10 Best Sword And Rose Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Best Sword And Rose Tattoo Ideas

Are you in the quest of a remarkable sword and rose tattoo for your next ink? Here is some impressive sword and rose tattoo designs to get you inspired!

Sword And Rose Tattoo
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Sword and rose tattoos are symbols of true love, betrayal, and hope.

The union of a sword and a rose tattoo creates stunning tattoo art with a multitude of interpretations. Impeccable designs, combined with rich symbolism, are what make these tattoos stand apart from the rest.

According to greek mythology, roses got their crimson hue from Aphrodite’s blood. It is also said that a rose bush grew out of the pool of blood of slained Adonis who happened to be Aphrodite’s lover. A sword is a weapon with a long metal blade which was used to strike enemies in wars during ancient times. Thus, its meaning is associated with bravery and courage when it comes to tattoo art. However, when combined with roses, the pairing usually represents deception and a yearning for lost love. It also marks the coexistence of betrayal and hope in the journey of life. These tattoos usually portray a sword piercing through a rose in various inking styles. You should check out this curated list of sword and rose tattoos for men and women along with their symbolic interpretations!

Elegant Sword And Rose Tattoo

Elegant Sword And Rose Tattoo
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The pink tinted sword is placed amidst a bunch of roses in this elegant tattoo art. The leafy stem of the roses is intertwined along the length of the sword. The petals of the roses are inked in contrasting shades and outlined in black. Inked in pink hues, the sword has beautiful detailing on its shaft. Together, the sword which stands for power, combined with the elegant pink roses symbolizing gratitude, delivers a message of being humble even after reaching a position of authority.

Stunning Sword And Rose Tattoo

Stunning Sword And Rose Tattoo
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The black sword pierces through the centre of the vibrant red rose. The grey sword is highlighted with specks of red in stunning ornamental designs. The conspicuous red rose has a gradient of red and white ink on its petals. You can place this design along the length of your leg or arm like the one shown in the picture.

Beautiful Blue Rose with Sword Tattoo

Beautiful Blue Rose with Sword Tattoo
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You can bring a variation to your design by going for a blue rose with a sword tattoo like the one shown in the picture. The sharp end of the sword piercing through the blue rose creates a stunning visual. The rose is inked with dot work detailing on its petals while its leaves are emboldened in black. Some of the petals also have a whitish blue gradient. The sword is shaded in grey ink and outlined in black to create a contrast. A blue rose tattoo meaning is often associated with mystery as they are not found in nature.

Realistic Sword And Rose Tattoo

Realistic Sword And Rose Tattoo
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The stunning red sword has a gorgeous detailing of a red rose emblem at the base of its shaft. With stunningly shaded petals, a small red rose tattoo can be seen behind the sword. The stem with spiky thorns is coiled along the blade of the sword. The leaves are inked in a dark green shade and detailed in black ink along their veins. The shaft of the sword seems like it is made out of gold for its shimmering appearance. You can place this impressive sword tattoo with the rose on your forearm where it will easily be visible. Together, the sword and the rose represent betrayal in true love.

Monochromatic Sword And Rose Tattoo

Monochromatic Sword And Rose Tattoo
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If you are in search of a classic monochromatic design of the sword and rose, then this one can be your top pick! The blade of the sword is detailed with symmetric shading. It seems like the sword belongs to ancient times for its antique appearance. The shading on the rose, combined with shadows and highlights, is not one to be missed either. You should place this design on your arm, leg or back where there is ample space to fill the detailing.

Sword And Bleeding Rose Tattoo

Sword And Bleeding Rose Tattoo
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It seems like the sharpened edge of the sword has made the beautiful red rose to bleed in this stunning tattoo design. The tattoo artist has perfectly shaded the entire design using black ink. The blood, oozing out from the petals, is inked in a crimson red hue. Perhaps, it depicts the suffering and pain that comes from facing betrayal in a relationship. Bleeding rose is also associated with the positive connotation of immortal love that withstands the test of time. You can ink the name of your loved one to personalize your bleeding rose with a sword tattoo.

Amazing Sword And Rose Tattoo

Amazing Sword And Rose Tattoo
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The flame-like detailing on the grip of the sword, along with the gold detailing near its base, gives it a unique look. The conspicuous red rose is outlined in black with minimal white shading near the outer edge of the petals. The red rose is a popular symbol of love, along with the sword that represents courage, combines to deliver the message of resilience that is required to overcome the obstacles in love.

Unique Sword And Rose Tattoo

Unique Sword And Rose Tattoo
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The sword and rose are combined with the creation of adam tattoo to create this unique design. The entire design is inked in black with a lot of emphasis given to its detailing. The creation of adam tattoo displays two hands reaching out to each other. One is believed to be the hand of God while the other is of Adam. It represents creation, combined with the sword and rose tattoo, giving a powerful meaning to the tattoo art. Perhaps, it means hope that comes from the creation of a new life.

Unique Sword And Rose Tattoos
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Instead of inking a single rose tattoo, you can opt for a pair of roses with a sword like the one shown in the picture. The realistic appearance of the roses is obtained by shading the crimson red petals with white ink. The dark outlining of the petals, further accentuate the realism of the flowers, by creating a shadow-like appearance. The sword is detailed using black and grey ink that matches the colour of the leaves.

Sword And Rose Back Tattoo

Sword And Rose Back Tattoo
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The crisp detailing of the sword along with the pair of vibrant red roses in this back tattoo design is bound to catch your attention! The tattoo artist has highlighted the stunning patterns on the black sword using white ink. The small red roses are kept simple with leafy patterns coiled along the length of the sword.

Sword And Rose Back Tattoos
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If you are in search of a bold sword and rose tattoo that will fill the entire space on your back, then this phenomenal design should be your ideal choice! The sword pierces through the conspicuous red rose along its centre creating an outstanding visual. Furthermore, the wave-like patterns surrounding the design enhance its beauty. The red roses are shaded in a contrasting white ink while the leaves are shaded in black which creates a stunning contrast. It’s hard to replicate the beauty of these roses, combined with the shining sword, which makes this design stand apart.

Simple Sword And Rose Tattoo

Simple Sword And Rose Tattoo
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A fine line tattoo does its magic through the simplicity in its art form! A crisp red rose, inked in red fine lines, is placed beside a simple black sword. The tattoo focuses on its design without putting much stress on the shading or texture. You can place this concise design anywhere on your body according to your preference.

Simple Sword And Rose Tattoos
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The stem of the red rose takes the appearance of a sharp blade of a sword in this unique tattoo design. This monochromatic tattoo beautifully combines the two designs in a single component. This can be a great tattoo idea if you’re getting inked for the first time! You can fill this design with other colours of your choice to accentuate its look.

Apart from stunning designs, sword and rose tattoos are enriched with deep symbolism. You can pair them up with other well-known symbols such as a snake which symbolize pride and rebirth.

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