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101 Best Swallow Hand Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Swallow Hand Tattoo

If you are a fan of birds and would like to show it off, then you cannot go wrong with the swallow hand tattoo. Here’s a list for some tattoo ideas.

Swallow Hand Tattoo
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The practice of getting bird tattoos existed for the longest time in the tattoo industry and barn swallows were a popular design of the bird tattoo genre.

The swallow tattoos are one of the oldest tattoos, they were tattooed on sailors on the onset of a long journey on the ocean. These tattoos are therefore often seen on old guys who were ex-sailors.

Certainly, this tattoo idea exploded when it was introduced in the modern tattoo market and several unique designs surrounding the bird were created. If you are wondering what does swallow tattoo on hand mean, then you will be surprised to know that the swallow meaning changes depending on the design. It is often seen that two swallows are inked on different parts of the body. The two swallow tattoo idea has a meaningful symbolism. The traditional tattoo means longing and departure. Swallow tattoos are often inked in pairs. The paired swallow tattoos are popular among lovers and symbolizes loyalty since swallows choose a single mate for life. Find a suitable design for yourself from the swallow hand tattoo pictures below.

Minimal Swallow Hand Tattoo

Minimal Swallow Hand Tattoo
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The swallow tattooed in the image is a simple one yet the piece looks sharp and classy. If you are looking for a simple bird tattoo, then look no further. The tattoo is minimally designed, it does not contain any other additional element, yet it can be described with a single glance at it. In the swallow tattoo, the bird seems to take a higher flight symbolizing the determination of the person wearing it to never stop until the goal is achieved.

The swallow tattoo is worn on the upper side of the arm above the wrist. It is not only minimally designed but also a small one. However, through the efficiency of the tattoo artist, each and every part of the bird is visible very prominently. The entire piece is full of life even though the artwork is extremely simple.

Offbeat Swallow Hand Tattoo

Offbeat Swallow Hand Tattoo
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The swallow tattoo in the above image is a perfect example of how offbeat ideas are created using the age-old tattoo idea.A swallow is flying out of a heat shaped tattoo. The heart is filled entirely with black ink except for few star-shaped regions giving a tinkling effect.

The bird flying out of the heart-shaped dark window appears as if it is flying out of space. Vibrant yellow colour is used to outline the bird and the heart intensifying the 3D effect tried in the tattoo.

Detailed Wrist Swallow Tattoos

Detailed Wrist Swallow Tattoos
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Detailed tattoos always look much more appealing and stand out in the crowd. They are much more informative and have a greater audience because of the elaborate designs. For instance, if a tattoo like the above image is worn by a person, you can never miss out on the tattooed birds.

The swallows tattooed are elaborately designed using black ink. It is not inked on a large canvas which makes the tattoo compact. Overall, it is a perfect piece if you looking for elaborately designed swallow tattoos.

Swallow Hand Sleeve Tattoo

Swallow Hand Sleeve Tattoo
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Many times it is observed that swallow tattoos are inked on hand and the sleeve is a popular choice. The sleeve provides a larger skin area so the tattoos can be designed intricately. If you want a swallow tattoo of a bigger size on the hand, then the sleeve is the perfect region. The flying swallow represents freedom. It looks mesmerizing and looks perfect ideal as a sleeve tattoo.

The swallow is observed to approach an object, probably an attractive fruit or flower. The use of subtle colours makes the tattoo much more realistic. The sharpness of the design has an underlying feminine touch that is suitable for women around the world.

Swallow In Flight Hand Tattoo

Swallow In Flight Hand Tattoo
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A flying swallow represents freedom, it can fly miles without getting exhausted. The leaves around the flying bird might symbolize that the bird is flying miles through forest trees to reach where it belongs. The swallow in the above tattoo image gives you the spirit to run towards your goal without getting exhausted. It catches the bird in its natural form in the abode.

The swallow tattoo is a meaningful piece and is a great one if you’re looking for a burst of motivation in your life. It is tattooed on the lower part of the arm across the side wrist but it will also fit nicely on the sleeve region.

Swallow With A Rose Hand Tattoo

Swallow With A Rose Hand Tattoo
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On one hand swallow tattoos represent distance and longing while on the other hand, two swallows are a sign of love. The swallows tattooed in the above image is a representation of the latter meaning. The swallows are tattooed facing each other in a loving manner while they both carry a rose in their beaks. It is a romantic piece and is ideal if you want to get a tattoo dedicated to your partner.

The detailing in the tattoo looks top-notch which makes the piece far more enticing. The incorporation of the rose separates it from all the other designs of swallow tattoos and enhances its beauty.

Swallow Hand Tattoo With A Halo

Swallow Hand Tattoo With A Halo
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The swallow with a halo is again an offbeat idea however, it looks very aesthetic and enlightening. The swallow in the tattoo is flying upwards looking up as if it is flying into the sky. A halo is drawn using fine dotwork around the head of the swallow. The swallow in the tattoo looks like a heavenly being, it is probably in remembrance of a lost loved one.

The swallow tattoo was inked in memory of a sailor who lost his life, it was believed the swallow carried his soul from the ocean to heaven. Perhaps, this tattoo is a depiction of this traditional meaning of the swallow tattoos.

Swallow Hand Garden Tattoo

Swallow Hand Garden Tattoo
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Pairing your tattoo with floral elements can never go wrong and this swallow tattoo idea further justifies it. The way the floral elements are inked in the tattoos gives the idea of a garden. A barn swallow is inked on the top corner of the tattoo. The tattoo gives off a warm spring season vibe where the bird is attracted to the blooming flowers in search of nectar. Bees and other insects are also inked between the floral elements that add warmth and life to the overall swallow tattoo.

It is a very cheerful tattoo design, each and every element is detailed finely starting from the bird on top to the leaves at the bottom. The art is an abstract one yet the meanings can be understood readily. The tattoo covers the entire lower part of the hand and looks very lively even though it is completed only using black ink. Alternatively, such swallow tattoo designs can also be used as garden tattoo ideas.

Swallow Hand Tattoo With An Arrow

Swallow Hand Tattoo With An Arrow
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Even though the swallow tattoo on hand meaning has evolved with time, there are some designs which are synonymous with the traditional swallow hand tattoo meaning. The swallow tattoo with an arrow fits in this category. While the swallow tattoos symbolized freedom and the sailing experience of sailors, arrow tattoos are a symbol of hardships and victory. Even though the meanings evolved, the combination of two tattoos is still a popular and high fashion tattoo idea.

The swallow tattoo is inked on the lower part of the arm while a beautiful arrow is inked in the background. Both the bird and the arrow are designed intricately making the piece a highly prominent one. The bird tattoo is shaded using black ink only but looks nothing less than art on a canvas. If you are keen to get a swallow tattoo of this sort, then this piece is a perfect inspiration.

Coloured Swallow Hand Tattoo On Both Hands

Coloured Swallow Hand Tattoo On Both Hands
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If you are missing someone and want a tattoo on their thought, swallow tattoos on two hands is a perfect piece. The two birds are inked in the same way as if they are the mirror image of each other. It can also be a great couple tattoo idea where one swallow and its mirror image of the swallow are inked on the hands of the two lovers.

The swallow hand tattoo in the above image is a coloured one. The splash of vibrant colours on the hand will catch the eye of every person on the street. The two swallows are drawn in a fictitious style making the entire piece appear as a tribal artwork.

The swallow tattoos are believed to be one of the most versatile ideas, both men and women can carry the tattoo gracefully. Now that you are aware of so many great swallow hand tattoo designs, you can easily choose a piece that fits your personality the best. However, if you are still unsure, then here is a list of a few additional designs that might help you seal the deal.

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What is a swallow hand tattoo?

A swallow hand tattoo is a traditional symbol of freedom, the power of flight and courage. It is often seen as a sign of protection, hope and transformation. The swallow was thought to be able to take messages from loved ones who had passed away to the gods in heaven. This meaning has been passed down through generations and makes this type of tattoo a strong symbol with deep meaning. The swallow also has been linked to love, loyalty, and faithfulness in relationships. Swallows have long been associated with sailors’ wives who waited at home while their husbands were away at sea, so the swallow hand tattoo can be seen as an expression of dedication and commitment to one another.

What does a swallow hand tattoo represent?

A swallow hand tattoo generally symbolizes freedom from oppression, strength of character, and the courage to tackle difficult challenges. It can also represent hope for a better future, loyalty in relationships, and faithfulness in love. The symbolism of the swallow goes beyond just its physical characteristics; it is also seen as a messenger between worlds. For this reason, the swallow is also associated with spiritual transformation, the journey that life takes us on, and the courage to make decisions. Ultimately, it is a powerful symbol of resilience and strength in the face of adversity.

How much does a swallow hand tattoo cost?

The cost of a swallow hand tattoo varies depending on the size, intricacy and location desired. Generally speaking, smaller tattoos will cost less than larger ones. Factors such as color and skill level of the artist can also affect the price of a tattoo. On average, a small swallow hand tattoo may start at around $50 while more complex designs can cost upwards of $200. Prices can also vary depending on the location of the tattoo studio and the reputation of the artist.

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