getting a symbol tattoo?

There are many benefits to getting a symbol tattoo. Symbol tattoos can be used to express your beliefs, values, and feelings in a very personal way. They can also be used to show your support for a cause or group that you care about. Symbol tattoos can be small and discreet or they can be large and elaborate. No matter what size or design you choose, a symbol tattoo can be a beautiful and meaningful way to express yourself.

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